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How to do french manicure at home?

French manicure is the latest trend among women. It looks plain, elegant though. There?s an equal amount of craze for French manicure just like simple nail art designs with women, especially college girls. But that doesn?t mean you have to spend your bucks for a single sitting at the parlor. Now here we are to teach you how to do perfect French manicure at home and make your nails look completely salon treated.There are few basic steps that you should be following before proceeding with nail art designs or even before applying your nail polishes. The same thumb rule applies for the French manicure as well. So now get set with the basics.

There are few basic steps that you should be following before proceeding with nail art designs or even before applying your nail polishes. The same thumb rule applies for the French manicure as well. So now get set with the basics.

Step 1:

Remove your nail polish! I shouldn?t be saying this, but there are a bunch of us who don?t bother to remove even if there is a tiny little patch of your older nail color sticking to your nails. Either use a nail polish remover or wipes, whichever you are comfortable with.

Step 2:

Now cut your nails in the shape that your desire, round or square. Usually for French manicure you need pretty long nails but it’s fine if your nails aren?t too long. See to that you don?t cut to nails till your fingertips. That will not work for french manicure.

Round Nails:

Square Nails:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1

Step 3:

The next step is to file your nails but don?t forget about the shape while filing. Use a nice and sharp filler to file your nails. Blunt ones will end up damaging the shape of your nails.

Step 4:

After filing your nails in the desired shape, soak them in a mixture of lukewarm water, few drops of olive oil and 2 spoons of milk. Soak your nails for about 5-10 mins. Once you have soaked your nails, push-in your cuticles. Cut off dead cuticles that are on the side of your nails. Be careful while doing it. When done wrongly, it may result in swollen nails.

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Step 5:

Now buff your nails and make you nail surface even so that it?s nice and smooth while applying nail polish. This is a must before applying nail polish if you want your fingers to look neat and smooth.

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Step 6:

Apply moisturizer and gently massage your fingers and palms. Your fingers and nails would have gone dry after filing and buffering. So to make your fingers soft and supple, a moisturizer is a must.

Step 7:

Now choose a base coat light pink, skin color or plain base coat. Apply a single coat and wait till it dries properly. Now apply the second coat.

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Step 8:

Once your nail color is completely dry, take a nail tip guide and place it on your nail tips. You can also cut non-sticky tapes and use them to paint your tips alone. For a French manicured look, paint your tips white in color. You can also paint your tips using other colors.

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How to use:

  • Stick a piece of tip guide across the curve of your nails.
  • Apply 2 coats of white polish
  • Let it dry and then gently remove the sticker.
  • Apply a final base coat for a glossy look.

Step 9:

If you are finding it difficult you can use readymade French manicure stickers that are available in several colors. These stickers are perfectly cut in the needful shape. All that you have to do is stick them carefully on your tips. If you want to buy these Glam French Tip Stickers, then click on the respective images.

cuti (2)

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More such french tip stickers are available online!

Step 10:

You can decorate it with stones or floral nail art stickers. Possibilities are endless!

Few simple French nail art designs for you:

  1. green (1)

leo mani

These French nail art designs would be very easy for beginners. Either choose to paint the designs or use a nail art kit that comes along with stamps and stickers to give a salon treated look to your nails. Happy manicurin’!

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