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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles with Almond Oil

Dark circles sometimes look sexy and sometimes they look scary especially people with darker skin tone, nevertheless, everyone has it. People say 9 out of 10 people have dark circles but I think 10 out 10 people have dark circles. And here are some reasons why we have or we get dark circles.
? The main reason to get dark circles is the lack of sleep. Therefore, get enough sleep.
? Allergies, eczema, asthma causes the eye to hit which can cause dark circles by rubbing or scratching the skin around the eyes. The skin under our eyes is very sensitive so if we rub or scratch the skin it will damage the tissue and cause dark circles.
? A bad diet or lack of nutrients can cause discoloration around the eyes.
? Lack of iron in your diet can cause dark circles because you are not getting enough oxygen to the body tissue.
? Hereditary or genetics can cause it too. Skin pigmentation to the upper part of the cheekbone can create shadow and cause dark circles.
? Sun damage causes excess skin pigmentation due to sunburns. So always wear sunscreen.
? Age; let’s face it. As we grew older our skin tissues loosen up its collagen, become thinner, more translucent thus showing the veins under your eyes and cause dark circles around the eye.
? Bone Structure ? some people have deeper bone structure and cause shadows thus we get dark circles.
? The most important reason we get dark circles because the skin around the eyelids is the thinnest skin in the body. When blood passes through the veins close to the surface of the skin produces a bluish tint. The more translucent your skin in the darker your dark circles.
There are a million reasons a person can get dark circles. But how can we get rid of them
1. Sleep well
2. Treat your allergies
3. Eat healthily
4. Drink lots of water
But the question is do we have time for all these in our busy life. I really don?t have, I swear I tried but completely failed. Eventually, we have to do this for our better life and keep the doctor away and to keep your internal system healthy.
Apart from all these even externally you can take care of your dark circles. I am going to share some of the homemade remedies to get rid of the dark circles and make you look younger.
But before that, I am going to share my dark circles’ experience. I have very deep dark circles and they are hereditary. If your dark circles are hereditary it will never go. You can minimize the appearance using homemade solutions or vitamin tablets. But it will not go completely.

These remedies which I am about to share with you people have been tested by me for the past 15 years and trust me guys if you use this on a regular basis your dark circles will gradually decrease. Remember the key is to be patient and regular with the remedies.
We can either use several products or simple ingredients from our kitchen to cure dark circles. However, here I am going to use one magic oil which works like wonder for your whole body, skin, and hair. This magic potion is ‘Almond Oil’. Here are different ways to use almond oil to cure those stubborn dark circles.


Goodness of almond oil for dark circles:

? Almond oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles.
? It?s a good source of vitamin K, which improves clotting and reduces discoloration under the eyes.
? It contains palmitic acid and retinol, which moisturize delicate under-eye skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
? Almond oil contains antioxidants that keep skin healthy.
? It also helps contract dilated blood vessels that cause discoloration.
? It provides the monounsaturated fats and vitamin E your skin needs to remain youthful, supple, and radiant.
? As a natural emollient, almond oil balances the skin?s water content, thereby preventing dryness.
? It helps to lighten the dark spots and removes the appearance of dark veins to clear dark circles.

Use 1: Scrub gently
Things you will need:
Almond oil 1 tsp
Coffee powder 1tp
How to prepare
Mix both the ingredients and gently scrub around your eyes. Give minimum pressure with your ring finger. Always use your ring finger for any application to your eyes. Ring finger gives a minimum pressure when compared to the other fingers. Scrub at least for one minute. Then wash with warm water and pat it dry. Moisturize immediately with some good under eye cream. Some people never recommend scrubbing your under eye but I do because even our eyes are exposed to a lot of pollutants and dirt.

How often you need to do this
You have to do it at least twice a week before going to bed. Always use sweet almond oil for your skin, don?t use bitter almond oil.

Goodness of coffee for dark circles:
? Tightens the skin
? Smooth puffiness
? Fight from free radicals
? Promotes healthy circulation
? It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help reduce dark circles as well as lighten

Use 2: Homemade massage oil
Things you will need:
Almond oil – 1tbsp
Olive oil – 1tbsp
Coconut oil – 1tbsp
How to prepare:
Mix all the ingredients together and mix well. Massage every day under your eye in a circular motion for 15 minutes. Don?t massage your eyelids. Don?t give so much pressure while massaging because tissues will damage. Do it before your bedtime.

Goodness of olive oil for dark circles:
? Olive oil has amazing skin healing and anti-aging properties
? It has antioxidants, vitamins, monosaturated fats, and anti-inflammatory properties that work wonders for your skin.
? It softens and brightens your skin.
? It is very gentle on your skin which is perfect to heal dark circles.

Goodness of coconut oil for dark circles:
? Coconut oil moisturizes the skin around eyes to prevent dryness and wrinkling.
? It penetrates quickly into the skin and rejuvenates.
? It contains vitamins and fatty acids that are essential to the growth of healthy skin cells.
? The vitamin E and antioxidants in it heal and repair damaged skin cells.
? It has anti-inflammatory properties, hence reduces redness and swelling.
? The lactic acid in it tightens pores to make skin smooth and firm.

Use 3: Mix one or two drops of almond oil in your daily eye cream for extra nourishment.

Use 4: Eye soothing gel
Things you will need:
Patanjali kesar chandan aloe Vera gel- 2 tbsp.
Almond oil – 1tbsp.
How to prepare: Mix both the ingredients and mix well. You will get a gel-like consistency. Transfer this mixture to a lip balm container or eye lens case. Store in dry and cool. And use a pea-size amount every day before bed to massage gently. It will feel calm and soothing.

Goodness of Aloe Vera for dark circles:
? This gel is rich in nutrients that have different vitamins such as vitamins A, C, B12 and vitamin E.
? It also contains minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, proteins and amino acids. All these help the eye area to restore their youthfulness.
? Its anti-aging properties help maintain the collagen of the skin. The gel also helps stimulate collagen formation to help restore the suppleness of the skin around our eyes.
? The aloe vera gel has anti-bacterial properties that would protect the eyes from viruses and help prevent further spreading of infection to the eyes.

Use 5: Eye brightening gel

Things you will need:
Vitamin K capsule – 2 capsules
Aloe Vera gel – 1tbsp
Almond oil ? 1 tbsp
Licorice extract ? 2 -3 drops

How to prepare: Mix all ingredients together. Massage this gel every night before going to bed. This gel will instantly brighten up your under-eye area.

Goodness of Vitamin K for dark circles:

It plays an integral part in blood clotting and regulation of bleeding. Bruising is essentially a small amount of bleeding under the skin. Vitamin K helps prevent excessive bleeding and bruising, which can cause dark circles.

Goodness of Licorice extract for dark circles:
? Glycyrrhiza helps to fade dark circles and blemishes
? Natural whitening alternative
? Soothing properties

Use 6: Cool cotton pads

Things you will need:
Almond oil – 1tbsp
Rosewater ? ? cup
Cucumber juice ? ? cup
Cotton pads

How to prepare: Blend all the ingredients except cotton pad in a blender. Dip and soak a cotton pad in the mixture and allow it to refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours. Take out the cotton pads and place them under your eyes and relax. After 15 mins wash of with cool water.

Goodness of rosewater for dark circles
? Rosewater soothes stressed under-eye skin.
? It hydrates the skin.
? It restores the skin?s pH balance to reduce excessive pigmentation.
? The anti-oxidants in rosewater strengthen and regenerate skin cells.
? Rosewater is anti-inflammatory. It reduces swelling and redness.
? Rosewater is antibacterial, hence it detoxifies skin to keep it clear and bright.
? As an astringent, rosewater tightens and refreshes skin.
? Rosewater contains many vitamins and minerals, including A and C, which strengthen the immune system and keep skin healthy.
? Rosewater penetrates deep into the skin, opens the blocked pores and clears the dead cells.

Goodness of cucumber for dark circles
? Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C, which promotes the production of collagen, a protein that restores the skin?s elasticity, leaving it firm and supple.
? They also contain manganese and beta-carotene, which reduce inflammation and swelling.
? They contain flavonoid antioxidants such as quercetin, luteolin, kaempferol, and apigenin, which tighten pores to prevent bacterial infections that lead to breakouts.
? They contain potassium, which reduces the appearance of fine lines.
? As a natural astringent, cucumbers lighten dark spots while tightening pores to make skin smoother.
? Cucumbers cool and soothe skin.
? Because they are 95% of water, cucumbers hydrate and moisturize skin.
? The anti-oxidants in cucumber slow down the aging process.

Use 7: Eye serum

Things you will need:
Green tea ? 2 tbsp
Almond oil ? 1 tbsp.

How we prepare: Soak the green tea in almond oil let it sit for one day then drain with the help of strainer or cheesecloth. Apply this under your eyes and massage for a good 3 minutes. Leave overnight.

Goodness of green tea for dark circles:
? Green tea is rich in antioxidants and tannins that help to lighten the dark circles.
? It also reduces the puffiness and swelling and tightens the skin around the eyes.
? It has an astringent nature that constricts the blood vessels and capillaries under the eyes.

Use 8: Eye pack?

Things you will need for Pack 1:
Mulethi or licorice powder – 1tbsp
Potato juice – 1tsp
Lemon juice ? ? tsp
Almond oil ? 1 tsp.

How we prepare:
Mix all ingredients to get a paste-like consistency. Apply this under your eyes like an eye pack and leave it for 20 minutes and relax. After 20 minutes wash with cool water. Use this pack once in a week for the best results.

Goodness of potatoes for dark circles:
? Potatoes contain natural bleaching agents that lighten skin when used regularly over time.
? Potatoes contain catecholase that helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes.
? Potatoes provide the moisture skin needs to rejuvenate.
? Potatoes contain the nutrients and anti-oxidants skin needs to stay firm, smooth, and bright.
? The vitamin C, starch, and enzymes in potatoes nourish skin.
? The vitamin A in potatoes keeps skin firm.
? The combination of coldness and starch creates an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling of the vessels which are under the eyes to diminish the dark circles.

Goodness of lemon juice for dark circles:
? The vitamin C present in lemon juice can also help remove dark circles under the eyes, thanks to its skin-lightening properties.

Things you will need for Pack 2:
Vitamin E ? 2 capsule
Mint juice – 1tsp
Almond oil ? 1 tsp
Turmeric ? ? tsp

How we prepare: Prick a hole in the vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the gel. Mix all these ingredients and apply a thin layer under your eyes. Leave it for 15 mins and wash off with cool water. Use this pack twice a week for best results.

Goodness of vitamin E capsule for dark circles:
? Vitamin E is a skin life-saver for a multitude of reasons. It can rescue dry, crusty skin, revitalize older skin, nourish young skin.
? It?s a potent antioxidant that combats free radicals from UV rays by neutralizing its oxidizing effects.
? It repairs traumatized skin cells, which restores collagen, fades age spots, and heals scarring.

Goodness of mint juice for dark circles:
? The menthol in mint leaves improves circulation, evening out skin tone around the eyes.
? Mint soothes and rejuvenates the skin.
? As a natural astringent, it constricts blood vessels around the eyes, diminishing the blue tint reflected by blood vessels.
? Mint is antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, so it kills toxins that damage under-eye skin.
? The vitamin C in mint promotes the production of collagen, which increases the skin?s firmness and elasticity.
? Its soothing properties relax eyes and flavonoids eradicate the free radicals.

Goodness of turmeric for dark circles:?

  • The curcumin in turmeric reduces inflammation, redness, and swelling.
  • When consumed internally, turmeric detoxifies the blood and liver, giving you radiant skin.
  • It reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It rejuvenates tired, sagging skin.

Few ?uses of almonds for dark circles :

  • Almond oil and honey: Another remedy mix equal amount of almond and honey and apply under your eyes to reduce dark circles.
  • Drink almond milk every day before going to bed.

? Have 5 soaked almonds every day in the morning.
? Acupressure points pressure with almond oil. Drop a pea-size amount of almond oil into your finger. And massage or give pressure to those points.

aroma-magic-under-eye-cream-lifestylicaCLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE

Personally, I enjoy using Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream. My take about this product, I have very deep dark circles. I have tried almost all the expensive eye creams available in the market but none of them worked for me but this one is a miracle. I have been using this regularly and actually I can see the clear difference. My dark circles have been gradually decreasing day by day. But one thing you have to be constant about this you can?t expect to clear your dark circles at one time of usage. At least use it regularly for a good two months to see the results.

Hope you find the above home remedies useful, try them and brighten your eyes!

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