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13 Best Hair Growth Oils

Worried about hair fall and want to know what will work to reduce hair fall in a week for you? You have reached the right place! Know the benefits of hair oils for hair loss! Oil massages for both hair and body have been famous across various cultures.?Oiling the hair?on a regular basis kept plentiful hair problems like hair loss, spilt ends, hair breakage,?dandruff, etc. at bay. On the other hand,?oil massage for the body brought in benefits, packed with the promise of beautiful and healthy youthful skin.

If your concern is hair loss, acute hair fall, split ends, thinning hair, receding hairline, dandruff, dry hair, dull hair, etc., or any other hair problem, we have a solution for you. There are many natural oils that have proven results to promote hair regrowth. The following are few of the best natural hair oils for hair loss. You can treat yourself with a good hair spa using these oils on a regular basis to control your hair fall.

  1. Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

This is one among the most common and easily available hair oil. Many women, till date, use hair oils that have coconut as the main base. Its rich Vitamin E and antioxidant composition help to strengthen hair follicles and build broken hair strands. Coconut oil for hair is a widely preferred hair growth oil because it penetrates the scalp easily, seeps through follicles and gets to work immediately. It is also light in consistency and easy to apply along the tresses. Coconut oil helps to soften dry and rough hair, smoothes hair strands and keep hair free from split ends. The deep penetrating nourishment that it gives is essential to fight hair fall.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

You can use coconut oil for hair growth just by itself for can also soak curry leaves, pepper, bhringa, hibiscus leaves, cumin, etc., inside the oil. These additional ingredients will enrich oil. Heat a small amount of coconut oil and apply on scalp and hair every alternate day. You can either leave it on for half an hour to one hour and then wash off or can leave it to rest on hair throughout the day.

  1. Castor Oil for Hair

An ancient oil formulation that was most trusted to solve all hair problems in Southern India- Castor Oil. It is rich, thick and filled with the benefits of Vitamin E. Castor oil for hair is essential since it has anti-microbial properties that come to aid to keep away dandruff. Castor oil is a famous hair growth oil since it is known to reduce hair fall and promote hair regrowth and for this reason, it was widely used to get thick and strong hair.

How to use castor oil for hair?

To use castor oil for hair, apply castor oil on scalp and hair and leave it overnight. You can wrap a soft towel around hair or can use a towel over the pillow to prevent oil stains on the pillow. Wash off next day with mild shampoo. You might want to shampoo twice since castor oil is difficult to be removed due to its sticky consistency.

  1. Sesame Oil for Hair

This is used as a common base oil is many ayurvedic hair oils; both for those used on skin massage and hair massage. Sesame oil is also rich in anti oxidants, Vitamin E and has anti-microbial properties. This acts against dandruff and infections of the scalp and hair (fungal infections mostly). It boosts hair growth and makes hair smooth and silky by strengthening follicles.

How to use sesame oil for hair?

To use sesame oil as a hair growth oil, heat some of the oil in a small container and apply on the scalp when it is still mildly warm. You can wash off after letting it rest for an hour.

  1. Olive Oil for Hair

A rich oil that moisturizes scalp and hair shaft for smooth and soft hair- Olive Oil. Its rich constitution of Vitamin E, oleic acid, anti-oxidants is the right formation to get overall hair health. With regular use of olive oil for hair growth, you will notice less hair fall and improved hair regrowth.

How to use olive oil for hair growth?

Slightly warm olive oil. Dip a small ball of cotton wool in it and rub the wool on scalp concentrating on each area. Repeat until you cover entire scalp. Let it soak into scalp overnight or few hours before hair wash. Olive oil might also require shampooing twice since it is heavy to wash off.

Best Oil for Hair Growth

Apart from the natural oils available readily, the beauty industry has also worked on formulating various hair oils that target specific hair problems. Here we have a list of 13 Best Hair Growth Oils, one of the major issue that most men and women face. Check the list and find your best oil for hair growth!

How do you apply oil to have a healthy growth? Click here to watch.

    1. Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil- Rosemary and Hennakhadi-ayurvedi-hair-oil-rosemary-and-henna-lifestylica

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Control hair fall effectively with Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil- Rosemary and Henna. The infusion of two other natural ingredients assures that your hair follicles receive all the benefits promised. It is common practice to use henna to regrow hair in many home remedies. This hair growth oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle and the best part about this ayurvedic hair oil is the smell! It does not have the typical herbal smell that could be a bothering factor for many, rather the smell is mild. The product assures a solution to hair fall and it lives up to its claim! You will notice minimized hair fall and also smooth and soft hair.

Pros and Cons:

  • Reduces hair fall effectively
  • No chemicals
  • Mild smell
  • Affordable
    1. Khadi Pure Herbal Tulsi Hair Growth Oilkhadi-pure-herbal-tulsi-hair-growth-oil-lifestylica

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Along with hair growth if you want a solution to maintain healthy hair the Khadi Pure Herbal Tulsi Hair Growth Oil will be a good start. The oil is green in colour with a classic strong herbal smell. Apart from being easy to apply along your tresses and nourishing hair and scalp, this oil is a definite boon to maintain long and healthy hair. It conditions hair, makes it soft and manageable, prevents premature graying and assures you with healthy tresses and thus the best oil for hair growth.

Pros and Cons:

  • A good price for the quantity
  • True to its claims
  • Smell might be a problem for some
  1. Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair Oil With Vitamin Ebajaj-almond-drops-non-sticky-hair-oil-with-vitamin-e-lifestylica

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Get a good dosage of Vitamin E for your hair with Bajaj Almond Drops Non-Sticky Hair Oil. Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E which makes it an ideal choice to be included in hair care and skin care. The product comes in a glass bottle and is priced well for the quantity. Just a few drops of this hair growth oil are enough to give your hair the lustre required. You may leave it on for the day or just for few hours before you wash your hair. Either way, works to get smooth and healthy hair. Vitamin E continues to work on nourishing your hair and freeing it from problems like hair fall and breakage. This is certainly a good product to consider handling hair fall.

Pros and Cons:

  • Non-sticky
  • Little goes a long way
  • Affordable
  • Nourishes hair effectively
  • Controls hair fall
  • Glass bottle (not a great idea for oil)
  • Smell (a little on the stronger side)
  1. Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie for Hair Fall Controlparachute-advanced-scalp-therapie-for-hair-fall-control-lifestylica

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Make use of the natural masters in hair health with the Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie for Hair Fall Control. This hair fall control oil contains the essence of hibiscus, amla, bhrami, mineral oil, Vitamin E and B and coconut oil. Each of these ingredients work on the scalp to achieve hair health and reduce hair fall. The product has a medicinal smell and is non-sticky. It claims to reduce hair fall in 7 weeks and it certainly does (to an extent)!

Pros and Cons:

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Good ingredient list
  • Easily available
  • Non-sticky
  • Affordable
  • Smell could be an issue (especially when left overnight)
  1. Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oilhimalaya-herbals-anti-hair-fall-hair-oil-lifestylica

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A great product to make hair healthy and promote hair regrowth effectively would be Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil. This hair growth oil is completely natural and also comes with the goodness of bhringaraja and amalaki (hair growth promoters), methi (rich in lecithin and proteins that nourish the hair roots), neem and bilva (to prevent scalp infections). The product lives up to its claim of reducing hair fall and also promotes new hair growth. You will notice that your hair grows back thicker and stronger. The consistency of this hair fall control oil however, is quite oily which makes it an issue when it comes to leaving the oil in your hair for a day. Hence the ideal choice would be to allow it overnight or wash off after few hours of soaking.

Pros and Cons:

  • Reduces hair fall effectively as promised
  • Promotes new hair growth (another bonus!)
  • Makes hair nourished and repairs damage
  • No chemicals
  • Consistency is very oily and greasy
  1. Satthwa Hair Oilsatthwa-hair-oil-lifestylica

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A miracle oil to lay your hands on- Satthwa Hair Oil. This is a wonderful product to bring home to your shelf today. This premium oil blend includes Almond oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Emu oil, Amla oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Olive oil. The power of 9 oils assures improved hair growth, controls hair fall, treats bald spots, dandruff, premature graying and pretty much all hair problems. You will not regret investing in this product which is 100% chemical and paraben free. A little goes a long way and as mentioned on the bottle using the oil for 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient to see good results over time. The packaging is very sensible and easy to use. All pluses for this one here!

Pros and Cons:

  • Lives up to all its claims!
  • Reduces hair fall efficiently
  • One solution for all hair problems
  • Chemical and paraben free
  • Smell fades away quickly
  • Expensive (but worth it!)
  1. Indulekha Bringha Oilindulekha-bringha-oil-hair-oil-lifestylica

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Improve overall hair health with Indulekha Bringha Oil. This ayurvedic hair oil comes in an attractive self-help packaging that makes it easy to spread the product along the scalp. This hair growth oil is green in colour and has a small smell from the bringha and other ingredients like aloe, Nimba, Karpura, Yashti, Amalaki, Draksha, etc. It comes with the tall claim of promoting hair regrowth, to more voluminous hair than before. However, it might take time for the results to show up. The immediate result from the oil is the way it changes hair condition surprisingly. Just a few usages are enough to make hair more soft, smooth and shiny. Hair feels much conditioned and looks healthy too! The major minus is that it is expensive for the quantity, and when there are similar products available on market, makes one think twice before purchase.

Pros and Cons:

  • Makes hair healthy and conditioned
  • Hair becomes soft, smooth and bouncy post wash
  • Fancy bottle (works though!)
  • Hair regrowth and hair fall control- might take time
  • Costs a bomb!
  1. Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oildhathri-hair-care-plus-herbal-oil-lifestylica

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Another herbal oil to supplement hair health and keep hair fall in control- Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil. This product comes in a simple and efficient bottle. Coconut oil is the base along with which various natural ingredients like aloe vera, nellikka, kadukka, karporam, milk, brahmin and other herbs are included. This hair fall control oil is brownish in colour and is easy to massage onto the scalp and spread along hair length. Like other ayurvedic hair oils, here again, the smell could be too much. It has been priced moderately for its claims. This oil provides some relief when it comes to hair fall, but it does an even better job at improving hair texture. If you are looking for the same along with hair fall control to an extent, this could be a decent purchase.

Pros and Cons:

  • Makes hair smooth and improves texture
  • Controls hair fall to an extent
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • Smell could be too strong for some
  1. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hairbiotique-bio-bhringraj-fresh-growth-therapeutic-oil-for-falling-hair-lifestylica

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Regulate hair fall with Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair. The product comes with the claims of treating alopecia, promoting fresh hair growth and even to work on premature greying. The best thing about this hair fall control oil is its consistency. It is extremely light (like water) and spreads along scalp and hair with little effort. It does not weight down hair the way most natural oils do. It does have the common herbal smell. It also washes off easily with shampoo and leaves hair soft, smooth and conditioned. Hair fall reduces considerably so that is a plus. But to notice new hair growth, you will have to wait.

Pros and Cons:

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Light on hair, brilliant consistency
  • Makes hair soft and tames frizz
  • Good price for the quantity
  • Hair regrowth; doubtful
  1. Aroma Magic Stimulate Oilaroma-magic-stimulate-oil-lifestylica

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If you are looking for the right oil to prevent hair loss and maintain a good scalp, you could try Aroma Magic Stimulate Oil. The clear water like oil comes in a comfortable packing. It spreads easily and is just about the right consistency. The product says it should be applied after shampooing or just before wash and this is the right way to let the oil work. Since the oil is cooling to the scalp, it gives immediate relaxation. As it claims, this hair oil for hair growth definitely must be working on stimulating the hair follicles and promoting blood circulation, hence the feel good factor.

Pros and Cons:

  • Reduces hair fall moderately
  • Easy to wash off
  • Spreads easily
  • Relaxes the scalp
  • Strong smell which fades away soon
  • Promoting new hair growth and severe hair fall- not so much true
  1. Bakson’s Sunny Arnica Hair Oil with Jaborandibaksons-sunny-arnica-hair-oil-with-jaborandi-lifestylica

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Homeopathy?s touch is what you prefer? You should try Bakson’s Sunny Arnica Hair Oil with Jaborandi. Arnica is an ancient homeopathy herb that has proven benefits in hair care. This hair growth oil assures you with thicker and healthier hair with regular use, and it is true. Jaborandi, known for its properties of nourishing hair follicles and preventing premature graying is another bonus within this bottle. The oil also helps with dandruff and dry scalp, making it a simple solution for hair problems.

Pros and Cons:

  • Works as it claims
  • Herbal solution
  • Affordable
  1. Sesa Hair Oilsesa-hair-oil-lifestylica

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Healthy hair is yours with the Sesa Hair Oil. Infused with the goodness of amla, shikkakai, reetha, Brahmi, lemon oil, coconut oil and jatamansi; this hair oil is a wise purchase to maintain healthy hair. The product comes in a sturdy bottle and it is light and thin in consistency. The oil can be spread easily onto scalp and hair. Just like how it claims this hair regrowth oil certainly works in controlling hair fall, making hair shinier and smoother. On the whole, hair that looks nourished and well-kempt is yours. It also works on dandruff and dry scalp which could be another reason to purchase this one.

Pros and Cons:

  • Makes hair smooth, shiny and manageable
  • Hair fall claim works considerably
  • Hair regrowth is true to an extent
  1. Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair Oiltrichup-hair-fall-control-herbal-hair-oil-lifestylica

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For simple and efficient oil that serves the purpose, one can fall back on Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil. This hair fall oil comes with the benefits of neem, infused with other ancient herbs that promise to help you tackle hair fall. The packaging is travel-friendly and sturdy. Hair fall is reasonably under control after few weeks of usage, thus one can hope for good results over few months. Here again, the smell could be too strong for sensitive noses and the oil is thick compared to other herbal oils.

Pros and Cons:

  • Controls hair fall
  • Makes hair shiny and soft after wash
  • Thick in consistency
  • Strong smell

That is an end to our list of the 13 Best Hair Growth Oil. One must certainly be aware of the fact that there are several reasons for hair fall. Apart from temporary issues like stress, poor diet, dandruff, lack of sleep, an allergic reaction, or just a seasonal phase, there could be deeper problems like a serious hormonal imbalance and genetics. If you have severe and prolonged hair fall that seem to budge for nothing, it is wise to consult a trichologist at the earliest. If you think this is just another passing cloud, check out one of the above-mentioned hair fall oils for effective results and make friends with patience. Let us know which one among these became your best oil for hair growth!

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