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All You Need To Know About Bananas For Clear Skin


To all those who assumed Banana to be just an edible fruit loaded with nutrients, read this article to find out how banana is considered as a genie to our skin. No doubt that banana, a part of the botanical Musa Family, is a healthy fruit that keeps you hale and healthy. But how many of us actually know that it is used as a beauty agent? Let us look deeply into banana as a beauty agent.

  1. Banana as a skin lightener: It would be hard to deny a natural skin lightener. Won’t it? That is why we must never say no to a banana! Banana can be manifested as a miraculous skin lightener. They are filled with Vitamin -C, and B6 that improves the production of collagen in our skin. Collagen is the structural protein that contributes to the elasticity of the skin. This helps in rejuvenating our skin. It works in moisturizing our skin and also aids in lightening the skin cells.
  2. Banana as an eliminator of oily skin: Banana contains Potassium in large amounts that can be regarded as the source of moisture. Lack of potassium in skin has proven to make skin dry. Potassium is known to maintain the skin moisture and also keeps it hydrated. Potassium also contributes to the production of new skin cells that helps in reflecting a healthy skin. Regular use of banana face packs can eliminate the oiliness that makes face dull and dark. Furthermore, they promote clear bright skin.
  3. Banana as a healer of acne: The bananas are rich in lectin and zinc which happens to be the natural guard against creating bacteria. Acne which is much more than just a pimple occurs due to the presence of certain unwanted bacteria in our skin. Acne can cause irritation and leave huge dark spots that remain on the face for a long time. Using banana for face in the form of packs or masks helps in quick healing of acne and adds to the effective lightening of dark spots.

Nutrients in Banana that Benefit Skin

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  1. Vitamin-A: Correct amount of vitamin-A in our food can be effective for healthy skin. It helps in the formation of fibroblasts a developing skin tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy. Vitamin-A contributes to the formation of the dermis which reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. They also as act as an anti-aging property.
  2. Vitamin-C: Free radicals are prone to develop in our skin due to the overexposure of sun that leads to severe skin damage and tanning. Vitamin-C guards our skin against these free radicals, and for this reason, they are considered as the natural sunscreen. They also boost the production of collagen that revitalizes skin from its roots. They can also be looked at as the healer of skin cells.
  3. Vitamin-B6: A single fruit of banana contains 20% of vitamin-B6. This vitamin is a major component that can be used to treat oily skin. Oily skin leads to acne and pimples that further causes various other skin problems. Vitamin-B6 is proven to be impressive against the reduction of acne. In addition, it is a water-soluble vitamin that maintains the moisture of the skin.
  4. Magnesium: Lack of magnesium can lead to dryness and loss of elasticity which makes this mineral an important component for healthy skin. They are known to lower the cause of wrinkles and other aging skin problems. They also encourage healthy skin tissue growth.
  5. Amino- acids: Creatine, produced from certain amino acids play a vital role in healthy skin. They help in maintaining the moisture of the skin. They are also useful in repairing the damaged DNA. They regulate the acid-base balance and firm the skin which supports skin tightening.

DIY Banana Packs

Tanned skin is a definite worry for every girl out there this summer. What if I tell you can help yourself with a tan remover that naturally lightens your skin. Here are some banana face packs and face scrubs that work expertly on our skin.

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Banana, Honey, and Lemon face pack

A combination of banana, honey, and lemon can work like magic on any type of skin. For a bright and glowing skin, all you need is a banana, two teaspoons of honey and a half cup of lemon juice. Honey is a great anti-oxidant that helps fight against acne and pimples. Lemon contains a considerable amount of vitamin-C that works against sun tanning and sunburn. Mash the banana well and add it along with honey and lemon juice. Mix them to a fine paste and apply on your face and the region around the neck. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it with cold water. You will find your face assisted by a new glow. Regular use of this pack can be efficient against acne.

Banana and Milk face pack

Raw milk can be viewed as a healthy moisturizer and a natural toner. Milk aids in maintaining the tone of our face. It adds firmness and tightens the skin cells. A face pack that includes banana and milk can be used as a sprucing pack. All you need to do is mash the banana and add a cup of milk to it. Mix them well and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. They will refresh the skin from within and make it look naturally healthy.

Banana and Turmeric face pack

Turmeric is the best known natural antiseptic that is widely used for any skin related problems. They are proven effective in treating acne and also help in clearing the acne scars. They provide a youthful glow that makes us look younger and vibrant. Mash a banana and add three teaspoons of turmeric powder in it. Mix it with lukewarm water and apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes. The irritation caused by turmeric is not much of a worry. Wash it with cold water and you will find your face shining from within.

Banana and Yogurt face pack

Yogurt popularly known as curd works wonderfully in favor of our skin. The antibacterial property in curd reduces the development of unwanted bacteria in our skin. Banana helps in soothing the skin and together they help reduce wrinkles and lightens the skin. Mash half a banana and add a cup of curd to it. Mix them well and apply it on the face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water to find your skin hydrated. You can use this face pack twice a week to free yourself from wrinkles and acne.

DIY Banana Scrubs

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Banana and Sugar Scrub

Banana is soothing and goes on well when added with sugar. Sugar is the best known natural and simple scrubber that is widely used. Sugar eliminates the dead and dry skin and thereby ends up refreshing the skin from beneath. Mash the banana well and add five to six teaspoons of sugar syrup and grind them well. Gently rub your face with the scrub for 3-5 minutes. Do not rub harshly as they may cause damage to delicate skin cells. Wash your face with cold water to keep the skin tight. You will find your skin spotless and smooth with regular use.

Banana and Oatmeal Scrub

Oats are known to remove excess oil from the face. They are natural exfoliants which can be used as a scrub. They can be used as an excellent moisturizer that has anti-inflammatory properties. They reduce itching and irritation in our skin. To make a scrub you need to mash half a banana into a fine paste without any lumps. Grind the oats until it gets powdered. Mix them together with water or you can even use honey as a binding agent. Gently scrub your face with this mixture for 3-4 minutes. Avoid rubbing for a longer time. You will find your skin to be amazingly gentle and soft.

There is no better thing than nature and no better solution as the things that we can gain from nature. Let clear skin be no longer just a wish for anybody. Let us try and make it simple and natural. With this bright yellow super fruit let?s make our skin flawless! After all, being healthy is the new trend!

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