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How To Do Waxing At Home?


Waxing has become a part and parcel of every woman?s life and in fact it is a beauty ritual that every woman craves for despite the pain that it causes because the end result is a smooth, silky and creamy skin. Apart from the home remedies to reduce hair growth, either for upper lip hair removal or other unwanted hair growth on the body, waxing is considered the next best solution. Now does that remind you of Katrina Kaif?s skin? Enough of envying such women and let?s get started to make your skin look smooth and silky.

Types of waxing:

1)????? ??Hot wax 2)????? ??Cold Wax
??Doesn?t mean that the wax is going to be boiling hot. Lukewarm wax is only used. ??Wax is prepared and refrigerated before use. Also comes in the form of strips.
??It?s seems to be messy and painful. ??The strips are clean and the pain is also comparatively less in cold waxing.
??Much effective than cold waxing since the hair are more susceptible to lukewarm wax and it just come in one pull. ??Hairs are not very susceptible to the cold waxing. You might have to repeat the waxing procedure for a clean look.
??Becomes difficult to remove facial hair. ??The best choice to remove facial hair.

Waxing strips:

Waxing strips are not hot and hence they are classified under cold waxing. If you?re scared of applying real wax onto your skin surface, then prefer using wax strips. It?s just that you might have to repeat the process twice for a clean and perfect hair-free skin. They are much cheaper and cost-effective. ?Veet wax strips are the ones that most popular in the market. Accept the fact that it is going be painful for first-time users. These wax strips are very comfortable and effective while removing facial hairs, especially hairs on the upper lip. Veet strips seem to work well and they also have specific wax strips for dry and sensitive skins. It?s worth the cost.

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For people who are new to waxing let me also keep you informed about the advantages and disadvantages of waxing because at the end of the day your skin is what is very important than how it looks.


  • Your?skin becomes as soft and smooth as ever.
  • Waxing removes even the minute hair particles from the surface of your skin.
  • The best part is that waxing removes the hairs from its roots, unlike hair removing creams and razors.
  • Since the hair is removed from its roots, it takes a long time to grow again.
  • It?s enough if you wax once a month and the result is a clean smooth feminine skin.
  • You can also wax your facial hairs with no harm.
  • Waxing doesn?t harm your skin provided your skin isn?t extremely sensitive.


  • Waxing is painful. But the pain lasts only for few minutes. Once the waxing procedure is over, the pain also subsides. When you wax regularly your hair becomes weak at the roots and hence it will not be as painful as before.
  • If you are going wax your skin for the first time, then there will be more pain.
  • Waxing is not that advisable for people with extremely sensitive skin. It causes redness of the skin. In worst cases, waxing ends in inflammation.

Having known the different types of waxing, its advantages, and disadvantages, now let?s see how to do waxing at home. If you are used to waxing and seen parlor girls do waxing, then waxing at home isn?t that difficult. All that you have to do is make your own wax, let it cool a bit or refrigerate it and then use.

Required ingredients:

  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 2 cups Honey
  • ? cup of Lemon juice if needed
  • ? of Water

Step to make wax:

  • Put all the ingredients in a pan and heat in a low flame.
  • Don?t stir too much.
  • Let the mixture come to a bubble and wait till it turns a?brown color and look for the string kind of consistency.?Let it cool for some time.

NOTE: If you are planning to wax at home, then exfoliate your skin a week before but avoid exfoliating the day before waxing.? It removes the excess oil in your skin thus making the waxing process easy and less painful.

How to wax at home:


  • First see to that you have pretty long hair on where ever you prefer to wax.
  • Keep a piece of cloth ready, preferably cotton or muslin, before you start applying the wax.
  • Spread the wax evenly using a spatula on the surface of your skin.
  • Now place the cloth on top of the wax spread area.
  • Press it twice or thrice for an even spread.
  • Slightly lift the cloth and see whether the wax has stuck properly to the cloth.
  • Now pull the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Then rub the place with ice cubes to close the pores that have opened due to waxing.
  • Finish the process by applying a moisturizer.

If you are going to trying waxing for the first time, then stay away from ?waxing at home? since you need more experience for this. You can also get it done by your friends who are used to waxing at home. Waxing makes your skin beautiful but when you wax very often it affects your skin. So don?t wax very often and don?t wax when you have your periods.

For people who scared of using a wax spread for hair removal, stick to strips or epilators. Epilators also remove hairs from the root.


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These are a couple of epilators that are rated well by users themselves and these are few best brands in the market that you can rely on. Also look up for other epilators and choose the best.

So no more spending bucks in the parlor and you can start waxing at home using aforementioned instructions. Above all the wax that you make at home is chemical free and will not cause rashes or allergies.

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