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6 Best Biotique Face Washes To Try In 2019

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The days of washing face with soap are over. After all, who would like to put one?s delicate face to the harshness of a carbolic soap? A face wash is healthier and preferred an alternative to a bath soap which most people are turning to for face care. Now there are the usual cosmetic brands and Ayurvedic players in a face wash. The latter option as you know is much safer even for sensitive skin, clinically tested and proprietary formulation passed over the years. Biotique Face Wash is one such product which your skin will love right till the last coin-sized drop that you squeeze out of the Biotique packaging tube. What makes Biotique brand deliver promises and bring smiles quietly and silently for so many years? Let?s find out.

Birth Of Biotique Brand

It was in 1992 that Biotique began and emerged in the beauty horizon. It was founded by Vinita Jain who after studying bio-technology in Switzerland decided to bring her knowledge of bio-science and bio-technology to the benefit of the Indian consumer. Blending the best of the East and the West with authentic Ayurvedic skin care, hair care and wellness products, Biotique can be summed up as the highly effective preserver of beauty, health and well-being as never before. The 5000-year old wisdom of Ayurveda, the principal medical tradition in India, has a lot to do with the success and appreciation of Biotique.

biotique face wash-lifestylica

Biotique Face Wash: A Unique Range

Any clue which biotique?face wash is good for you? There are so many options customized to the Indian skin that there is barely a category or user need which hasn?t been tapped. This explains the thought-based range of Biotique face washes. By the way, a common feature in the Biotique face wash range is ?100% Botanical Extracts Swiss Technology?. So now you know the emphasis and thrust in all Biotique products is nature! Read on to discover the ?Bio? effect in Biotique face wash.

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1. Biotique Bio White Advanced Fairness Wash

As goes the name, thisBiotique Face Wash is rich in natural skin brighteners. Gently massage it over face and neck with supple fingers, then lather and rinse.

Things to know:

  • Fresh foaming gel
  • Has juices of pineapple, tomato, papaya and lemon to lighten skin
  • Transparent semi-liquid solution. Just a drop is enough to complete face wash and get the dirt out
  • Suits normal to dry skin
  • Gives a natural glow
  • Skin feels soft after use
  • To be used in morning and evening
  • Regular use makes skin get back the youthful tone and texture
  • Qty ? 150 ml

My personal Biotique Face Wash Review goes like this ?Just put a pea-size of Biotique Bio White Advanced Fairness Wash in your hands, wet it and you get a beautiful lather which cleanses your face gently. Yes, one feels the fairness on face stepping in after use. Use it twice a day and follow it up with a moisturising cream preferably from Biotique to get best results.?


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2. Biotique Bio Neem Purifying Wash

Troubled with pesky skin breakouts such as pimples or acne? Bank on Neem. It always was and is your best skin savior. The Neem is a powerful ingredient, in fact, the most powerful antiseptic, according to Indian medicinal sciences. And Biotique Face Wash with the goodness of Neem helps deliver the brand promise of purifying skin complexion.

Things to know:

  • Anti-bacterial soap-free cleansing gel
  • Extracts of neem leaves, ritha, kulanjan, ashwagandha, madhu, coconut oil and purified Himalayan water help the Biotique neem facewash prevent pimples, remove impurities, and purify the complexion
  • Cleans dirt and oil from the skin effectively
  • Suitable for all types of skin particularly oily and acne-prone skin
  • Alcohol-free, paraben free
  • The product is green in color. Neem leaves have a lot to contribute to it.
  • Might leave the skin a bit dry owing to the Neem leaves ingredient in it. So don?t forget to moisturise your face after using it.
  • Good for men and women
  • Qty ? 100 ml
  • Also available in 150 ml



3. Biotique Bio Papaya Exfoliating Face Wash

The product promise on the packaging label of Biotique Papaya Visibly Ageless Scrub Wash reads ?See fresh, polished, glowing skin?. With pure papaya fruit blends in this face wash, gentle refining action helps reveal natural brightness of the skin.? Papaya is known for its rejuvenating and healing benefits. It is also a youth activator and natural skin exfoliator.

Things to know:

  • Pure papaya fruit dissolves dead skin cells, unclogs open pores, and paves the way for clear skin
  • Revitalises skin without inflammation or irritation
  • Ingredients include papita, akhrot chhal, neem, banhaldi, ritha, kikar gaund, ground nut oil, purified Himalayan water
  • Also available in 150 ml

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4. Biotique Bio Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

Want to keep your skin soft and supple and free from wrinkles and fine lines? Try out Bio Pineapple ? the Biotique Face Wash For Oily Skin.

Things to know:

  • Contains extracts of pineapple, neem leaves, gajar, badam tel, akhrot, mahuva tel, rai tel, moongphali tel
  • Meant for Normal to Oily skin
  • Leaves skin lustrous and younger looking

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5. Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Wash

Honey is the nectar of life containing brightening sugars and minerals that heal and purify the skin.? This refreshing Biotique Face Wash For Dry Skin naturally softens skin, makes the skin tender and lightens skin complexion.

Things to know:

  • Contains pure honey and extracts from the bark of arjun tree, euphorbia plant and wild turmeric
  • Dissolves makeup and skin impurities
  • Comes in gel form

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6. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash

The name says it all when to use it ? mornings, obviously. Gives a super clean feeling to the face, so go ahead and try it, each morning, every morning.

Things to know:

  • Milky colored solution
  • Slightly runny consistency
  • Lovely floral fragrance
  • Contains Margosa leaf extract, Wintercherry root extract, Moong seed extract, honey, coconut oil, Ritha fruit extract and Purified Water Q.S.
  • Doesn?t dry out the skin
  • Cleanses the skin nicely

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Other than face wash, you can also try out Biotique face cream and Biotique face pack.

So tell us how did you find the Biotique Face Wash review of six products? Ever used any of them? Which one and why? How was your experience like? The good thing is that almost all face washes from Biotique deliver satisfactory results so there is no such reason for switching over to other brands. Feel free to write your replies and comments.

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