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Lipstick shades according to your Zodiac Sign

Lipstick shades?are like shoes, you can borrow them but what works for your friend may not work for you and vice-versa. Choosing the right makeup is not easy. It’s ok to not know what you really want to do. But can you imagine choosing your lipstick shade based on your Zodiac Sign? Taken aback by the mere idea? Want to rant about the absurdity of the possibility? Or are you simply curious about what I have to share?

Apparently, if we dig a little deeper and assess our sign’s traits and what’s in transit, those planets are giving us hints here and there about whether now is a good time to dye your hair, or if you should stick to your standard manicure. Interesting isn’t it?

Whether or not you put credence into astrology, reading your horoscope and your friends’ or even your frenemies can be a giggle-filled reprieve from your busy “real” life.

So, Let’s start without further ado, on what lipstick shades would suit your zodiac sign


Aries (March 21 – April 20)

A cardinal Fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars – the God of war, Aries is the first sign on the zodiac wheel. You, my friend, have a tendency to initiate things. You are often leaders but can be very impatient. Like fire, You burn passionately and tend to burn those who betray your trust.

” You may think you foolled an an Arien, but they’re merely handing you the rope to hang yourself with”

Your tenacity and passion are romantically intriguing, and horoscopes tend to suggest that they navigate well in the bedroom.


What we suggest:?Like the passionate fiery woman you are, wear some Red and scorch the earth. Ariens tend to love red, so having a bit of your favourite colour in your everyday life is bound to keep you grinning and a small boost to your confidence.Try the Maybelline Color show Ruby Twilight.

Maybelline Ruby Twilight

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Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Ruled by Venus – the goddess of love and beauty, the earth sign Taurus as a ‘fixed sign’. Rules and order appeal to you, and you enjoy indulging the pleasures of life ? comfort, food, and libations ? sometimes in excess.

“Taureans have an interesting balance of independence and submissiveness in their relationships”


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