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6 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Life can be hectic and busy at times, so it is hardly surprising that even the sharpest of us will have moments of forgetfulness. While having a poor memory could be down to genetics, they can also be an indicator of a serious neurological condition such as Dementia or Alzheimer?s disease.

However, research has found that there is a link between diet and lifestyle choices and our memories. Therefore, there are ways that you can improve and protect your memory. So, we have put together this helpful guide that provides six ways to improve your overall memory, as well as your health.


While exercising on a regular basis is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, there have been correlations made between regularly getting your heartbeat up and an improvement in memory in individuals of all ages. Research has found that exercise is essential if you want to maintain your mental and physical health. For example, one research study that used participants from ages 9 to 93 found that those who participated in an exercise on only one instance found that they felt improvements in their cognitive abilities. Links have also been found between regular exercise and a decreased risk of suffering from dementia in later years.


Many people find that making the time to meditate makes a positive contribution to their overall health and happiness. When you meditate, you are practicing being relaxed and calm, which can help to reduce stress and subsequently lower your blood pressure and help improve your memory. Research has identified that meditation can help to increase gray matter in the brain, which is what declines as we get older and is responsible for our cognitive functions, as well as our memory. Meditation isn?t just an activity that is positive for your overall body and health, it is also good for your brain as it helps you to stay focused and boost your spatial working memory.

Take Supplements

There are supplements available if you find that more natural forms of memory improvement aren?t working for you. Many people use fish oil supplements, and the omega-3 fats that are found in them are known to lower the risk of getting heart disease and slows down mental decline.

However, you may consider using a dopamine booster if you find that your poor memory is due to a dopamine deficiency. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and works as a messenger that sends information to brain cells. It is what teaches us positive actions as it rewards positive behaviors and teaches us to repeat these actions. Therefore, if you are struggling with your memory, then you may want to try a dopamine booster to see if that improves things.

Be a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is important as being overweight can increase your risk of suffering from different fatal health conditions, such as diabetes and even cancer. Research has also shown that obesity is a high-risk factor for cognitive function decline, including poor memory. Being overweight and spending years of your life obese may also increase your chances of getting Alzheimer?s disease when you are older. Therefore, you should aim to live a balanced life with both exercise and healthy eating.

Sleep Enough

Not getting enough sleep is very dangerous for your overall health, and you may have noticed yourself that you are unable to remember things as well when you are feeling tired. Therefore, it is important that you aim to get around eight hours a night and you will see an immediate improvement in what you can remember. Research has found that people who do not get enough sleep are more likely to make errors than those who got enough sleep.

Do Some Brain Training

If you are concerned about your memory and want to actively try and improve your cognitive abilities, then you should consider doing some brain training and regularly get your brain going. You can now get apps on your phone that have memory training games to play for free, such as crosswords and Tetris.

While memory loss can be a normal occurrence in everyday life, it can also be frustrating when you can?t remember the simplest of things. Many people become concerned as they get older that they will lose their memory and, with it, lose their independence. But there are many ways that you can maintain your memory by just making a few small but significant changes to your lifestyle which will also make a positive impact on your overall health.

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