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What Are The Fruits That Need To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

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As joyous as it may sound, pregnancy does not come easy. You have to be extra careful about everything including the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the hours you sleep, and even the hours you workout. While it’s good to eat fresh fruits and vegetables from the start itself, there are still some fruits and vegetables that are harmful to the fetus. Which is why we have compiled a list on the bunch of nasty Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy so that your child stays safe.

List Of Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Good parenting starts way before the child is born. And since pregnancy exposes the body to turbulent hormonal changes, the food that is normally healthy might not be healthy for you anymore. Thus, be selective about your diet so that you do not end up consuming abortion fruits and vegetables that are particularly very disastrous during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy In First Trimester

1) Pineapple

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Pineapple tops the chart of fruits not to eat during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Despite vitamin C is necessary for child growth, pineapple, in particular, contains bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that promotes uterine contraction that is something you wouldn’t want during the early stages of pregnancy. Thus, pineapple is one of the worst fruits to eat during pregnancy since it can cause a miscarriage due to excessive bleeding.

2) Tamarind

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Tamarind in the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy might come as a shock since most women take rescue in tamarind to curb their weird pregnancy cravings. However, due to the presence of bulk vitamin C, tamarind has been tested to stunt the production of progesterone in the body. As a result of which there is always a risk of an unwanted early abortion during the first trimester. Besides, it is actually one of the worst fruits to eat throughout pregnancy, even at the later stages, because it can hamper the proper growth of the fetus due to excessive cell damage and/or premature birth.

3) Papaya

fruits to avoid during pregnancy - lifestylica

Your target during pregnancy should be to eat fruits to reduce body heat. And papaya does the exact opposite. It increases the body heat that makes it one of the unhealthiest fruits for pregnant women. Also, latex in papaya makes it a probable cause of uterine contraction that promotes bleeding and the risk of miscarriage. So, as long as you want the child to be mentally and physically healthy, papaya should be completely out of your list of fruits to eat during early pregnancy.

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List Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy In Third Trimester

4) Grapes

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Unlike what more than half the internet suggests about grapes being healthy for all pregnant women, doctors say the opposite. Grapes are one of those love-hate situations which may or may not be harmful. Which is why you need a proper clinical checkup to find out if they’re safe for you. It is the presence of resveratrol enzyme that makes grapes one of the most unsafe fruits during pregnancy in the third trimester. Resveratrol is potentially toxic and may cause the release of enzymes that damage cell growth. However, for some other women they might be good sources of vitamin C and A. Therefore, stick the diet and doze that your doctor suggests.

5) Watermelons

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Watermelon, that’s considered to be one of the most innocent fruits, isn’t safe during pregnancy at all. It is one of the worst fruits for pregnancy in the third trimester because it has the tendency to fend off toxins out of the human body. Though this is one of its greatest strengths in a normal situation, when doing so for pregnant women, the baby is exposed to those toxins. It may lead to cell damage. As a result of which the mental growth of the fetus might get affected.

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Fruits Not To Eat During Pregnancy In All Trimesters

Some fruits like grapes can be taken in moderate amounts during the beginning or the end of pregnancy, there are still some worst fruits to eat during pregnancy in all trimesters. Hold on tight and read through our list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy at all costs for the well being of the unborn child.

6) Sesame Seeds

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Sesame seeds increase the body heat and induce uterine contractions that aren’t good for pregnant women. Also, they are most dangerous during the first trimester of the pregnancy. White sesame seeds, when consumed during the first 3 months of pregnancy, can lead to unwanted pregnancy termination.

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List Fruits To Reduce Body Heat During Pregnancy

Before you learn about the fruits that help in reducing body heat, you must know what causes overheating during pregnancy, its signs and symptoms, and its side effects. Thus, read through the guide below to learn everything about overheating during pregnancy.

Overheating During Pregnancy: Why Does It Happen and How To Avoid It?

The body needs more energy while carrying a child. Such a high amount of energy may cause the body to heat up unbearably. When exposed to such a high temperature, pregnant women might start to suffer from the following conditions.

  • High fever
  • Inflammation due to an overactive immune system
  • Palpitation
  • Anxiety and nausea
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle cramps

The most serious ramifications of overheating during pregnancy include the following.

  • Organ failure and miscarriage
  • Improper mental and physical growth of the baby
  • Complication during delivery
  • Premature delivery

All these symptoms and side-effects of overheating must not be ignored. Some of the most unusual, but very common reasons that actually result in the increase in body’s temperature so dangerously are given below.

  • Stress
  • Hot water bath
  • Walking and exercising
  • Dehydration

In order to control body heat, you must follow the golden rules given below.

  • Wear airy and feature light cotton clothes
  • Do not eat spicy food
  • Take cold water shower
  • Drink enough water  
  • Cut down caffeine intake completely
  • Do yoga or meditation to reduce stress
  • Eat hydrating vegetables and fruits to reduce body heat

Clearly, it is quite important to keep hydrated and cool throughout pregnancy so that there aren’t any toxins in the body. And since the child eats what the mother eats, there are some vegetables and fruits to eat during early pregnancy so that the mental and physical growth of the baby is not affected. Some of the best hydrating fruits to reduce body heat during pregnancy are mentioned below.

7) Coconut

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Eating a cold slice of coconut or drinking coconut water on a hot summer day are the two best ways to reduce body heat during pregnancy. Besides, coconut contains clean minerals that hamper the production of toxins, keep the stomach constipation-free, and reduce heartburn and nausea that are quite common during pregnancy. Thus, it is of the safest fruits for pregnant women in all trimesters.

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8) Indian Gooseberry

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Indian gooseberry or amla is not just a fruit to reduce body heat during pregnancy, it is also one of the safest sources of vitamin C consumption, neither less nor more. It also contains fibers, iron, and proteins that reduce constipation, increases the formation of red blood cells, and results in the formation of a strong nervous and immune system, respectively. You can eat it raw or enjoy a glass of cold amla juice, whatever you like.

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9) Cucumber

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Cucumber is one of the best hydrating fruits to reduce body heat because it contains mineral-rich distilled water and is also blessed with the goodness of vitamin K, Vitamin B complex, and antioxidants. Thus it is one of best overall fruits for pregnant women that promotes neural growth, increases body’s immunity to fight infections during pregnancy, increases proper cell division and multiplication of the fetus brain cells, and keeps the stomach constipation-free.

However, cucumber isn’t safe for women suffering from colitis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, gastritis, and hepatitis. As long as you have none of these conditions, cucumber is one of the safest fruits during pregnancy in all trimesters.  

A list Of Foods And Vegetables To Eat During Pregnancy

You can always take a rescue of fruits and vegetables to keep safe during pregnancy and reduce the risk of abortion. And the best foods to eat during pregnancy are listed below.

10) Broccoli and Spinach

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Broccoli and spinach aren’t just rich in vitamins, they are also cooling vegetables that reduce body heat. On one hand, broccoli that contains vitamin K and A increases the mental growth of the baby. And on the other hand, spinach juice, that contains dietary fibers, antioxidants and vitamin C keeps the immune system of the mother and child strong, promotes child growth, and reduces gastric troubles, constipation, and nausea.

11) Kale

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Kale is one of the best fruits to reduce body heat, increase digestion, and improve the body’s immunity during pregnancy. It is a good source of vitamin C that helps in the mental growth of the baby. Also, kale juice is rich in iron that reduces the risk of anemia that’s one of the leading reasons for miscarriage and complication during pregnancy and childbirth.

12) Salmon

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

You can eat salmon during pregnancy since it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both these fatty acids promote the production of EPA and DHA that are required for the mental growth of the child. In fact, salmon is one of the rarest sources of good fats that are needed to form the nervous system of the child. However, you must follow a diet chart by a nutritional expert to decide what’s the safe dose of salmon consumption during pregnancy, since nothing in excess is good for the child.

13) Bananas

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Banana is one of the best fruits for pregnant women since it is loaded with a number of vitamins like vitamin E that reduces the chances of premature delivery and helps in strengthening the immune system. Also, it contains calcium that helps in the formation of strong bones.

However, banana is not considered safe for women suffering from diabetes and latex allergy. The chitinase enzyme in banana is that culprit allergen that is deed risky for some women.

A List Of Foods And Fruits Not To Eat During Pregnancy After 5 Months

There are some foods that are potentially too dangerous to eat during pregnancy. Fruits for pregnant women that increase the risk of bleeding and miscarriage during or after 5 months of pregnancy include the following.

  • High mercury or undercooked meat, poultry products, and fish – These 3 are the worst foods to eat during pregnancy because they contain bacteria and toxins that are capable of causing neurological damage to the fetus. They also pose the danger of stillborn, underweight child, and anemia during childbirth.
  • Raw Sprouts – Sprouts that are one of the healthiest fruits to eat during early pregnancy can actually lead to fetus death when eaten raw at later stages of pregnancy. This is because raw sprouts can harbor bacteria that, when contaminate the stomach after 5 months, are very dangerous when getting flushed out of the body. When an unborn child comes in contact with toxins at such later stages of pregnancy, the chances of stunted mental growth are maximum.

Frequently Asked Question

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

As fellow companions promoting women health and wellbeing, we have made a list of frequently asked questions about pregnancy that mostly remain unanswered.

Question 1)

Is it safe to eat eggs during pregnancy?

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Whilst eggs are considered to be one of the richest sources of protein that may help during child growth, the answer is no. Eggs, especially undercooked scrambled or raw eggs increase the body heat that’s extremely dangerous after 5 months of pregnancy. Also, raw eggs increase the danger of salmonella bacterial infection that can result in unwanted pregnancy termination in the third trimester.

Question 2)

What is the safest fruit to reduce body heat and the risk of miscarriage throughout pregnancy?

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

The answer is mangoes. It goes without a doubt that mangoes are wonderful fruits for pregnant women because they contain folate, vitamins A, B, and E, proteins, sodium, calcium, iron, and antioxidants like beta-carotene. Thus, they take care of the mother and child from the onset of the pregnancy until childbirth.

Question 3)

Is it safe to exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy?

fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Doing heavy exercises that can increase body temperature is not safe during pregnancy. However, you can enjoy swimming throughout pregnancy. Also, do not exercise for more than 30 minutes and focus on moderate exercises only. If you’re a hardcore workout freak, you must visit your doctor to get the best advice on what exercises are safe, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Now that we have given you the complete idea about the Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy and the precautions that you must take, it’s time that you let us know if you have any additional tips for fellow readers. Do let us know your experience about the do’s and don’ts you have received during pregnancy in the comment section down below.

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