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6 Must Have Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

Let?s accept it, lipstick can make or break your makeup. No matter how perfect you go with our face contouring and eye makeups, lipstick decides it all. Especially when it comes to fair skin, defining lips plays a major role else face looks completely washed out. With so much at stake, one can?t go easy with choosing that right shade? So here we are, to help you with these 6 must-have lipstick shades that suit best for a fair skin.

Fair skin colour looks astonishing in dark lipstick colours as it gives extraordinary contrast to their face. Deep, dark and matt series are the best lipstick picks for this skin tone.

Red – We call it licence to kill! Red is an ultra-sexy and a bold colour which fair skin can pull off flawlessly. It is undoubtedly a red carpet look and can be worn at any time of the day. This colour accentuates your lips and gives you a very glamorous look. Further, it goes on without saying that ?Deep red and Maroons are must have lipstick shades for fair skin tones.

Purple ? Not all skin shades can carry purple. But if you have a fair skin tone go for it! Purple is not only a vibrant colour but helps to highlight your pout pretty fashionably. So, don?t you give it a second thought. Berry, lilac, Violet or Lavender are your choices to go with.

Pink ? I am sure you already have it in your makeup kit! And why not, this girly shade is way to go. A touch of pink on your lips brings the chic side of you and with the hint of pink blush, you are all set to get those bundles of compliments.

Pink Lipstick

Plum ? This must-have lipstick shade for fair skin is there to break the monotonous routine. It?s a highly radiant colour that fair skin can carry with elan. Keep the plum shade for those utterly vibrant and fanciful days of yours and show the world how vivacious you are.

Burgundy ? Wear this shade and confidence is written all over you. Burgundy is a loud colour and hence it warrants attention. Best suited at nights coupled with some smokiness in your eyes and there you go to rock the floor.

Orange ? Last but topping the chart is this unconventional lipstick shade. But there is a little trick of the trade. The right way to pull off this colour is by keeping rest of your makeup monochromatic. ?Get this here. So abide by the rules and make those heads turn.

Tips to Apply

As it is ? Just roll your lipstick up, pout your lips and paint them with your favourite lipstick. Easy isn?t it?

Gloss It ? Bring some extra oomph to your lips. Add some gloss to your lipstick and there you are, all decked up.

Glossy Lips

Mattify ? Don?t like the gloss, not an issue. To mattify any lipstick, all you need is to apply some and press a tissue in between your lips to remove excess lipstick. Dab your lips with some face powder and voila, your lipstick is now matt.

Make it Ombre ? Go crazy with experimenting. Add tints of your favourite lip colour and give your lips those awesome ombre effects. Don?t forget to add gloss to accentuate the beauty.

Ombre Lips

Mix and Match ? Have you ever tried mixing your lipsticks? Do that to find that extremely impressive colour you never knew had in your kitty.

Rules of Lipsticks

Makeup is an art and that?s why even applying lipstick has got its own rule. Some of these tips will accentuate the glory of lipsticks.

Here’s a video that shows how to apply lipstick like a pro.

  • Avoid dryness ? Lipsticks look pretty on those soft pouts. Always exfoliate and apply moisturiser on your lips to avoid them from cracking or chapping.
  • Conceal your lips ? If you want your lipstick to last long, which we all do, then always conceal your lips. Get concealers here.
  • Lip Liners ? These are lipsticks best friend as they help in giving that extra coverage that your lips require. Get them here.
  • Less is more ? Do not over apply. You do not want to waste your favourite lipstick. Put just the right layer to make the colour evident.
  • Test and try ? Just don?t go binge shopping. Try and test the shade on your lips before actually making a purchase. Why invest in waste when you can have something better.

As the adage goes ?Lips don?t lie?. It?s as true as ever, and these tips and recommended shades will help them tell the truth that you want to tell. So go ahead and pout your shade.

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