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How To Apply Eyeliner: Handpicked eyeliner styles for you

Applying eyeliner is an all time laborious task for most women. It requires great skill and expertise to apply an eyeliner without any wriggly lines. But this tutorial will you gain that expertise in applying eyeliner in different styles, be it for every day or theme based parties. There are myriads of eyeliner styles out there?but you need to use different kinds of eyeliners to achieve different styles. You have to carefully choose among pencil eyeliners, gel eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, glitter eyeliners and lots more to suit your needs.

How to apply eyeliner:

When you have the right kind of eyeliner with you, then applying eyeliners can become as easy as chips. Earlier women used Kajal and then they shifted to pencil eyeliners and the most common eyeliner that was used after pencil eyeliner was the liquid eyeliner. But now pencil eyeliners have made a great comeback with an extra-special smudge-free quality. Definitely many women prefer to use smudge-free eyeliner since they tend to last for more than 8 hours. This is yet another sign that eyeliners have become a daily makeup aspect in every woman?s life. Certain eyeliner styles are easy only with certain kind of eyeliners. Look at the picture below for a clear understanding.


Everyday eyeliner style:

Eyeliner has become a part of daily makeup in every woman?s life. Many prefer to apply eyeliner to make their eyes look bigger. Above all, there is no time for a full makeover every day but when you apply eyeliner alone it gives you a perfect finished look both for your workplace as well as your college.

eye 2

Cat eyeliner style:

Cat eyeliner style is the trendy eyeliner style very popular among young women, especially with college girls. Many prefer highlighting the cat eyeliner look with glitter eyeliners or sparkles. But it?s pretty complicated than the usual eyeliner designs. So when you are trying out this eyeliner design, start using an eyeliner pencil and then shift to liquid eyeliners.



In order to achieve such trendy eyeliner styles, you need to have the best of eye makeup products like pencil eyeliner, gel-based eyeliners, and glitter eyeliners. Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyeliner Gel and?Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Ocean Teal?greatly helps in achieving smoky, glittery, and trendy eyeliner designs. Eyeliner stencil is a must for beginners who want to achieve such different styles.

Untitled design (2)

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Trendy eyeliner designs:

Style: 1

eye 3

Style: 2

eye 5

Style: 3

val eye

Valentine eyeliner design:

Style: 1

eye 4

Style: 2

red and blavk

Leopard eyeliner designs:

Style: 1

Style: 2

leo 2 (1)

Use different eyeliner designs every single day to unleash the trendy woman in you!!

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