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How to remove upper lip hair effectively?


The culprit that gives the feeling of, ‘Something is just not right here’, and leaves us guessing on what is lost in the feminine elegance that you look into the mirror – upper lip hair! Urrgggh… Just a few of them spring up and out of the window goes the perfect pretty face you try to put on. Anyhow, worry not, because to get rid of upper lip hair effectively and naturally is possible and we are getting right to it!

To be honest, many of us agree that, those almost invisible upper lip hair growth is a no big deal. It does not drastically drive away the beauty off your face (exaggerated!). Upper lip hair is completely natural and it can be dealt with. But, you should also be aware of those women who deal with thicker and longer upper lip hair that looks almost like a moustache. Now, that hurts the feminine touch, and they prefer to keep the issue at bay. If you face the same scenario, this is for you. Know the different methods available on How To Remove Upper Lip Hair, read on…

Causes of upper lip hair growth

The reasons are many. The major cause is hormones; especially when there is a hormonal imbalance, this could lead to increased growth of upper lip hair in women. Hereditary, use of anabolic steroids in medication, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, congenital adrenal hyperplasia (an autosomal recessive disease that alters development of secondary sex characters), ?polycystic ovarian disease, Cushing’s syndrome (increased levels of corticosteroids in the body), and any other condition that triggers a change in hormones could be the reason. The problem arises here- the type of hair. There are 2 types of hair growth; vellus and terminal. Vellus hair is thin in texture, small in length and pale (like upper lip hair, hair on the inner side of hands, facial hair, etc.). Terminal hair is thicker, longer, coarse and darker. When vellus hair becomes terminal hair (a natural process during puberty but could be exceedingly above normal in some women, like the conditions mentioned above), that makes the upper lip hair in a woman look like a man’s moustache. Unpleasant and abnormal facial hair growth in women needs a solution.

How to remove of upper lip hair naturally?

The good news is the solution. Apart from laser treatments that promise to help you get rid of the unwanted body and facial hair or upper lip hair removal permanently, there are also several affordable methods for upper lip hair removal naturally. The methods are:

  1. Waxing
  2. Threading
  3. Plucking or Tweezing
  4. Shaving
  5. Upper lip hair removal creams
  6. Home remedies

Waxing and threading can be done at home, as well as you could choose to get it done in a beauty parlour. If you aren’t an expert at this, we suggest never to try these techniques at home (small room for error could lead to scarring and injury). Now let us go over each of the techniques.

1. Upper lip hair removal by waxing

waxing-upper lip hair removal- lifestylica

Painful – the first thought when you hear waxing? If you are used to it, maybe this isn’t so bad. Waxing is done to remove the body and facial hair effectively. And, it is also said that this is the only inexpensive method that thins the hair texture and reduces hair growth eventually (since it damages the underlying hair follicles).

In upper lip waxing, some talcum powder is dusted across the upper lip (and/or lower lip) area to be waxed, to ensure the skin is completely dry. A small amount of hot wax (a mixture with lime and sugar as basic ingredients) is spread using a steel spatula. An upper lip wax strip is placed over the wax spread, pressed down and removed immediately. Hair is uprooted and removed completely. Ouch but it works! Since hair is removed from its roots, it will take a good length of 3 to 4 weeks for hair to grow back. A gentle moisturiser will be rubbed onto the skin to reduce swelling and you would be advised to avoid direct sunlight for a few hours (just to keep away pigmentation). If you are convinced with waxing but visiting the parlour when in time of need is troublesome, keep some wax strips handy. There are plentiful choices for upper lip wax strips now available. You can do your research and arrive at what you think is the best wax for upper lip, in order to keep away allergic reactions. Or you could try Sleek Wax Pack-Facial Hair Remover to remove unwanted facial hair at home and with ease!


2. Upper lip threading

Thread-it Facial Hair-Remover-lifestylica

This is the most opted method by a good majority of women to get rid of facial hair (not to forget eyebrow threading!). Less painful and inexpensive when compared to waxing. In upper lip threading, even the smallest of upper lip and lower lip hairs are spun around the thread (that is meant for threading only!) and removed from the skin surface. This is also very effective, however, the results are short lived- maybe a week or two (could vary for each person). If upper lip threading seems comparatively easier and better, you could go ahead with this technique right from your home. Remember, only if you are a certified expert, if not you could purchase?AY Super Stick for Facial Hair Removal?that gives you the exact parlour finish! Easy to use, readily available and saves trips to the parlour! Threading upper lip hair is certainly the most popular, efficient, cost-effective and easiest way for upper lip hair removal at home.


3. Upper lip hair removal by plucking or tweezing

tweezing-upper lip hair removal- lifestylica

If both waxing and threading have no time in your rush, you could grab a pair of tweezers to pluck out upper lip hair. Plucking upper lip hair is an extremely painful choice for some, but if you don’t mind it in your rush, this is another method to remove upper lip hair quickly!

4. Upper lip hair removal by shaving

Yet another express method (and easy too!). Upper lip hair shaving is not the best upper lip hair removal method at home. Since shaving the gentle upper lip area is not always safe, however, few women find this the cheapest and easiest resort. Wet the upper lip area and gently shave the hair, against the direction of hair growth. It is better not to use any chemical products immediately over the place. Ice cubes, ghee, butter or any natural oil can be rubbed to soothe the area. Also, be sure never to use razors used for shaving hands or other body parts, on your upper lip area. It is always safe to prevent infections.

5. Upper lip hair removal using depilatory creams

A simple method to remove upper lip hair easily at home- upper lip hair removal creams. Again, it depends on preference whether you are convinced with hair removal creams or not. While choosing this option, make sure you are selecting the right depilatory creams meant exclusively to remove facial hair. Don’t confuse body hair removal creams with facial hair removal creams. All you need to do is, apply the required amount of your selected upper lip hair removal cream over the upper lip area, wait for 5 minutes or the specified time on the product, wipe off with a damp cloth or cotton to remove the loosened hairs from the skin surface. For a start, you can look into?Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream.


6. Upper lip hair removal home remedies

Nothing beats the goodness of natural products to tackle any problem, same goes with upper lip hair. Below you would find some tips and home remedies to reduce upper lip hair growth and to also help you in upper lip hair removal naturally.

Homemade brown sugar wax:

brown sugar wax-upper lip hair removal- lifestylica

You will need:

1 cup of brown sugar

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

2 tablespoons of water

Mix the ingredients and heat over a flame, stirring them until the consistency is slightly thick. Allow the paste to cool down for a while, take some amount of it onto a spatula. Spread some talcum powder in the upper lip area and apply the paste. Press down a piece of clean cotton cloth, wait for a few seconds and pull the cloth away against the direction of hair growth. Rub an ice cube over the waxed area to calm irritation and swelling. Since this is completely natural, it is the best wax for upper lip. Try this to safe and effective upper lip hair removal at home.


tumeric & milk-hair removal- lifestylica

Turmeric is said to reduce hair growth naturally over a period of time (yes, it requires lots of patience!). You could mix some turmeric powder with milk or water, massage it over the upper lip area and wash off after 15 minutes. Repeat this process every alternate day to reduce hair growth (lather some soap over the area to remove yellow pigmentation from turmeric paste). Regular use of turmeric has been trusted to be one among the best upper lip hair removal home remedies for many centuries. If patience is your best bet, you can try this!

Egg white, Sugar and Gram flour:

gram flour-upper lip hair removal- lifestylica

Blend in one egg white, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of gram flour. Use the mixture as a peel off over the upper lip area. Notice reduced upper lip hair growth!

The ways are many fro upper lip hair removal at home and using other artificial methods that offer upper lip hair removal permanently, it is your call to decide which method suits you the best to get rid of upper lip hair effectively! We recommend that you opt for the choice that would suit your skin type and hair growth. If there is any sudden burst of upper lip hair growth that you find hard to contain, visit a trusted dermatologist at the earliest. Otherwise, bid goodbye to unwanted hair!

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