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Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick Shades: Review of the Best Intense Shades

elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylicaFun is what every teenage girl wants, be it in a cola, candy floss or a cosmetic item. And lipsticks are that one thing which reflects what you are ? trendy, adventurous, bindaas, and upbeat. How are you going to achieve this tag? Well, the Elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades are here to add that spice and variety.

For starters, the Elle 18 lipstick comes in 20 urban shades meant for every mood and occasion. Go ahead and explore soft nudes to lovely pinks, upmarket browns to wooing reds and maroons. Saucy is the shades and pout-dazzling too. Great for campus and evening dates. You are going to have a ball of a time every time with Elle 18 matte lipstick on your lips.

The packaging of Elle 18 lipsticks is trendy and go-to. The cap shuts tightly and the plastic case is pretty light and easy to carry. How much does it weight on the pocket? At INR 99 for 4.3 gm (delivery charge extra), it is a steal given the quality product it is. Let us know all that we want of Elle 18 matte lipsticks.elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylica

What Makes Elle 18 Lipstick Tick

The first-timers must be wondering what?s so hot about this brand new range of matte lipsticks from Elle18? Matte is so much in trend and Elle 18 matte lipstick shades keep you in the trend league. Just apply a stroke of Elle 18 color pops and you will feel perfectly gorgeous!? ???


  • High color payoff from a single stroke
  • Bold matte texture makes it last long
  • Good and bold shades to choose from
  • Richly pigmented shades that give a neat finish
  • Buttery smooth texture which glides on the lips well (you don?t need a prior lip balm before elle 18 application)
  • Satin matte finish
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Staying power ranges between 4 to 5 hours. If you have meals or snacks, you might need to do touch-up
  • No smudging or bleeding (which is a good part)
  • Price tag pocket-friendly and affordable


  • Not ?matte? in the true sense. It is in between satin and matt finish. So you can call it semi-matte which provides good texture

Shade Names?

And what are the Elle 18 color pops lipstick shades? Oh, you will love the names. Some tongue-in-cheek, some thought-provoking, some lovey-dovey and some might make you wonder how come you never tried them all this while. Here they are:

Pink:??Rose Day, Pink Show, Prom Pink, Pink Kiss, Deep Pink

elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylica

Red:?Rockstar Red, Code Red, Selfie Red

elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylica


Purple:?First Love, Grape Riot, Cherry Wine, Berry Dance, Berry Bestie, Muave Date


elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylica

elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylica

Brown:?Chocolate Day, Choco Bite, Belgian Brown


Orange:?Coral Dose, Lets Tango, Rust Rage

elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades-lifestylica
Shade – Let’s Tango

Which Is The Shade For You

Wondering which Elle 18 color pops matte lipstick is the right for you? It all depends on your skin tone. If you are dark-skinned then you need to pick neutral shades. If you are fair-to-wheat skinned, then bright shades will be good to go. And how? The shades below will help clear the picture.

First Love: This shade of the Purple family is a bright cool pink. If you are of the fair breed, then this one is nice and good to carry.

Prom Pink: Belonging to the Pink family, Prom Pink is a coral shade, bright and warm which doesn?t have actual pink in it. Good to wear if you have a college prom to attend.

Rockstar Red: Yes, your look will be no less than a Rockstar when you wear this Elle 18 lipstick red shades. It is a deep tone red which goes well on most Indian skin tones.

Pink Kiss: When did you do Pink Kiss? Not do but ?wear? one silly?Jokes apart, this shade is like a mauvey pink on the darker side. Goes on almost every skin tone.

Berry Bestie: This is a deep berry color reserved for evening parties and dinners. Nice to wear in winters.

Which of these Elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades come close to your skin? Do tell us.

Now that you have the best of features a teenager looks for in a lipstick ? poptastic shades, satin matte finish, staying power and soft creamy texture, aren?t you hopelessly glad you got the cool-n-groovy Elle 18 color pops matte lipstick shades. Tell us how you found this post by writing your comments.

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