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10 Amazing Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones



Nude lipsticks. The name might startle a beginner. But, fashionistas describe the shade that is little darker than champagne and lighter than sand as ?nude.? These shades can give you flattering looks, provided you choose the colours that would go in tune with your complexion. For women who want to take a break from bold colours such as red and orange, Nude shades can be your perfect choice.

Nudes are in vogue right now and you don?t want to miss the not-too-gaudy looks as these shades make your lips appear like they have nothing on them, giving it an even tone. These shades make your lips look healthy. Office-goers can feast on these lighter shades to keep your looks neutral yet glamorous. So, take a look at the market?s staple collection of nude lipsticks for the Indian skin tones. Stay in style by using these oft-quoted nude shades to add a muted glow to your lips.


MAC Cosmo

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MAC Cosmo can be the ideal nude for brown-skinned users. It is an amplified finish; opaque in nature. MAC lipsticks are known for the pleasing fragrance. Needless to say, MAC Cosmo also comes with a sweet vanillary smell. It is a neutral pink with a hint of warm peach brown undertones. This everyday shade?s creamy formula makes your lips look smooth and polished. ?Team it up with a peachy blush and smokey eye makeup to pull out that perfect summer look.


Loreal Beige Creme

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If you are a lover of subtle and neutral hues, you have to try this beige shade of Loreal. ?It is brown with a tint of a pink shade. Pink overtakes brown when applied onto the lips. Women with medium skin tones should consider this shade. Beige cr?me 456 is known for its creamy formula unless other lipsticks which make your lips dry after few hours of application. The pigmentation is breathtaking. It gives your lips a semi-matte finish making your lips look polished and smooth. This lipstick is perfectly fine with its pleasing fragrance.


Lakme Coffee Command 3

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If you are not a pink lover, but still want to experiment with other nude shades, Lakme offers you Coffee command which is a peachy nude. With its soft matte finish, it can suit most complexions. It?s the perfect choice to perk up your looks when heading to the office. It gives your lips an even tone, not making it appear cakey. This shade lightens up your lips. It also has the capacity to conceal all the pigmentation on your lips. This can also be a cost-efficient nude lipstick that suits most skin tones.

The Lakme 9 to 5 series is exclusively designed for college and office goers in order to make them stay presentable throughout the day. This nude lipstick helps you to retain the neutral look all day.


MAC Hug me 4

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MAC Hug Me is the perfect nude because it is composed of beige peach, neutral pink and caramel shades, giving the lips a sophisticated look with a hint of subtleness. It is a flesh tone nude that blends well on all skin tones. Women with warm and medium skin tones can opt for this without a second thought. It is semi-sheer but do not dry lips to a greater extent. The creamy texture helps you to wear it without discomfort. Your lipstick should help you get the plumpness and moisture along with the color and that is exactly what MAC Lustre Finishes does to your lips. MAC Cosmo is a highly demanding product and so you don?t want to miss it.

Revlon Rosy Nude 5

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The good thing about Revlon- Rosy nude is that it suits almost all skin tones with its brownish-pink shade. Its weightless texture makes it easy for daily use. The lipstick also makes you lips look complete and full. ?It has a satin finish and stay on your lips for almost four hours. It is non-greasy and can be smoothly applied on the lips because of its creamy nature.

Chambor Rouge 6

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For those who are tired of brownish-pink nude shades, and who are game for unusual shades, Nude Brown could be their pick. The Macaroon 771 is a lipstick with light brown shade and peach undertones. This mild hue will suit only fair to middle skin types. ?This shade is capable enough to cover the pigmented areas of your lips with its even finish. However, this shade does not get along well with dusky skin types.

MAC Mocha 7

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Another peach shade but this one has a pretty delicious name. This shade can be your best if you are a lover of peachy brown shades. Though it has a satin finish it doesn?t dry up after some hours of application which is another reason to love MAC Mocha. It does not make your lips flaky and stays for almost five hours which is great. Satin finish accompanied by vanilla fragrance makes MAC Mocha one of the best MLBB for Indian skin tones.

Loreal Velvet Rose 8

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This lipstick has a creamy and glossy finish, in a perfect ballerina nude pink. It glides smoothly onto the lips giving it a polished look. The shimmer-free?super pigmented lip shades settle well on fair and medium skinned women. It does not dry very fast because of its glossy finish.

Colorbar Amber 9

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Surprisingly, Colorbar names a nude shade- Amber, which is interesting. It lies somewhere between peachy or pink shade, but would suit users with a medium-dark skin tone. Lighter skin tones also receive this shade very well. Its creamy finish nourishes the lips and makes it soft and supple. With Vitamin A and E, Soft Touch Lipstick also protects the lips from drying often. Its staying span is around three hours.

Lakme enrich satin 10

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This lovely nude brown shade suits all skin tones except for extreme dusky skin tones. The cream-filled, satin finish lipstick glides like butter and situates itself perfectly onto the lips. You can apply a little lip balm before applying this shade to make your lips appear glossy and also to prevent drying. This shade works perfectly on medium complexion and also stays for almost two hours.

Nude Lipsticks are not boring. To pull out an ultra-glamorous look with every super-flattering nude lipstick, you need to be careful enough to create a balance with the rest of your make up, or else you might end up with corpse-like deadly looks. Smokey eye make-up and extended eyelashes can help you steal the spot light with ease. Don?t forget to add some bronzer. It will further enhance your look. These nude shades can make you office-ready and you will also stop fussing about Monday mornings!


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