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How To Reduce Face Fat To Get A Chiseled Look?


Gone are the days when having chubby cheeks and dimpled chin was girls? winning formula to look innocently beautiful. The trend has seen a complete reversal since last few decades. These days we are totally dying to get a sexy, chiseled look, and here comes the biggest question for all of us, — ?how to reduce face fat?? Well, ladies! shedding excess fat from a particular section of our body is pretty challenging and it is especially difficult for our face. But one can certainly expect to tone up her face and get rid of that bloated look with proper diet and exercise. So, if you are that pretty woman, who is waiting to break up with her facial baby fat, here are a few pointers for you. Check them out:

Reconsider Your Diet Practice

A wrong diet can accumulate fat around your face, thereby contributing to plumpness. In order to get rid of that fuller look, you must pay close attention to your diet chart and alter it as needed. Our tips are here:


  • Target Overall Weight Loss: Forget about the ?spot reduction of fat?. If you want to get a slimmer face, focus on reducing your overall body weight. Weird but true! We keep asking experts how to reduce double chin and face fat, but nothing can be trickier than losing fat specifically from your cheeks or chin. Once you aim at dropping your overall body fat, your face starts losing those deposits first.
  • Reduce Calorie Intake: Cut down your calorie intake in the healthiest possible way. The goal is to create a deficit of calorie in your body, but make sure that you do not keep yourself starved for it. Rather, make healthier choices for your diet and eat throughout the day in small portions. This is great for breaking down the fat tissues as stored energy.
  • Eat Right Foods: If you want to know how to reduce face fat naturally, find the right foods for a quality diet. Choose fresh, leafy green vegetables, colorful fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grain foods (brown rice, barley, etc.), lean proteins (fish, chicken, steak, egg, etc.), dietary fibres (spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, green beans, etc.), low-processed foods, fish oil, nuts, etc. over processed carbohydrates, salted (especially junks), and sweetened items. This will restrict your body from retaining unnecessary water so that your face doesn?t look bloated.
  • Drink Enough Water: Drinking 1.5 ? 2 litres of cold water all through the day is essential. It not only keeps us hydrated but also helps in detoxifying our body as well as burning extra calories. Result? A slimmer body and a slender face over time.

Give Facial Exercises A Shot

A regular workout routine can pay you off with a perfectly toned body, but how to reduce face fat by exercise? Let us guide you through some exercise tricks that can strengthen your facial muscles and eliminate additional fat effectively:


  • Smiling Fish Face: Suck your cheeks and lips in and try to smile. Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat for 10 times. This will give a burning sensation in your cheek and jaw muscles while toning them up and reducing face fat gradually.
  • Jaw Release: Close your lips and move your jaw like you are chewing something. Deeply inhale and exhale while making a ?hum?. Then, press your tongue behind your lower teeth and open your mouth wide. Hold it for 5 seconds, inhale and exhale once again, and repeat for 10 times. The muscles around your lips and jaws will be stretched and toned this way to give you a contoured look.
  • Blowing Air: Sit straight on a chair and bend your head back as much as possible to face the ceiling. Now, pucker your lips, fill your mouth with air, and blow it out. Do it for 10 seconds and repeat for 10 times. This exercise is a sure-fire answer to the question ?how to reduce face fat fast?. It will give you a natural facelift by making your cheekbones high and turning your jaw lines sharp.
  • Cheek Puff: Inhale deeply to fill your mouth cavity with air. Press your lips together to hold the air in your cheeks. Now, push the air from one side to another inside your cheek puffs. Practice it several times all through the day. Your cheek muscles will become stronger and firmer to help you get rid of that balloon face.

Now you know how to reduce fat from face just by making changes to your diet and working out your facial muscles. Also, stay away from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol to make the most of your efforts.

You can also try commercial face slimming products like Flower Face Up Roller Slimming Roller Massager for Face or Chin Cheek Slim Lift Up Face Mask to speed up your results.

So, are you ready to get a slim and sharp face?

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