Top 6 Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin


Picking lipstick shades for dark skin can be really exciting! Girls with darker skin are pretty lucked out because we can pretty much wear any shade we want. There are so many different pinks, purples, reds, browns, oranges and nudes with lots of shades and a wide variety of rich hues starting from the lightest to the darkest range available.

The trick is all about finding the right shade that goes well with and compliments our skin tone. A good tip to hold in mind is the occasion. Whether it is a casual gathering or a night party or an office environment, the shade of our lipstick should match our skin tone, our attire, and make-up. For example, if you opt for a dark, rich lip color, it would be better to go with minimal eye makeup, a thin line of eye liner(black) and a light coat of mascara with a slight touch of blush on your cheeks. Here are 6 shades of lipsticks that are available in India for dark skin.

The Classic Red!

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Pulling off a red lip is all about the right shade. Red is one of the classic lip colors that looks stunning on dark skin, provided you pick the right hue compatible for your tone. There are so many hues of red like Cherry red, Burgundy red, True red, Raspberry red, Orange red, Wine red and so many other that go well with different dark skin tones. Cherry red is a great balance between warm and cool and as they say, brighter is always better and that is why we recommend MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo.

The go?Nude of every season!

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The “Nude look” is super versatile, it can be a perfect partner to a sexy smoky eye or it can be a toned down way to look polished–but trying to find the perfect nude shade for dark skin tones is the real task. It could be very tricky since most nude shades go well with lighter skin tones. The challenge is not just picking the right tone but also applying it the right way. If you’re wondering if it’s worth all the effort, YES! IT IS! The most important thing while choosing a nude shade is to make sure that it matches the color of your lips or choosing a shade lighter. Depending on the color of your lips, you can go for caramel tones, browns, mauves and even dark rose colors. Pick the apt one and to top it off, you can cover it with a clear gloss and your lips will be poppin! Two of my favorite nude shades are,

1. Chambor Rouge Plum- 771- Macaroon

2. MAC- Mocha

Get ready to rethink brown!

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Brown lipstick, in our opinion, gets a bad wrap. It?s quite often overlooked and thrown into the ?unwearable? cadre because we can?t seem to understand how it fits into our lives. Now that this color in multiple shades and textures is gaining some momentum on various fashion platforms and magazines, we want to show you how to rock it right. When it comes to rockin? a neutral, earthy shade like brown, contrasting is the key. That being said, those pale, nude browns that seem to wash out everyone else are perfect for us darker-skinned ladies. Try a soft tan, coffee- or pink-toned nude for the perfect brown pout and?Lakm? Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color – Deep Brown?is perfect!

Here?s a video that shows how to apply lipstick like a pro.

Rock it bold and proud in pink!

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Pink can be a difficult lip color to pick when you have dark skin. This typically leaves us with two choices, either rock it ?bold and proud? or avoid the color altogether. Dark skin tones look great in darker pinks or any pink shade with purple undertone. Mostly because of the warm yellow undertones of dark skin, pinkish-reds are better to be avoided as it will make the skin look pale. A hot pink lipstick works wonder on dark skin, and it makes for a bold statement look. However, there is a third option for those wanting a ?soft? pink lipstick to wear almost everyday. And for them I suggest beige pinks, nude pinks, mauve pink, pale rose, fuchsia etc.
Check these out:

  1. Maybelline Color Show Lip Matte, Pink Power.

  2. Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Alert Lipstick

They?re pretty, they?re versatile, they?re berry!

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Berry lipsticks are the color of the season! Here?s how to find your skin tone?s perfect match. We?ve all been in a position telling ourselves we?re going to buy something completely different from our usual list and that we?re going to refresh and widen our makeup collection and finally try that bright coral or rich berry color we?ve had our eyes on in quite a long time, but when it comes down to it, you end up with the same lipstick, the one you already have in various shades and multiple brands. Well, it?s time to mix it up and have some fun. Berry lipsticks, or bright lipsticks in general, are known to make you look younger and your teeth whiter. It?s very true! The blue undertones in berry lipstick have a good whitening effect on your teeth.

Darker skin tones tend to have orange undertones, so it would be better for your to go for a berry with a hint of pink. Deep berries with a hint of pink will work beautifully with dark skin tones as the pink will cancel out the orange in your skin. When you achieve canceling out the orange pigmentation in the skin you will have a more beautiful, even-looking complexion.
Try out?Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Black Cherry.

It’s orange and it’s awesome!

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Apart from all this, It may seem easier to stick to the plum and berry shades you know look fantastic with your complexion, instead of getting in the field and giving the bright colors a shot wondering whether you can pull off an orange lip. (Well, you definitely can.) But makeup, and lipstick especially, should be fun, and more about what makes you feel gorgeous and confident than sticking to a set of conventions. If you are in the mood for it, you can definitely give orange (which of course is the “It” color of summer!) a try, provided it matches the attire and occasion.

We recommend?Lotus Herbals Lip Color, ‘O’ Orange.

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