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Do you know these amazing benefits of brown rice?

You and I have to accept the fact that we are not aliens to brown rice. We would have definitely come across the term and most of you like me would have even got a chance to taste it and it definitely doesn?t taste bad. Get nostalgic of the time you had brown rice and you will surely realize that the (white) rice that you eat daily is totally devoid of taste. The best part is that most of you and even I for that matter are actually aware of the brown rice benefits. But what keeps you from away from following it as a part of your daily diet? Does that mean you don?t care about your health? Sorry, it does mean so!

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We are in the world where youngsters are prone to diabetes and heart diseases. You know that I?m not exaggerating. When you add brown rice, your daily diet actually becomes a well-balanced diet. But some of you need more enlightenment to execute aforementioned ideas to lead a healthy life. It actually takes take some time for you to accept rice that is not white in colour. We help you do it!

What is brown rice?

Simply put, it is the ?unrefined? healthy version of the polished good looking white rice. The term ?unrefined? bears no negative connotation rather it bears so much of minerals, vitamins, proteins and everything that is needed for a healthy lifestyle. Hope all of you are aware that rice comes from the paddy grain. This paddy grain undergoes several refinement processes and then comes out as the white coloured rice that you eat. This white rice is fully refined and removed of husks and fibers. Full refinement means fully devoid of all nutrients. The rice that doesn?t undergo complete refinement is the brown rice. A layer of husk still stays on the rice and this husk if the fiber content that is needed for your body.

Importance of brown rice:

There is so much of importance to brown rice that we would have never heard off. The brownish top layer of the rice is called the ‘bran? layer. This layer is the storehouse of all the minerals, vitamins and proteins associated with the brown rice.

Diabetes and improved digestive system:

High fiber content helps improve your bowel system. Healthy bowel system means a healthy digestive system. Fiber rich food is a must if you?re on a diet to reduce weight.

How to cook brown rice?

It?s no big deal! The fiber quality in the rice takes more time to get cooked and digested as well. You have to soak the rice for 20 mins before cooking. Even then, the cooked rice is not as soft and fluffy like your white rice. So it does take some time for digestion. This in turn keeps your blood sugar in control. When you?re food is quickly digested, high amount of sugar is released into the bloodstream. But when your food takes some time to get digested, then the amount of sugar that is released is also controlled thereby a controlled blood sugar level. So such high fiber food for diabetics is a definite must.

Reduces Bad cholesterol:

The fiber content is capable of reducing the bad cholesterol in your body thus reducing your weight. Once the bad cholesterol levels are reduced you needn?t worry about any kind of heart diseases.

Rice bran oil:

?Studies also say that rice bran oil that is extracted from the ?bran? layer of the rice reduces the bad cholesterol level and increases the healthy cholesterol in your body. So you not only escape from a risk but also prevent yourself from such risk factors.

Disease prevention:

If your cholesterol is high, it lead to obesity, from obesity to high blood pressure, renal failure and it goes on and on. One simple issue can turn fatal. So it is highly necessary that you need to take simple matters very seriously.

Selenium and Manganese:

Studies also show that brown rice is rich in selenium and manganese. Selenium prevents common illnesses from becoming chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis and so on. Our body requires a certain amount of Manganese each and every day. Brown rice supplies 80% manganese of your basic body requirement.

Kids and elders:

It is said that brown rice is very good for toddlers since it is highly nutritious. But please consult with your pediatrician because this rice does not digest soon and may result in indigestion in kids. Elders and people with poor digestion should avoid brown rice since it is pretty hard even after cooking.

Teens and adults:

Your grandparents would have spoken to you of brown rice?s benefits, but this is not like all other facts that you can ignore. Start adding brown rice to your daily diet and twenty years from now you will realize the importance of brown rice.

For you and me, it is pretty difficult to imagine rice that is not white and you can definitely not switch over to brown rice right from the next day. Let?s be practical. Start adding brown rice little by little to your diet and work towards a healthy lifestyle. It can either be porridge made out of brown rice or idly and dosa or simply an alternative to white rice during lunch.

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