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Does Shampoo Expire?

?Does my shampoo expire??

The answer to that question is an obvious YES. Every product expires, whether it is synthetic or natural. When it comes to using products that involve the skin, it is crucial to be attentive to the expiry date, which also applies to shampoos. Let?s head to knowing more about shampoos and expiry dates.


Do all shampoos expire?

Yes, they do. No matter how expensive your bottle of shampoo is, it does expire. And you must remember that it is hazardous to prolong using a bottle of shampoo that is expired. Despite the fashionable list of ingredients on your shampoo bottle and the cost, you have to discard the bottle when it is time.

If you are a fan of natural shampoos then bad news for you. Natural or organic shampoos contain lesser preservatives in comparison to synthetic shampoos. The preservatives in synthetic shampoos are designed to extend the shelf life, which is not the case of natural shampoos. This calls for caution. If you use homemade natural shampoos, you must keep a close eye to check when your shampoo turns bad.

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How to know when my shampoo expires?

You can tell when your shampoo expires from the expiry date mentioned on the bottle. Some may be for a year while others for 2 years. This date is unique for each bottle so check the bottle each time you buy.

Every bottle also expires differently after they are opened. To know how long your product lasts after it has been opened check this symbol for the number. 7, 8, or 10 depends on the product again.


If your bottle does not mention this on the label you just have to remember that 12 months is the set deadline to finish your bottle of shampoo once opened. If your shampoo hasn?t been opened then you can give it 3 years time before you toss it away.

How to know if shampoo has expired?

One marker to get rid of your shampoo is the expiry date. ?However, apart from this, there are several signs to know that shampoo is expired. They are:

  • Change in texture

If you notice that your shampoo has changed from its usual texture, it means that it has gone bad and you have to toss it.

  • Change is consistency

If your shampoo feels different and does not lather like it used to, it has definitely gone bad and its time to bid goodbye.

  • Change in smell

Usually, expired shampoos give out a stale smell when they have been bad for quite some time. If your shampoo smells anything different from what it used to, it is time to toss it. Remember that the awful smell from an expired bottle of shampoo is the last sign. The shampoo must have gone bad way ahead and hence you must watch carefully for all signs.

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Switching between shampoos

Based on your hair?s specific need you will use a shampoo. You can switch shampoos simultaneously. Experts advise that it can turn harmful for your hair and scalp if you stick to the same shampoo for more than 6 months. You have to figure your hair and scalp?s current need and use a shampoo accordingly.

All shampoos, especially the non-organic ones, have a ton of chemicals in them that aren?t good for your hair and scalp in the long run. It is easier to dodge these chemicals by switching shampoos on a regular basis.

Time to discard expired shampoo

When you know it?s time, trust us it is. There are no shortcuts to believe that using an expired shampoo is alright just because it is ?Just? hair. Your hair and scalp are equally important and messing around with chemicals is not the best way. Using expired shampoo on scalp or hair can pave the way to hair damage, infections, itchy scalp, dry and lifeless hair, flaky scalp, hair loss and more. Keep track of the date of expiry on the bottle, the date you opened the bottle and also on the list of ingredients that you are using.

Let us know what you know about Shampoos and Expiry Dates and which shampoo you prefer for your beautiful tresses. Comment and Share!


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