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How To Reduce Double Chin In 1 Week: 8 Natural Remedies And Exercises

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

Unproportionate fat anywhere is the body looks ugly and so is the case with the face. Whilst face fat in the correct amount looks adorable as chubby cheeks, but its excessive accumulation under the chin is an unpleasant sight known as a double chin. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between having fat on cheeks and chin, then let us tell you – double chin fat gives the skin a hanging appearance and that’s not the case with chubby cheeks. Which is why, naturally, most women keep searching for ways on how to reduce double chin. And if you too are looking out for a guide on How To Get Rid Of Double Chin, then you have just hit the right page. We have made a list on all double chin causes and home remedies for double chin removal; skim through the list swiftly to learn everything you want to know!

What Is Double Chin?

Double chin in the unattractive hanging fatty skin layer right under your chin. It’s basically extra fat that gets the skin to hang. The condition not just looks unattractive, it also leads to the formation of wrinkles and impacts the cells around, making you look older.

5 Causes of Double Chin

Wondering what went wrong that you developed a double chin despite looking after your skin? Well, we have the answer. Double chin is though mostly associated with weight gain, the causes still extend much beyond just weight and even slim women have it. So, before you can learn about the ways on how to reduce double chin, you must know the reasons and causes behind it.

  1. Genetic Conditions – You are more likely to develop a double chin if your parents or anyone in your family tree have had it
  2. Poor Posture – Poor posture is commonly associated with the formation of a double chin. It is because a wrong posture can loosen the skin, causing the cells to lose elasticity. As a result, the skin sags that leads to double chin
  3. Obesity – Obesity is caused by fat accumulation throughout the body. And it’s very common for obese people to have a double chin
  4. Improper Skin Maintenance – When you do not moisturize your skin, the cells lose their elasticity. As a result, the skin right under the chin becomes loose that leads to the formation of a double chin
  5. Aging – Aging is something that you cannot control. And the skin happens to lose its elasticity as the cells age. Which is why a double chin is fairly common in mature women

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However, regardless of what the reasons and causes may be, there are still ways to avoid it and cure it. And our guide below is a mixture of natural ways and home remedies to prevent and cure the formation of a double chin.

8 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Double Chin

1. Wheat Germ Oil

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

Loose skin around and under the jaws leads to sagging, and you know where that can lead to. Wheat germ oil is a wonderful kitchen ingredient that can get rid of double chin within 1 week.

How To Remove Double Chin With Wheat Germ Oil?

  • Take 1 tbsp of wheat germ oil and let it get warm on a sim flame for a minute or two
  • Apply the warm oil right under the double chin surface and neck
  • Massage for 10-15 minutes with your fingertips in a circular motion
  • Let it seep in your skin for the entire night to reduce double chin fast
  • Use for 7 consecutive nights for best results

Why Does It Work?

Wheat germ oil pampers the fatty double chin surface with the goodness of Vitamin E. And Vitamin E makes skin cells tighter. It helps in making the skin firm. Besides, a proper massage helps in burning down accumulated fat that can remove double chin even in overweight women.

2. Egg White

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

An egg white mask is yet another home remedy to remove double chin for women looking out for inexpensive ways to handle the issue.

How To Lose Double Chin With Egg White Mask?

You will need the following ingredients to make an egg white mask.

  • Eggs
  • Milk cream
  • Honey
  • Rosewater


  • Break 2 eggs and separate the egg white from the egg yolk
  • Take about 1 tbsp of egg white in a bowl. Add ? tsp of milk cream, ? tsp of honey, and a few drops of rose water in the bowl and mix well
  • Apply on the clean neck and surface under the jaws and wash with tap water after 30 minutes
  • Repeat it 2 times/day for 7 days to remove double chin completely

Why Does It Work?

Egg white is actually protein and it makes the natural skin protein – collagen – active again. This helps in the formation of new tighter skin cells that help to tone your chin area. When mixed with the goodness of honey and milk cream, this egg mask completely removes double chin by making the skin cells plump, soft, and hydrated. This makes you look younger as well.

3. Green Tea

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

Despite a slow remedy, green tea is perfect for the complete removal of double chin permanently in a month. You should team it up with a suitable double chin exercise to speed up the entire process in a fortnight. You can drink green tea as well as apply a green tea mask.?

Green Tea Recipe

  • Take loose green tea and add 1 tsp of it in hot water
  • Let it boil and add a few Tulsi leaves for faster weight reduction in the solution
  • Filter the Tulsi green tea in a cup and add 1 tsp of honey in it and drink it
  • Consuming it 2 times a day while doing any double chin exercise is the perfect solution

Green Tea Mask

  • Take a used green tea teabag and rub it on the chin surface after refrigerating it for 15-20 minutes
  • Continue massaging the area with the tea bag for 15 minutes and repeat the procedure thrice a day
  • You can also take 1 tsp of used green tea residue and grind it in a mixer to make a paste. Add ? tsp of honey and ? tsp of lime juice in it and apply the mixture on the chin and neck surface. Wash after 20 minutes and use twice a day for 15 days to reduce double chin

Why Does It Work?

Green tea is full of skin-tightening antioxidants and when consumed with honey and tulsi leaves, it becomes an ultimate home remedy to get rid of double chin. This is because honey has Vitamin E that makes collagen active and tulsi kills toxins that make loose and torn cells tight. Also, when you massage your neck with green tea, it improves blood circulation that helps in the speedy removal of double chin within a month.

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4. Olive Oil

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

One way to get rid of double chin with olive oil is by including it in your daily diet as vegetable oil. And the second effective way is olive oil massage. It also works as a wonderful exercise that helps to reduce double chin in a week.

The steps for olive oil massage are given below.

  • Apply warm olive oil on the neck and double chin
  • Start stroking the area upwards with your fingertips
  • Keep massaging for 20-25 minutes and let it rest overnight
  • Use for 7 days to see visible results

Why Does It Work?

To begin with, olive oil contains antioxidants and Vitamin E that make loose skin tight and remove free radicals. On the other hand, massage increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the weak cells. The overall result is a significant double chin reduction.

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5. Oil Pulling Technique

If you’re an older woman trying to find suitable ways on how to reduce double chin, then oil pulling is the best technique for you.

  • Mix coconut oil and sesame oil in equal proportions and fill your mouth with the solution
  • Start swishing your mouth with it and continue doing so for 15 minutes before spitting it out
  • Perform oil pulling twice a day, in the morning and night, for a week to tone your neck and chin muscles

Why Does It Work?

Remember, any exercise that can strengthen the jaw and neck muscles is ideal to remove a double chin. And oil pulling is just the right kind of exercise because it not alone makes the muscles tighter, but it also increases blood circulation that improves collagen health. Besides, sesame oil and coconut oil are two warehouses of vitamins and minerals that can reform loose skin by making cells elastic. ?

3 Best Exercises To Reduce Double Chin Fast

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

There’s nothing better than exercise to get a slimmer jawline. And if you are on a hunt to find out ways on how to reduce double chin fast at home without the need for cosmetic procedures, then you should perform exercises that help. And the list below describes 3 such exercises that offer quick results.

6. Chewing Gum Exercise?

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

When you chew some gum, it is a kind of jaw exercise. This exercise makes the muscles of your jawline and neck tighter. It also leads to fat burning from the neck that eventually reduces double chin.

7. Tongue Press Double Chin Exercise

This simple exercise to reduce double chin actually offers fast results. The steps to perform the tongue press exercise are given below.

  • Sit straight on a chair and tilt your head upwards to look at the ceiling
  • Now stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth and apply as much pressure as you can
  • Bring your chin downwards while keeping your tongue forcefully still
  • Pull your chest away from your chin
  • Relax after 30 seconds and repeat 2 sets with 20 reps each at least 3 times a day to get best results within a week

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8. Tilting And Pout Exercise

How to get rid of double chin - lifestylica

If you’re trying to find natural ways on how to get rid of double chin easily at home, you should try and perform the tilting and pout exercise. Besides, this exercise also beneficial for overweight women.

  • Sit straight on a chair or stand still, whatever you find more comfortable
  • Push your lower lip outwards with the help of your tongue and draw a pout while holding the same position
  • Keep your finger under the double chin and push the surface upwards
  • Come to a resting position by dragging your head so that you’re looking at the floor
  • Now move your chest away from your chin and remember to hold the lip stretch position throughout
  • Hold the double chin surface with your fingers and contract it like you’re pinching it
  • Repeat this double chin exercise 2 times with 20 reps to quick results

This is our wonderful guide on How To Get Rid Of Double Chin. We hope that you found our home remedies and double chin exercises beneficial. Feel free to drop your queries in the comments section so that we can resolve them.

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