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Nail Art for Beginners

Enjoy the limitless joy of designing your nails with cute, trendy and simple nail art designs with the help of basic nail art products like nail art pen, nail art stamps and much much more to begin each new day with a stylish new nail art design. Nail art for beginners to get you started…

These are the things you will need,

Nail art pen:

Nail art pen is a definite must- have to do both easy and complicated nail art designs. And if you?re a beginner, then to try various nail art designs, you would definitely need the help of your nail art pen. You can either choose to buy a set of nail art pens that will have different tips or two ways nail art pen would also perfectly suit your need. You also get pens in which you can change the tips alone.


Nail art dotting tool:

Dotting would be the first basic step to do simple nail art designs. Besides being simple to do it?s also pretty at the same time. It the base for any professional type nail art designs. Simple polka dots are enough to make your nails beautiful. From making small dots to bigger ones, there are tools with various sized ends. Click here to buy.


Nail art stamps:

Now prove your creativity using nail art stamps and beautify your nails with different nail art designs with just a single press. There are different types of nail art stamps that come in different sizes and colors. Usually, stamps come along with a scraper. Any business card or game card would do the job of a scraper. So if you want to save up on your money then choose to buy the stamp alone. Nail art stamping kit has everything that is needed for perfect salon-treated look-alike nails. You get a nail art image plate, a stamp, polish and a scraper. Learn how to use nail art stamps here.


?????? Steps ?????????? Procedure
Step 1 Keep your nails ready with a base coat.
Step 2 Polish your desired design in the image plate.
Step 3 Now scrape it left to right from inside out.
Step 4 Then press your stamp immediately on the plate in a circular motion.
Step 5 Now your stamp has the image.
Step 6 Press the stamp on your nails.
Step 7 Once the image is stamped on your nails apply base coat after few minutes for a long lasting wear.

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Nail art accessories:

Stamping trendy nail images and polka dots are just not enough to keep eyes fixed at your nails. You can make your nails look out of the world by decorating it with ceramic 3D flowers and rhinestones and the possibilities are endless. All that you have to do is use the given glue and stick the ceramic flowers, both big and small. The same applies for all the nail art accessories. You can also use glitters to embellish your nails. Before you stick such accessories see to that polish is dry. You can either use your nail art brush or a toothbrush to glitter your nails. Check these out here.


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Nail deco stickers:

Now get your nail art done easier with the help of nail art stickers that give your nails a perfect salon-treated look. You get stickers especially for French manicured tips, clay stickers in the shape of fruits and teddies and 3D stickers and lots more to decorate your nails and save your pocket money.


Nail art brushes:

Get to do different professional nail art designs with the help of a nail art brush and achieve perfect strokes and stripes. But you need to choose the right kind of brush to achieve different nail art designs. It would be better if you buy a nail art brush set that has everything for a perfect nail art. It includes painting brush, liner brush, fan brush, flat brush and also a dotting tool. What more do you need!


Didn?t I say that designing your nails is such a fun filled task? Besides buying it for yourself, these nail art products will be the best of gifts that you can gift to your loved ones. Just buy and make your nails happy!

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