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How to Regrow Hair Naturally with Surefire Results

How to Regrow Hair Naturally

Hair fall is one of the biggest nightmares that anybody can face – it starts with hair fall and leads to a receding hairline, thinning hair and even bald patches. Hair fall can be an indication of bad health, stress, lack of nutrition or even a mark of improper upkeep. While reversing hair fall is not in your hands, what you can do is to follow some healthy practices that will help you grow back fallen hair. Today we tell you how to regrow hair naturally to restore your glorious mane and lustrous locks.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally

Oil Massage

Even a layman will tell you when asked how to regrow hair naturally that you should start oiling your hair. The most important thing to do to regrow hair is to massage your scalp well. Your scalp houses the hair follicles – tiny openings that boost the growth of the hair. Feed the follicles with oil and massage at least twice a week. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp – this will activate the dormant hair follicles and force them into activity which leads to hair growth. You can then wrap your head with a warm towel for about an hour and let the oil do its magic. This method will strengthen your existing hair and will also promote hair growth.

You could do the massage with cold pressed coconut oil or use specialized oils for hair fall like Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil.

Avoid Heat and Chemicals on Your Hair

Wondering what you had done to damage your hair? Take a look at this list to find out.

The next most important?advice that is given to people who want to know how to regrow hair is to stop using heat and chemicals on the hair. Your shampoos, styling gels and straighteners are harsh on the hair and can cause irreversible damage. If you cannot eliminate them, at least avoid them for a period of three months and switch to natural alternatives like a herbal shampoo or homemade hibiscus shampoo. If you are used to pampering your hair with products, try exotic natural oils like Moroccan oil instead. Your hair will thank you for the change!

How to Regrow Hair Naturally - Moroccan Oil

Balanced Diet

What you feed the body reflects in the health of your skin and hair. Hair is mainly made of a protein called Keratin so in order to strengthen it, one needs to eat foods rich in proteins. Do not forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water- this will flush out the toxins from your body and promote hair growth.

Sleep and Relaxation

For hair to grow, it is essential that your body gets enough rest during which time it can get rejuvenated. Stress can also cause excessive hair fall, so first thing to do to stop hair fall is to stop worrying!

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Now that we have seen some generic tips to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth, let us now see how to regrow hair naturally using some homemade remedies:

Methi/Fenugreek Pack

How to Regrow Hair Naturally - Methi Fenugreek Pack

Methi is an ingredient that is rich in growth promoting hormones. To regrow hair, soak methi in water overnight. Grind it into a fine paste in the morning and apply the paste on your hair. Cover with a shower cap and let it dry. Wash it off after a couple of hours. This will not just promote?hair growth but will also give you shiny locks to die for!

Amla Oil or Pack

If you asked your grandmother as to how to regrow hair naturally, she would definitely suggest that you use amla oil. Amla is an ingredient rich in Vitamin C and has been used since generations to promote hair growth. You can either apply amla oil on your hair for massage or make a pack with amla powder and some curd and generously massage your scalp with it. It will not only get rid of hair infections and condition your hair but will also promote hair growth.

Henna Pack

How to Regrow Hair Naturally - Henna Pack

If you use chemical hair colors to color your hair, now would be a good time to stop it. Use a natural alternative like henna on your hair instead. Make a paste of henna powder with some beetroot juice and tea decoction. Mix in some curd to promote conditioning and juice of half a lime to eliminate dandruff. Apply this mixture all over your scalp and hair and let it dry. Wash it off with just water. Oil your hair once it dries and shampoo after an hour. It is a tedious process but at the end of it, you will notice visibly thicker hair that boasts of a brilliant shine. Regular application reduces hair fall and promotes growth of hair like never before.

Rubbing Fingernails

You must be wondering what rubbing of fingernails has to do with hair growth. It is an ancient technique that is said to activate certain points that promote hair growth even over bald patches. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video.

Now, all you need to do for this is to find ten minutes, say while you are watching TV or traveling to work and in those ten minutes, rub your fingernails against each other. Try it, there is nothing to lose!

It is essential that you give your body both exercise and relaxation in good measure to promote hair growth. Meditate for at least ten minutes everyday and go for a walk or jog if possible. Club it with balanced food, good hair care and a happy countenance and you will definitely have a head full of healthy hair very soon!

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