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How To Grow Hair Faster: 15 Simple Steps That Work

Indians, especially women can never compromise their obsession for thick long hair for many reasons. And Indian women ought to have long hair at least till they get married even in this 21st century. Practically speaking, hair takes a long time to grow and you ought to have patience until it grows long. To have a steady and constant hair growth, first you have to find out things that prevent your hair from growing faster since most of you suffer from drastic hair fall also. So begin with finding a solution for your hair fall problem and then start working towards attaining thick and long hair.

There are several reasons that cause severe hair fall problem. Your daily diet, stress, pollution, scalp problem and the list goes on and on. Follow the steps given below to reduce hair fall and promote faster hair growth.

Step 1:

How severe is your hair fall problem?

Many of you get perturbed when you see few strands of hair in your comb. Such cases can?t be described as hair fall condition. Only when your older hair drops can new hair grow. If you experience drastic hair fall then you have to be pretty serious about it because every individual has different reasons for hair fall. Start identifying reasons for you hair fall problem and you must consult with your trichologist for worst hair fall cases.

Step 2: ?

Balanced diet:

You need to maintain a balanced diet, not just for a healthy lifestyle but to help your hair grow. Protein rich food, green leafy vegetables, nuts, liver, meat, fish, and egg are foods that provide?rich vitamin and mineral supplements for faster hair growth. Consume at least 6 to 8 liters of water per day.

Step 3:

Regular hair wash:

This doesn?t mean that you have to wash your hair daily. In fact, when you wash your hair daily, it removes the moisture and further damages it. Hair wash twice or thrice a week is enough. Stay away from boiling hot water while washing your hair. It damages your hair roots heavily.

Step 4:


If you?re used to shampooing your hair, then well and good. But if you?re experiencing continuous hair fall, then you might have to stop using shampoos. Famous beauticians say that the chemicals in your shampoo stick to the hair roots and cannot be easily washed. Those chemicals attack the roots and prevent faster growth and sometimes lead to hair fall also.

Step 5:


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Step 6:

Hair appliances:

It?s better if you stay away from hair dryers and hair ironers since they suck the moisture content in your hair and when your hair is completely moisture ridden, it starts to have split ends and hence no proper hair growth. You can use these appliances once in a while. Regular straightening and hair coloring will only result in damaged hair.

Step 7:

Wide toothed combs or fingers:

After hair wash don?t brush your hair. Remove the tangles using a wide toothed comb or with your fingers. Fingers would be the best choice since they are gentle on your hair. Brushing your hair after a wash severely damages your hair.

Step 8:

Condition your hair:

It is a must that you condition your hair regularly. The ones that you get you get in the market only leads to hair fall. If it suits you, then well and good. Home remedies like?eggs, curd, banana and coconut milk?are the best hair conditioners to name a few. Coconut milk has great cooling effects and so people suffering from sinus problems, stay away from coconut milk. Organic or pure coconut oil would be the perfect alternative.

Step 9:

Get rid of split ends:

For faster hair growth, split ends are the first enemies. Unless you trim your split ends you cannot expect your hair to grow. Just trim ? an inch once in 6 months. If you cut too much it will result in slow hair growth.

Step 10:

Hair sprays:

It?s an upcoming trend to use different hair sprays on a daily basis. If you?re really concerned about your hair, then stop using such products. The chemicals will clog the roots and prevent hair growth.

Step 11:

Natural herbs:

Start treating you hair with natural herbs like soap nuts, neem, and hibiscus. Neem prevents any kind of fungal or bacterial infection in your scalp. Hibiscus, soap nuts, and fenugreek are the best natural conditioners for your hair. Fenugreek soaking method might be risky because of the intense cooling effect though highly effective. Instead, you can add those seeds and few dried hibiscus leaves when you?re preparing your hair wash powder.

Step 12:

Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin C greatly helps in promoting faster hair growth. Dates that are rich in iron should be a definite part of your daily diet. It strengthens your hair and also inhibits hair fall. ?Indian gooseberry? [nelikai/amla] is highly rich in vitamin C. You can have the raw one as such or buy the ones that are soaked in honey. Gooseberry does not only promote hair growth but enriches your physiological?system.

Step 13:


Oiling your hair is like a ritual. When you fail to do so you?re literally killing your hair. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and sesame oil provide rich supplements to your hair thereby advocating faster hair growth.

Step 14:


Heat up few spoons of oil and then let it cool for some time. Apply on your scalp and then gently massage. Massaging helps blood circulation in your scalp and helps faster hair growth. ?Next, use a soft cotton towel or a shower cap to cover your hair. Then rinse.

Step 15:

Safeguard from pollution:

You have to cover your hair with a shawl while travel to protect your hair from all kinds of pollution. Though you might regularly wash your hair, the dirt that sticks to your scalp prevents hair growth and further leads to scalp infection.

The above-mentioned steps are simple, but you can see the result only if you follow them carefully and regularly. When you fail to give the importance that your hair deserves, then you might suffer the risk of scalp infection that results in dandruff and scalp psoriasis. So follow afore-mentioned steps to avoid the risk of hair fall and such scalp infections.Be the proud owner of long, lustrous and glossy hair and be the next Rapunzel!!

Be the proud owner of long, lustrous and glossy hair and be the next Rapunzel!!

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