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Natural Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Beauty Tips for Oily Skin Cover

Oily skin can be quite troublesome and sometimes frustrating when your skin becomes an oily mess within hours of washing your face. The root cause of oiliness could be from the food you eat, your hormonal condition or even the pollution and stress that you tackle. And all the excess of oil that builds up a layer over your skin can easily lead to a variety of skin issues, such as blackheads and pimples. Maintaining and taking care of it can be quite tricky, so we have for you some handy skin care tips for oily skin.

Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Keep Skin Clean

The most important of all the skin care tips to deal with oily skin is to keep the skin clean. Wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle face wash. We recommend Himalaya Neem Face wash, which is meant for oily skin. If you observe oiliness even after washing twice, you can use a wet facial tissue?like Origami Soft Wet wipes(Click to buy) ?on your skin or use a natural cleanser like besan?or gram flour to cleanse your skin. This will keep your skin clean and shine free and also prevent the?formation of pimples.

Egg Whites Pack

Another effective skin care tip for oily skin is the use of an egg whites pack. It effectively dries skin up the oil on the skin to reduce blemishes and tighten pores. Stiffly whisk together egg whites and apply it on your face in circular motions. Let it rest for ten minutes and then cleanse with water. A mixture of lemon juice and egg whites can alternatively be used in a similar fashion. The lemon juice helps clear out excess oil, while egg whites tighten the skin pores and smoothen out skin surface.

Aloe Vera Gel

Beauty Tips for Oily Skin - Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a highly suggested remedy for oily skin since ancient times. Wash your face thoroughly before applying the gel extracted from fresh leaves. To get a cooling effect, refrigerate the gel before applying it evenly over your face. Let the skin absorb the gel to impart a healthy, beautiful glow. It will not just protect the skin from external impurities but will also help control the amount of oil that is released by the skin.

We recommend the usage of Bio Care’s Aloe gel.

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Almond and Honey Scrub

Honey and almonds have always been among the recommended beauty tips for oily skin. To start with, blend a few almonds with honey, and massage the mixture softly on face. The scrub should only gently exfoliate. After ten to fifteen minutes, cleanse first with lukewarm, then cold water. This helps get rid of the extra layer of oil and dirt, and cleansing out the dead cells to reveal rejuvenated and soft skin. Or we suggest that you get Khadi Almond and Honey scrub?to do the job.

Banana Face Pack

Consumption and application of bananas are a surefire remedy to oily skin. Take a ripe banana; add a tablespoon of honey and about some drops of lemon juice into it. Mix well and apply over facial and neck area. Repeat the regime once a week to keep the skin?s excess oil and pimples at bay.

Strawberry Face Pack

Strawberries are a great cure to having oily skin since they have an astringent-like effect that tightens the pores and prevents secretion of oil. The strawberries should be mashed to a pulp and a few drops of lemon juice need to be added to form a paste. Cleanse face with water and apply the paste and leave until it dries. Rinse it off with cold water and pat dry. Repeating this a few times in a month will give you a blemish-free and shine-free skin.

Multani Matti

Multani Matti?or fuller?s earth is a much-recommended skincare ingredient for all skin types. It also serves the purpose of closing the pores and tightening skin to prevent excess oil formation. Prepare a paste of Multani Matti with a pinch of turmeric and rose water. Apply this mixture to cleansed skin and rinse off when dry. Regular use will reduce the amount of oil that is secreted by the skin and will give you a more youthful look skin, naturally. Get fuller’s earth now!

Orange Face Pack

Beauty Tips for Oily Skin - Orange Face Pack

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, and their skin tightening properties tend to displace excess buildup of oil, hence making it a foolproof remedy for oily skin. It also improves the ageing qualities and texture of the skin, seals pores and brightens the skin. Apply orange juice directly to skin, or use?dried orange powder with rose water as a pack on your face. The pack can be washed off after it is dry to reveal a brighter and shine-free skin.

We also suggest that you try Forest Essentials Narangi and Nageskar Facial Ubtan.

Click here to watch a video that will show you how to manage oily skin.

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