Monday , 24 June 2024

Hair care

Long and lustrous, glossy and shiny, sleek and silky, soft and smooth, this is exactly the?kind of hair that every woman desires for. Agree, right? But to be the proud owner of such?Rapunzel kind of hair, you need to do certain rituals. Yes I call it rituals because it?s these rituals?that keep your hair full of life.?To know what the rituals are, well stay tuned. Besides those, we have much more in?reserve for you like dos and don?ts, home remedies for hair growth and hair fall, steps-to-?prevent, shampoos and conditioners, must-have hair appliances, best in the brand, homemade?conditioners, diet for hair growth, must-follow, beware of , how-to?s and endless hair care tips?and solutions to revive your hair roots and scalp. Clean hair and scalp means clean and clear?skin.

Does Shampoo Expire?


?Does my shampoo expire?? The answer to that question is an obvious YES. Every product expires, whether it is synthetic or natural. When it comes to using products that involve the skin, …

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