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Eye Makeup For Small Eyes – How to make eyes look bigger?

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Eye makeup has always fascinated women. Even if not makeup necessarily, the mesmerism that a pair of beautiful eyes lays upon anyone- now that, yes! Everyone admires a beautiful pair of big clear eyes. While some are born with big clear eyes and the super thick and long eyelashes, some are not. However, this is nothing to worry over, if at all you are one person wishing that you could enhance the beauty of your not so big attractive eyes. Here is a list of fantastic 21 Hacks on Eye Makeup for Small Eyes, which will help master some tricks on makeup for small eyes.

A gentle stroke of kajal is enough to enhance the natural beauty of eyes and lighten up the face a bit. But, when that gentle stroke is done the right way, especially if you have small eyes, it could work wonders. This eye makeup for small eyes hacks will guide you to wear eye makeup the right way, in order to brighten your eyes and create the illusion of bigger eyes. Let?s get to it!

1. Groom the eyebrows right

Small eyes or not, perfectly groomed eyebrows are the first step to give you the fresh lively look. However, as the first rule in makeup for small eyes, you should be careful not to shape your eyebrows too thick or too thin. Talk to your beautician to achieve the shape that would suit your eyes.

For small eyes, you could shape your eyebrows in between thick and thin, and keep them slightly longer at the outer corners. This would help when you highlight the eyebrows during makeup. Be regular with grooming your eyebrows (once in 15 days maybe), to define your eye area better.

2. Conceal dark circles

Dark circles steal the light not just from your eyes, but from your entire face. Puffy eyes with under eye dark circles would make eyes appear deep set and smaller. Before you start with makeup conceal the dark circles with a good concealer. It is even better to try certain home remedies to get rid of dark circles permanently.

3. Bring out the primer

A primer is nothing but a makeup base. It evens skin tone and allows the makeup to set longer and hence a must when it comes to mastering eye makeup for small eyes (just because we are looking at perfection here!). Apart from being a good makeup base and providing long-lasting makeup, primers also smoothen out skin, offer mild coverage on fine lines and correct uneven skin tone. Dab some primer on the upper eyelid and evenly spread it under eyebrows.

4. Highlight the eyebrows

This step not just defines your eyebrows, but it also magically creates some extra space to concentrate on eyeshadow work. Always remember, it is light colours for small eyes. The rule applies to highlighters as well. Use a light coloured eye shadow to highlight under the eyebrow bone (silver or gold preferably). This technique will make your eyes look bigger! Colours that have a slight shimmer can also opt for (not glitter, just a slight shimmer!).

5. Eyeshadow for small eyes- to note!



The light colour selection is crucial here. Select light colours from your eyeshadow palette when you do makeup for small eyes. Mixing colours during eyeshadow application might not suit for everyone with small eyes. As much as you might be tempted to use a lighter shade for the inner eye corners and a darker shade for the rest of the eye; let go of it. It might not work if you have very small eyes. Rather, those with small eyes can go in for natural hues, pearly light colours. Experiment with colours that will suit your skin tone and complexion making it look as natural as possible! When it comes down to eyeshadow for small eyes, never forget to keep the eyeshadow light and one colour for the entire lid.

6. No dark eye shadows!

Dark eye shadows will make eyes look intense, but it also takes away space on the eyelids. When it comes down to eyeshadow for small eyes, avoid colours like dark purple, dark browns, black and other colours that make your eyes appear more narrow and small.

7. Dark colours for outer eye corners

Now you can bring in dark colours. Using a little amount of dark colours on the outer corners of edges of the eye will create the illusion of bigger eyes. It will open out your eyes and emphasize the rest of makeup detailing done. Try this trick when you concentrate on makeup for small eyes.

8. Upper lash liner

The very purpose of lining the upper lash or using eyeliner is to detail and highlight eye shape. When you have small eyes, this is a very important step. Line the upper lash carefully and use colours that will suit your eyes. Apart from the regular black or brown, you could also try light purple, plum, blue, etc. Ensure the shade suits your skin tone as well as your eye colour. Choosing the right colour eyeliner for small eyes will enhance the eyes and make them look bigger!

9. Eyeliner for small eyes- apply strategically

When you apply your eyeliner, start off from the inner corner of the eye and make small strokes along the entire length of the upper lash line.

10. Keep it thin

Thick lash lines are not meant for you. For small eyes, the lash line should flow thin and smooth, starting neat from the inner eye corners. This is another tip not to forget while using eyeliner for small eyes.

11. Draw it out

As you reach the outer eye corner, you can draw the line out of your eye a bit. This elongates eye length. Do this neatly and do not make it too thick either.

12. Try eyeliner tricks

Certain eyeliner tricks would work well for small eyes. The cat eyes especially, that makes the eyes look bigger and elongated. If you are an expert at eyeliner tricks, try your hand at few of them!

13. Do not forget the lower lash line

Lining the lower lash line makes the eye look brighter. But, for small eyes, though, again you should remember that thick lines do not work here. Dark colours like brown and black can make the eye look even smaller if applied wrong. This step is also important, so line your lower lash line with just one stroke of kajal perhaps to get the desired effect.

14. Go light on the lower lash line

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Another great tip for ladies with small eyes is to consider light shades for the lower lash line as well. Blue, turquoise and violet colour tinted kajal that tends to brighten the eyes. These colours on the lower lash line will give a slight defining touch and they would not limit eye size at the same time. A small stroke of these colours will work wonders. Try this trick!

15. A little smudge is good

Don?t skip this part. Smudge the kajal (just a little) on the outer eye corner while doing eye makeup for small eyes. This will blend in with the dark eyeshadow used to create bigger eyes effect.

16. White eyeliner

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This is a must in the kit. Small-eyed beauties should definitely make use of the white eyeliner. It brightens the eye and certainly makes small eyes look bigger! White eyeliner along the inner rims of the eye, near the tear duct, and even along the lower lash line will give you a brilliant effect.

17. Highlight lower lash line

Yes, this is also for you! You can use the same colour that you had used for your upper lash line or the colour you used to highlight the eyebrows- just a small gentle stroke of this colour below your lower lash line (very thin one, remember), will make your eyes look enticingly beautiful!

18. Eyelash curler

Long and thick eyelashes are magical. If you aren?t born with it but would like to have it, make use of an eyelash curler. Curl your lashes before you move on to the next step.

19. Mascara

We all love mascara, don?t? we? Well if you don?t, you should probably try using it just once. Mascara adds volume to the lashes and makes them longer, thicker and prettier. For small eyes, you will need this.

20. Add more volume

Just one coat of mascara is good enough to lengthen the upper eyelashes. But, to make your eyes look bigger and opened out, go in for 2 coats of mascara (not more than that, though).

21. Use the mascara right

There is a trick to using the mascara right when you do eye makeup for small eyes. To make your eyelashes look naturally longer and to make your eyes look bigger, use more mascara (the 2 coats), concentrating in the middle and outer corner of the upper eyelashes. Not so much on your inner eye corner. You can use some mascara along the lower lash line as well, but here; keep it quick, little, neat and light.

That?s the end of the list! Hope you find these 21 Hacks on Eye Makeup for Small Eyes helpful. If you have other tricks that come handy and works good, do let us know. Bear these tips in mind the next time you need some eye makeup for small eyes. We are confident, you would not be disappointed.

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