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49 Simple and Proven Home Remedies for Gastric Problems


Gastritis also called as Flatulence is not a disease. It is caused by various factors such as indigestion, stress, intake of excessive amounts of alcohol and bacterial infections. Gastritis causes pain, discomfort and bloating of the stomach and can be sudden (acute) or develop gradually (chronic). Commonly referred to as gas problem or gastric problem, it can be very irritating at times.

We have listed below easy home remedies for gastric problems, medically termed as dyspepsia.


Get instant relief for bloating:

  1. Drink a cup of Warm Water:

You may think that this seems ridiculously simple but you will be surprised with the results.

  1. Make yourself a chilled glass of Buttermilk:

To the uninitiated, Buttermilk is made by blending a cup of curd with two cups of water. Buttermilk with jeera and salt (cumin) is an instant stomach ache/acidity/ gastric pain reliever.

Remedies for stomach ache:

  1. Cold Milk: A glass of cold milk can do wonders if you drink it slowly allowing it to soothe your upset stomach.
  2. Coconut water: A refreshing drink that eliminates toxins and pathogens from the body. Fresh Coconut water is a natural beverage that can relieve your stomach pain/discomfort.
  3. Rice Porridge: Doctors and Dietitians highly recommend rice porridge for patients with gas problems as it is bland.?Click here for the recipe.
  1. Herbal Teas:

Green Tea or Ginger Tea after a meal is great for digestion. Peppermint Tea calms your stomach muscles and eases stomach cramps.? Goodwyn Peppermint tea would do the trick with its subtle flavor. Click here to buy.

Remedies that aid in Digestion:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: A natural bacteria fighter that works miracles to cure that persistent gastric trouble. Helps in food digestion. Take a tablespoon with water every day for six months to see heartburns, nausea and stomach problems due to gas disappear. Buy Apple cider vinegar online.
  2. Jaggery: Eating a piece of jaggery after a meal is proven to reduce gastric problems.


Detox for gastritis:

  1. Rock Salt: Do a Salt Water Flush.

What’s that? Now Salt water Flush is one of the simplest and effective ways to detox the body. All you have to do is follow these steps.?Heat up a litre of water. Make it warm and add two teaspoons of salt. Add a little lemon juice and stir vigorously. Drink it fully and lie down. Massage your belly and go to the bathroom when you get the urge to pee. For more details, Click here.

DIY Home Remedies:

  1. Baking Soda: A neutralizer of stomach acids, Baking soda is an antacid taken for Gas relief. Do you feel bloated after a heavy meal? Try this as a drink. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a glass of water.
  2. Honey with Warm water also soothes stomach pain due to gas.
  3. Yogurt: Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that acts as antibiotics against Helicobacter Pylori that is known to cause gastric problems. Learn the recipe here.

Other home remedies for gas:

  1. Dill Oil: Oil extracted from the dill plant is effective for spasms and stomach cramps. Known to help digestion, the Dill plant is a relative of the Fennel plant. Buy Dill oil online.
  2. Aloe vera Juice: Aloe juice reduces inflammation caused due to gastritis and protects the stomach lining.
  3. Activated Charcoal: Sounds vague? Activated Charcoal is made from various sources and is basically charcoal that has been treated to have increased absorption. Taking 500mg of it before a meal prevents gas production.

To buy Activated Charcoal capsules, click here.

Natural home remedies for gastric trouble:



  1. Guavas: If you regularly consume guavas, indigestion and acidity would become a myth. Guava juice regulates bowel movement.
  2. Pineapple: ?A part in every anti-bloat diet contains enzymes that naturally aid in digestion.
  3. Papaya: Blend papaya slices with orange or lemon juice. Add sugar or honey. Now you have a powerhouse that fights gas related problems.
  4. Ripe Bananas: You might disagree with this remedy as bananas are known to cause gas. And that is why we recommend you to eat bananas when they are ripe. The fibre actually aids digestion.
  5. Oranges: Orange juice helps digest heavy meals. Cut down on sugar when you make yourself a glass of juice.
  6. Amla or Indian Gooseberry:?Crush pieces and add water to get amla juice. You can also buy ready-made juices here.?To read about amla and weight loss, click here.


Herbal remedies for acidity and bloating:

  1. Tulsi: Chew 5 to 6 leaves of Tulsi or Holy Basil to keep digestive problems at bay. Read about tulsi products for skin and health.
  2. Peppermint: As mentioned earlier, Peppermint has great soothing effects. Peppermint relieves abdominal pain. Boil the leaves of peppermint in water and drink it before a heavy meal.
  3. Chamomile: Chamomile has a good reputation for its healing properties. Research shows that Chamomile works as an anti-inflammatory herb. Chamomile teas are readily available in the market. Click here to buy.
  4. Dandelion: Did you know that Gas trouble and Bloating is one of the main health concerns for people in today’s world? And there are simple house hold ingredients that help cope with gas. Dandelion root powder is one such and it has numerous uses. You can add it to your tea or use it as a spice every day. Click here to get Dandelion tea.


Vegetables that you must take to reduce Gastric trouble:

  1. Garlic: Chew on Garlic pieces or make garlic soup. Here’s how. Garlic supplements are also available as capsules. Click here to buy.
  2. Pumpkin: Pumpkin juice and soup reduces gas. Pumpkin can also be baked and steamed with spices.
  3. Radish: Radish has high water content and can be eaten raw. But it is advisable to eat it cooked as the fibers would then be easy to digest.
  4. Bitter gourd: Yes, it is bitter. But you must try the bitter gourd water to cure gastric discomfort and pain immediately. Cut a bitter gourd into small pieces and boil them in water. Filter it to get a drink.
  5. Onion: Onion has high Sulphur content that kills the bacteria that causes gastritis. But onion is not recommended for gastric ulcers.
  6. Carrot juice: Did you know that eating carrots regularly can prevent Gastric Cancer? Carrots strength the stomach lining providing lubrication, thus preventing gastritis.
  7. Potato juice: Potatoes are known to reduce gas, bloating and cramps. To make the perfect remedy for your annoying gastric problem, follow these simple steps: A)?Peel 2 potatoes and grate them. B)?Blend them with your juicer. Add water. You can also add ice cubes and honey.
  8. Broccoli: Broccoli contains bacteria destroying agents. When taken regularly it is seen to reduce stomach infections and inflammations.


Spice up your life: (Quite Literally)

34. Coriander: Make yourself a hot cup of coriander tea which clears indigestion. Click here to buy Coriander Tea online. Or boil coriander leaves in water. Filter it before you drink. This drink stimulates your appetite.

35.Cumin:?Cumin is definitely a miracle herb. You can chew the seeds after a meal as it helps digest.

36.Ginger: A carminative herb that cleans the digestive tract eliminating mucus. Boil a few ginger pieces in water. Strain it, warm it and drink it. Ginger tea is also good for stomach cramps. Click here to buy.

37.Cardamom or Elaichi: Add it to your tea or coffee or everyday meals. It reduces bloating and mucus formation.

38.Fennel: A spice that keeps your body balanced by promoting digestion and keeps nausea, cramps and discomforts away.

39.?Parsley: Eat parsley leaves with your salad or in your meals to drive away gastric problems.

40.Carom seeds or Ajwain: Powder these seeds and take it with a cup of warm water to get rid off flatulence and abdominal bloating.?Click here to know other uses of Ajwain.

41.Cinnamon: Powdered cinnamon mixed with honey relieves gas problems. You can also take cinnamon powder with milk.

Click here to read other benefits of Cinnamon.

42.?Asafoetida: Drink asafoetida with buttermilk or water. Add salt to taste.

43.?Cloves: One of the best remedies for gas. Chew it after a heavy meal. You will be surprised with what you feel.

44. Turmeric: Calms the digestive system by regulating the production of bile. Turmeric capsules do the trick wonderfully. Click here to buy. Or add a pinch to warm milk and drink it. To know more about Turmeric milk, click here.

45. Fenugreek: Cook food with fenugreek. Consuming it daily has shown to reduce gas.

To know other benefits of fenugreek or methi, click here.

46.Black pepper: Mix black pepper powder with lemon water. Drink it before a meal. Trust this technique and you will never feel bloated.

Other effective remedies:

47. Marsh mallow: No. Not the spongy sugary cotton candy like item found in the candy section. Marsh mallow is a plant and its root is used in making a syrup that helps in relieving gastric pain.

48. Soda water: Squeeze lemon over soda water and drink it after the fizz disappears.

49. Take a spoonful of yellow mustard cream and wash it down with water. You can buy it here.

Research says that 10-20% adults above the age of 30 and 30-40% adults over the age of 40 suffer from digestive problems. But keep in mind that gastritis is not a disease and with proper food, it can be controlled. We sincerely hope that these remedies provide you with much needed relief.

Warning: These remedies may not have the same effect on everyone. The effects are subject to change based on the severity of the disorder and its causes.

If you have tried other remedies that work for you, do feel free to share it with us in the comments.


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