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13 Amazing Khas Khas Benefits

Known by different names across India, poppy seeds or Khas Khas is a delight to Indian cuisine. They have a nutty texture, subtle taste, and even add a distinct aroma to the dishes. This small element of surprise has been a beneficial resource in different cuisines. It might come as a surprise to may that there are many poppy seeds benefits for health. Apart from uplifting flavor and texture to dishes, here are 13 Amazing Khas Khas Benefits that you should know about!


Khas Khas Benefits for Heath

  1. Khas Khas as a pain killer

Zinc and morphine are the two components in khas khas that are excellent in being pain relievers. The analgesic property of poppy seeds makes it an important ingredient in pain killers. While zinc helps aids in faster wound healing, morphine helps to relieve body aches.

  1. Poppy seeds as anti-inflammatory medicine

Extracts of poppy seeds have been used to control and reduce inflammation. The anti-inflammatory property of khas khas benefits to ease and control inflammation in nerves and other body parts.

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  1. Female fertility booster

Khas khas has been used in ancient medicine to improve vitality and sexual desire. It also has the ability to remove mucal build-up from the fallopian tube, thereby enhancing female fertility. For both males and females who are looking to improve reproductive health could take help from poppy seeds.

  1. Poppy seeds for insomnia

Have trouble sleeping at night? You should try including khas khas in your everyday regime. Oil extracted from poppy seeds can be used to massage onto the head, scalp, temples, or even feet. The extracts of khas khas have been known to induce a calming effect on the mind and nerves which helps to lull one to sleep. You can also try adding a blended mixture of poppy seeds into warm milk and drink it right before sleep.

  1. Increased immunity

Khas khas can benefit your overall health and immunity with its zinc content. Better metabolism, smooth functioning of all organs and increased immunity can be yours with continual use of poppy seeds.

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  1. Khas khas for healthy eye

Did you know that khas khas can help you get healthier eyes? Antioxidants and zinc in poppy seeds have been noticed to prevent Macular Degeneration, a type of eye disease.

  1. Stronger bones with poppy seeds

Calcium, copper, and manganese are richly available in khas khas. These 3 compounds are essential to maintain healthy and stronger bones. Severe bone damage can be prevented with protein collagen. The production of this protein requires manganese which khas khas has in plentiful. Calcium and copper are excellent in improving bone density.

  1. Khas khas for mouth ulcer

Khas khas seeds are found to have a cooling effect. This is much appreciated when the body is fighting against mouth ulcers. Although there isn?t any medical proof available for this, but many resort to poppy seeds to calm and prevent mouth ulcers.

  1. Kidney stones prevention

Poppy seeds have an important role to play in kidney stones prevention and treatment. Despite its own calcium content, khas khas has the potential to prevent crystallization of calcium deposits in the kidney. It has oxalates that absorb the excess calcium in the bloodstream and prevent its deposition in the kidneys.

  1. Better digestion with poppy seeds

Another reason why poppy seeds are used along with cooking of heavy meal preparations is to facilitate better digestion. The seeds are high in dietary fiber which helps to smoothen digestion function, and prevent constipation and bloating.

  1. Stable blood pressure

Poppy seeds are also known to reduce high blood pressure and keep it regulated. It contains Oleic acid, which is a compound that helps to reduce high blood pressure in the body. Consuming a monitored amount of khas khas will help to regulate blood pressure naturally.

  1. Thyroid functioning

The thyroid gland requires an adequate amount of zinc for its seamless functioning. Poppy seeds benefit in thyroid disorders due to its rich zinc content. Prevention and regulation of thyroid disorders can be done with the help from khas khas seeds.

  1. Eczema treatment with khas khas

Poppy seeds have long been used to treat various skin allergies. The linolenic acid content in khas khas comes handy to treat inflammations. Being an anti-inflammatory agent and home to many minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants; poppy seeds ccan be helpful to treat eczema, and other types of scaring.

Hope you found the above listed Amazing Benefits of Poppy Seeds useful. Are you familiar with any other uses for khas khas? If so, share with us below and do not forget to try these as well.


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