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Lauki Juice – What Are The Best Health And Beauty Benefits

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki, that also goes by the names, Calabash and bottle gourd is a highly nutritious green vegetable that belongs to the Cucurbita family. Round, pear-shaped, or long, lauki is characterized by its light-green peel and spongy white pulpy flesh and white seeds. It offers some magical health and beauty benefits too. So, if you’re willing to invest some time in learning about how to improve your health, you must go through our guide on, Lauki Juice – What Are The Best Health And Beauty Benefits in order to find out what is lauki juice, some of the most popular lauki recipes, and the advantages of lauki soup and Patanjali lauki amla juice.

Nutritional Value Of Lauki

Lauki is a low-calorie hydrating vegetable that contains 96% mineral and vitamin-rich water. The below-listed chart gives the glimpses on the nutritional value of 100 grams unpeeled and uncooked lauki. Scroll through to index the details!

Essential Ingredients In Lauki

Lauki that gives 14 Kcal energy per 100 grams contains:

  • Carbohydrates in lauki – 3.39 grams
  • Protein in lauki – 0.62 grams
  • Fat in lauki – 0.02 grams
  • Dietary Fiber in lauki – 0.5 grams

Note: Lauki is free of trans fat

Vitamins In Lauki

  • Vitamin A in lauki – 16 IU
  • Vitamin C in lauki – 10.1 mg
  • Folate in lauki – 6 ?g
  • Niacin in lauki – 0.320 mg
  • Thiamin in lauki – 0.029 mg
  • Riboflavin in lauki – 0.022 mg
  • Pyridoxine in lauki – 0.040 mg
  • Pantothenic acid in lauki – 0.152 mg

Minerals In Lauki

  • Calcium in lauki – 26 mg
  • Iron in lauki – 0.20 mg
  • Copper in lauki – 0.034 mg
  • Phosphorus in lauki – 13 mg
  • Manganese in lauki – 0.089 mg
  • Magnesium in lauki – 11 mg
  • Selenium in lauki – 0.2 mg
  • Zinc in lauki – 0.70 mg

Electrolytes In Lauki

  • Sodium in lauki – 2 mg
  • Potassium in lauki – 150 mg

What Is Lauki Juice?

Lauki juice is a highly nutritious energy drink known for its mammoth health and beauty benefits. In fact, since lauki is practically 96% water, it is one of the best vegetable sources to make juice. Whilst it’s very easy to make lauki juice at home, you can also buy Patanjali lauki juice and Patanjali lauki amla juice since they are equally as nutritious as fresh lauki juice is.

How To Make Lauki Juice?

It’s very easy to make lauki juice at home. And one of the best recipes to make lauki juice requires the following ingredients.

  • Fresh raw lauki
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Mint leaves
  • Amla
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Lemon

Steps On How To Make Lauki Juice At Home

  • Peel a medium size lauki and taste the flesh to ensure it?s not bitter
  • Cut the lauki to make small cubes
  • Wash 1 amla and cut the slices
  • Add lauki cubes, amla slices, 3-5 Tulsi leaves, and 2-3 mint leaves in a mixer and grind well
  • Filter the lauki juice from the residue
  • Add a few drops of lemon and some black pepper and salt according to your taste
  • Mix well and consume the lauki juice fresh

Precautions To Consider While Making Lauki Juice

  • Ensure that the lauki you use is not yellowish in color
  • Ensure that the green lauki that you choose is firm
  • Remember to remove the overly ripe flesh and seeds
  • Ensure that you do not mix the lauki juice with juice from other vegetables at all

15 Lauki Juice Benefits For Health, Hair, And Skin

Lauki, as you know by now, is a health booster that is bulked with its fair share of vitamins and minerals. Which is why, lauki juice offers some significant benefits, listed below, that you should be aware of.

13 Lauki Juice Benefits For Health

Before we let you swim in the sea of beauty benefits of lauki juice, you must be made aware of the health benefits of consuming lauki. And the guide below gives an insight on 13 most noteworthy health benefits of lauki juice that every health fanatic should be aware of.

1. Lauki Juice To Treat Constipation

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Underrated yet prevalent, constipation is actually a health problem that may lead to other disorders like irritated bowels, toxicity, piles, and acne. But the benefits of lauki juice to treat constipation are commendable. It is because lauki contains water-soluble dietary fibers that promote digestion and help people suffering from mild to acute constipation. In fact, if suffering from chronic constipation, you must consume Patanjali lauki juice that is rich in the following ingredients.

  • Amla fruit
  • Lauki
  • Food grade potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate
  • Flavored Tulsi
  • Flavored mint
  • Citric acid

And since the above-listed ingredients are all blessed with cleansing and detoxification properties, the Patanjali lauki juice recipe is perfect to get rid of chronic constipation.

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2. Lauki Juice For Weight Loss

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki juice can be used to reduce weight since it is a hunger suppressant yet it replenishes the body with adequate vitamins and minerals. Besides, since rich in water, it prevents dehydration too. As a result, lauki juice for weight loss is a perfect remedy for people struggling with obesity and weight gain due to hormonal imbalance.

The best way to use lauki juice to aid weight loss is by drinking 1 glass of lauki juice empty stomach each morning. However, one must be cautious to not overfeed on lauki juice for quick weight loss.

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3. Lauki Juice Benefits For Cholesterol

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Did you know that lauki is a 100% cholesterol free vegetable? As a result, lauki juice helps people suffering from high-cholesterol issues. Since it has vitamins like vitamin C and thiamin that are antioxidant molecules with the fat burning property, it can also increase fat metabolism that helps in weight management and the conversion of bad cholesterol into good cholesterol.

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4. Benefits Of Lauki Juice For Heart Patients

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki contains sodium and potassium that are the electrolytes responsible for heart health. Besides, as we know, lauki juice can trigger the process of far metabolism that, in turn, can successfully remove the layers of deposited fat from blood vessels. As a result of which the problems like heart attack are minimized in people suffering from coronary disorders.

5. Lauki Juice For High Blood Pressure

Lauki juice - lifestylica

As we know, lauki contains sodium and potassium. Thus, it is the best aid that can be supplied to people suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure). And since lauki juice can reduce high blood pressure, it also minimizes the risk of a heart attack and a heart stroke.

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6. Lauki Juice Benefits For Diabetic Patients

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki juice is a boon for people suffering from diabetes because it increases the metabolism of sugar molecules stored in the blood. In fact, researchers and nutritionists from all over the world suggest that drinking 1 small glass of lauki juice every day for 30 days shows significant changes. Therefore, if diabetic, lauki juice is a drink that you must hold on to.

7. Benefits Of Lauki Juice For Anemia

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki contains 6 ?g of folate that helps people suffering from iron deficiency – a deficiency that most commonly leads to anemia. And it is known to all that iron is needed to increase the production of red blood cells. And red blood cells contain hemoglobin that aids oxygen supply throughout the body. Which is why lauki juice is an amazing remedy for anemic patients.

8. Benefits Of Lauki Juice During Pregnancy

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki is considered to be a super food for pregnant women. It contains 96% water that’s extremely beneficial during pregnancy because it keeps expecting mothers hydrated at all times. Besides, it is a refreshing drink that increases hemoglobin content as mentioned above. This helps to cure anemia that is considered to cause a lot of trouble throughout pregnancy and even during delivery.

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9. Lauki Juice To Prevent Oxidative Damage

Did you know that Vitamin C is a stunning agent that can protect DNA and cells from oxidative damage? It is this property of Vitamin C, alongside the aid of zinc and copper, in lauki juice that helps in preventing neurons and nerve fibers against free radicals damage too.

10. Benefits Of Lauki Juice For Reducing Stress

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki contains choline. And choline performs the function of a neurotransmitter in the human body that helps in the secretion of relaxing and happiness hormones. It reduces stress and also depression and anxiety. Which is why lauki juice can also help you sleep better. In other words, it can be used to treat insomnia too.

11. Lauki Juice For Cancer Prevention

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Benefits of lauki juice against cancer is a stunning discovery that’s more than valuable. Since lauki contains antioxidants like riboflavin and pantothenic acid, it can combat cancer-causing free radicals. Which is why lauki juice is a healthy addition to your daily diet.

12. Lauki Juice Benefits For Liver

Lauki juice helps in liver detoxification that reduces toxicity and inflammation. It also increases the bile formation and secretion, and bile juice is responsible for fat metabolism that actually reduces cholesterol by puncturing fat molecules from the blood vessels and adipose tissues.

13. Lauki Juice For Body Cooling

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki juice is a refreshing summer drink since it?s loaded with abundant water. It not just prevents dehydration but also helps your body to cool down during the summer heat.

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2 Lauki Juice Benefits For Skin And Hair

There are multiple beauty benefits of lauki juice that you should be aware of. The best ones are given below.

14. Lauki Juice Benefits For Grey Hair

Lauki juice - lifestylica

To begin with, lauki juice is a cooling drink that helps in relaxing the irritated scalp cells during summers. Besides, it contains antioxidants that reverse free radical damage. And it’s free radicals that are responsible for premature hair greying. You can drink 1 glass of lauki juice to keep hair healthy and can also make a lauki mask to nourish your hair roots and scalp.

Lauki Juice Hair Mask Recipe For Grey Hair

You’ll need the following ingredients to make a lauki mask for hair.

  • Lauki juice
  • Amla powder
  • Black henna
  • Lemon

Now follow the steps given below to make and apply the lauki hair mask.

  • Take a fresh and green lauki and slice it into small cubes
  • Take about 1 bowl of lauki cubes and grind them in a mixer to make lauki juice
  • Take half bowl of fresh lauki juice and mix it with 1 tbsp of black henna and 1 tbsp of amla powder ?
  • Add more lauki juice to get a desired thin consistency
  • Now squeeze fresh lime juice and add 1 tsp of it in the lauki hair mask
  • Refrigerate the lauki hair mask for 1 hour and apply generously from roots to tips
  • Wash with tap water after 1 hour and repeat once every week

Why Does It Work?

Whilst lauki prevents hair loss by making the hair roots stronger and reduces scalp irritation caused by free radicals, it is amla powder that makes hair softer and black henna that covers all white hair. Lastly, lemon is a valuable addition since it removes dandruff too.

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15. Lauki Juice Benefits For Skin

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki juice helps the skin in a number of ways as listed below.

  • Lauki juice contains antioxidants that help in restoring youth by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In other words, lauki juice is an anti-aging beverage
  • Lauki juice contains folate that increases the formation of hemoglobin; therefore, increases oxygen supply. Increased oxygen helps the collagen to produce healthy and plump skin cells that are devoid of scars and pigmentation. In other words, lauki juice makes the skin firm, fairer, radiant, and youthful
  • Lauki juice can prevent acne formation since it contains Vitamin C and pantothenic acid. Also, both these antioxidants fend off germs and bacteria and gives the skin an even complexion

Lauki Juice Face Mask Recipe For A Flawless Skin

You’ll need the following ingredients to make a lauki juice face pack for radiant youthful skin.

  • Lauki juice
  • Lemon
  • Gram flour
  • Turmeric

Now follow the steps given below to make the lauki juice fairness face mask.

  • Take half a bowl of fresh lauki juice and mix it with ? tsp of gram flour
  • Add a pinch of turmeric and 4-6 drops of lemon juice in the mixture
  • Apply this lauki juice face mask on clean skin for 15-20 minutes twice a day for 15 days to get a youthful flawless skin

Why Does It Work?

Lauki juice hydrates dull and dry skin. It also kills free radicals and acne-causing bacteria to make the skin cells healthy and plump. Gram flour and turmeric, on the other hand, help in removing scars and black spots to bless the skin with a flawless complexion. And lemon is a natural nourishing bleach that makes the skin fair.

2 Most Popular Lauki Recipes That Are Equally As Healthy As Lauki Juice

There are many ways of including lauki in your diet than drinking lauki juice. And the 2 healthiest of all the lauki recipes are given below.

1. Lauki Sabzi

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki sabzi is the most common and most nutritious lauki recipe. It’s very simple and the ingredients needed to make lauki sabzi are given below.

  • Lauki
  • Olive oil
  • Jeera seeds
  • Chopped onions – 1 tsp
  • Tomato puree – 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Red Chili

Steps To Make Lauki Sabzi For Healthy Dinner

  • Wash a raw lauki and peel it
  • Cut small cubes and remove seeds, if any
  • Add 1 tbsp of olive oil in a cooker and heat it
  • Now add ? tsp of jeera seeds in the oil. Roast them for a second or two
  • Add chopped onion in the cooker and saute till the onions change color to a golden yellow
  • Add tomato puree and all other spices and saute for 5-7 minutes
  • Now add the lauki cubes in the cooker and give it 2 whistles
  • Serve the freshly made lauki sabzi with chapatis

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2. Lauki Halwa Recipe

Lauki juice - lifestylica

Lauki halwa is also known as dudhi halwa and there’s nothing more nutritional than lauki halwa when a craving for a sweet dish. You’ll need the following ingredients to make it.

  • 2 cups of grated lauki
  • Sugar according to taste
  • 1 tbsp of butter
  • 1 cup milk
  • ? tsp of elichai powder
  • Sliced almonds and cashews

Steps To Make Dudhi Halwa

  • Saute the milk in a deep pan and let it boil till it starts thickening
  • In the meanwhile, add butter in another pan and add grated lauki in it. Roast till the lauki changes color to light golden
  • Now mix thickened milk with roasted lauki and add elichai powder and sugar in it
  • Cook for 10-15 minutes
  • Sprinkle sliced dry fruits in lauki halwa to relish the taste

5 Unusual Side-Effects Of Lauki Juice That You Must Be Aware Of

Surprised? Well, don’t be. Everything, no matter how good, gives side-effects if over consumed and lauki is no different. And the rare side-effects of drinking lauki juice in excess include the following.

A few things that you can do to prevent yourself from these side-effects are given below.

  • Do not consume lauki juice made from bitter bottle gourd
  • Ensure that the lauki you choose has a healthy looking green peel
  • Do not overfeed on lauki juice in the greed to reduce weight fast

Why Does Lauki Have Side-Effects At All?

Lauki comes from the Cucurbita family. And Cucurbita vegetables are known to produce cucurbitacins that are toxic and may lead to the formation of terpenoid – a toxin – upon consumption.

To conclude, lauki offers a lot of health and beauty benefits and as long as you keep all the precautions listed above in mind, you’ll enjoy just the benefits of lauki, not the side-effects. Also, do let us know your thoughts on our guide on Lauki Juice – What Are The Best Health And Beauty Benefits. Shoot all your queries in the comment section and we will resolve them for you. Until then, happy living!

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