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18 Excellent Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves

Brahmi or Indian pennywort is an age-old ayurvedic herb known for the health and beauty benefits it offers. This brain-boosting miniature plant can be distinguished by its pale purple or white flowers and rounded leaves. In fact, out of all the Brahmi extracts, it is Brahmi leaves that offer maximum benefits. So, if you’re wandering around the aisles for finding safe natural remedies for major health concerns, you must read through the guide on 18 Excellent Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves?that we have listed below.


Why Are Brahmi Leaves So Powerful?


Before you can learn about Brahmi benefits for health, it’s more important that you find out what makes it so powerful. The magic ingredients we are talking about are antioxidants. There have been clinical researches to prove the potency of antioxidants in Brahmi leaves and the results have been spectacular. Brahmi extracts have been registered to stunt oxidative damage in cells, which is why their benefits aren’t an ancient myth but a scientifically sealed reality. And the best ways in which Brahmi protects the mind, body, and beauty are given below.

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brahmi?

Hold on tight and read through our list of all disorders that Brahmi cures and why it is a powerful ayurvedic remedy for the treatments of multiple disorders.

1) Brahmi For Brain

Brahmi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi leaves to increase the concentration and the focus level by capacitating hippocampus – the area of the brain that’s responsible for memory sharpness and concentration power. You can simply boil some Brahmi leaves in water for 15 minutes and drink the solution every morning. It will keep your body fit and improve your focus. Which is why the plant’s leaves also make wonderful ayurvedic medicine for children struggling from attention deficit disorder.

2) Brahmi Benefits For Anxiety

Brahmi plant is quite effective for people suffering from anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, and depression. This is because its extracts hamper the secretion of cortisol hormone in the brain. Cortisol hormone that is secreted in excess under stress and anxiety is also called a depression hormone and it is this hormone that Brahmi targets. Besides, its leaves release juices that work as nerve relaxants and suppress the secretion of acrylamide – a toxin that leads to neural impairment and cell death – in the brain.

3) Brahmi Brain Tonic For Epilepsy

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Having the capability to treat the symptoms of epilepsy is one of the best Brahmi health benefits. Epilepsy that distorts the chemical balance in the brain can be treated with Brahmi brain tonic that works as a switch to promote the secretion of bacosides A and B in the brain. Bacosides A and B are the natural chemicals that repair damaged neurons and strengthen the nervous system. As a result of which the frequency of epileptic episodes reduce significantly.

4) Brahmi Benefits For Alzheimer’s Disease

Brahmi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi leaves have the capability to protect brain cells and tissues from oxidative damage. The extracts from its leaves keep the nervous system strong that, in turn, ensures a proper nervous response. A better nervous response, healthy neurons, and sharp memory and concentration automatically reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease. It also helps in reversing and preventing any more cell damage in the patients struggling with forgetfulness and lethargy.

5) Brahmi Oil Benefits For Mental Disorders

Brahmi oil is bundled with the goodness of nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is a scientifically proven substance that increases mental clarity by reducing confusion and making brain cells and neurons responsive and stronger. As a result, Brahmi oil head massage can actually refresh your mind and can help people suffering from amnesia as well as stress-induced headaches.

6) Brahmi Oil Benefits For Insomnia

Brahmi benefits -lifestylica

Brahmi health benefits for mental well-being are unmatched, and without a doubt, long-lasting. And insomnia, or sleeplessness, is the most common trouble that affects more than half the population globally. Brahmi oil head massage every night can promote sleep since it calms down mental stress by relaxing the nerves and hyperactive tissues. In fact, regular Brahmi oil head massage is recommended for people juggling between stressful jobs to cure sleeplessness.

7) Brahmi Plant Leaves For Cancer Prevention

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi leaves are the most natural reservoirs of antioxidants that can monitor cell growth and division. These antioxidants also fend off cancer-causing toxins and free radicals from the body. The leaves have the ability to control stress and anxiety and reverse oxidative damage done to nerves and tissues, they are wonderful remedies that can also slow down the multiplication of cancer cells.??

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8) Brahmi Extracts For Immunity Strengthening

Brahmi leaves are loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients that can strengthen the immune system by giving the white blood cells a kick to protect the body against infections caused by germs, pathogens, and free radicals.

9) Brahmi For Healthy Digestion

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi benefits aren’t curtailed to just the mental well-being. Instead, Brahmi leaves are analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents that have a laxative effect on the body too. Thus, they increase the body’s metabolism to treat constipation and other gastric issues.

10) Brahmi Oil Benefits For Joint Disorders

Brahmi oil works as an analgesic that relieves joint pain caused by gout and arthritis. Also, it increases muscle mobility by reducing stiffness. As a result, this wonderful ayurvedic medicine works wonders when used in combination with regular treatment for joint disorders.

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11) Brahmi Benefits For Respiratory Health

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Many clinical researches indicate that Brahmi leaves have the ability to facilitate better breathing by reducing inflammation caused due to bronchitis and asthma. Also, Brahmi leaves help in the removal of accumulated phlegm that relaxes the stiff and inflamed tissues. Thus, Brahmi is of great value for people struggling with different kinds of allergies that cause respiratory disorders.

12) Brahmi Health Benefits For Diabetic Patients

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi leaves can significantly bring down the level of blood sugar. Which is why Brahmi works as a wonderful ayurvedic medicine to treat hypoglycemia. The dose can be fixed by doctors depending upon what your symptoms are while considering the age factor too.

Caution: Despite the health benefits of Brahmi leaves are significant, ingesting them continuously for more than 10 weeks isn’t safe. Besides, Brahmi dosage largely depends upon the symptoms, treatment concern, age, as well as gender. Also, you shouldn’t consume Brahmi without your doctor’s consent during pregnancy.

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3 Stunning Brahmi Benefits For Skin And Hair

Brahmi is also used as a beauty herb alongside being a health booster. The following 3 beauty benefits of Brahmi are unparalleled and require just patience from your end.

13) Brahmi Leaves For Acne

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi leaves are antimicrobial and antiseptic. Thus, they easily kill bacteria and germs from the skin alongside reducing acne induced pain and inflammation. However, remember, the effects are visible only with time since Brahmi is not an overnight acne remedy. However, perpetual use gives a flawless complexion that’s free of acne spots too.

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14) Brahmi Leaves For Pigmentation

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi leaves are wonderful cleansers that can remove dead skin from the surface alongside flushing out toxins and free radicals that otherwise lead to premature skin aging. It spurces out the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, fine lines, and pigmentation, wiping off at least 5 years from your skin.

15) Brahmi Benefits For Hair

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Brahmi oil massage is sure a mental booster. However, alongside being a mental refreshment, Brahmi oil also removes lice and dandruff. It promotes cell growth that can treat hair loss, complete baldness, as well as alopecia. Not to forget, Brahmi hair masks and shampoos can reduce frizz and make hair longer and shiny.

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How To Use Brahmi For Skin, Hair, And Health?

Brahmi leaves are ayurvedic blessings for the multiple benefits that they offer to mankind. And there are a number of ways in which you can use them to obtain maximum benefits.

16) How To Use Brahmi Leaves For Health?

Brahmi leaves can be chewed as well as cooked to make tea. Follow the steps given below to learn more about making Brahmi tea.

  • Take water in a pan and let it boil
  • Add 5-7 Brahmi leaves in the pan alongside tulsi leaves
  • Add crushed ginger and stir the solution for 5 minutes
  • Filter it and add honey for taste

17) How To Use Brahmi Leaves For Skin?

Brahmi leaves can make your skin flawless and fair when used with the correct ingredients. So, follow the guide below to address the skin troubles you’re dealing with.

Brahmi For Fairness

If you’re looking forward to using Brahmi leaves for enhancing your complexion, you should use them in combination with turmeric powder. Follow the steps given below.

  • Crush 8-10 Brahmi leaves with some sparkling water in a mortar
  • Keep the solution in a bowl. Add 1/4th tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp rose water, and ? tsp of honey in the bowl and beat well
  • Apply the paste on your face and wash it off with tap water after 15 minutes
  • Use twice a week if you have dry skin, thrice a week for oily to combination skin, and every alternate day for normal skin

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Brahmi Leaves For Oily Skin

Use the DIY face mask, given below, every alternate day to get rid of all the oily skin issues within a month.

  • Crush 7-8 Brahmi leaves and mix the paste with ? tsp lemon juice, ? tsp aloe vera gel, and ? tsp turmeric powder
  • Apply the paste on clean face for 20 minutes before washing it off with tap water
  • Cover the face with a hydrating moisturizer after patting it dry

18) Brahmi Leaves for Dry And Dehydrated Skin

Bramhi benefits - lifestylica

Use the DIY Brahmi leaves face pack we have mentioned below to get rid of dry and dehydrated skin quickly.

  • Add 7-8 washed Brahmi leaves, 1 tsp milk cream, and 1 tsp rose water in a mixer and grind it to form a thin paste. You can add glycerin to the mixture if your skin is dry and aloe gel if your skin is just dehydrated
  • Apply the mixture on face. Wash within 20 minutes and use thrice a week for dry skin and wash after 30 minutes and use every alternate day for dehydrated skin

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This is our guide on Brahmi Benefits for skin, hair, and health. If you have any questions regarding the remedies and the ways to use Brahmi leaves for deriving maximum benefits at home, do drop your query in the comments section and we will surely resolve it.

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