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Top 5 Tulsi Products For Better Skin and Health

Tulsi, also known as basil in English is popularly known as the ?Queen of herbs? mainly because of the tons of positive effects it can have on your body. Safeguards your skin from all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections, aids proper digestion, keeps you stress-free and the list of Tulsi benefits are simply endless. If you have a Tulsi plant at home, then two to three leaves a day is enough to keep the doctor away. No worries if you don?t have one and can?t preserve one. People travelling all time will really find it difficult using the plant as such and that?s why we have a list of must have Tulsi products that will fight hair fall, acne and pimples and almost all abnormalities from your body.


?The way Tulsi fights bacteria and fungus, even your antibiotics ointments and antidandruff shampoos fail to serve their purpose.

Acne and Pimples:

As mentioned earlier, Tulsi is highly rich in anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties and helps fight bacteria that cause acne and pimples. The bacteria in the skin react with sebum [oil] and dirt in the facial pores causing acne and pimple. With Tulsi, you just needn?t worry about acne and pimples and other facial spots and marks and say a big goodbye to all of them.

Try using Tulsi in your face packs. We also recommend using Tulsi soap from Khadi which is a trustworthy brand in the market. Face washes are much more gentle and milder on facial skin. So try and buy Tulsi based face washes as well.

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Tulsi soaps and face washes are effective against inflammation and all kinds of allergies on your skin. Besides, Tulsi soap also has neem in it and the face wash, tea tree oil. Not to forget, tea tree oil’s wonderful benefits for hair by itself. Neem and tea tree oil are agents that redeem your skin of scars and marks. Not just allergies, but wrinkles and impurities from your skin surface are also kicked out. Best rejuvenating products ever! Just go for them!

Shop Tulsi Face & Body Wash here.

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If you are under special treatment for acne and pimple problem then don?t try anything without consulting your dermatologist. What might generally be skin friendly might turn out harmful on your skin.

Hair Fall and Dandruff:

For all of you reading this article, you do want lustrous hair like that of Rapunzel?s right? Women just not want long hair but want their hair to grow faster! At the same time sick and tired of fighting hair fall and dandruff [dry scalp] problems. That?s why we are here to give you tips on how to fight hair fall and dandruff problem. Like neem, Tulsi also prevents hair fall by fighting against?bacteria that infests your scalp. Grind Tulsi leaves and then apply the paste on your hair. Then gently massage your scalp with fingers which promotes blood circulation in your scalp, thereby faster hair growth. When you massage, your hair follicles open up and will directly absorb the essence of Tulsi.

But for those who want an alternative, we recommend Khadi?Tulsi Herbal oil is just the one for you. You might have heard people say that it is sticky and has a strong smell. But when you use it the right way, you will not come across such issues.

  • Mix it with your daily use hair oil and then use it to avoid stickiness and overpowering odour.

Tulsi oil nourishes your hair and you will definitely experience the transformation in your hair color and texture. Also conditions your root and scalp thus helping your hair grow faster.

tulsi hair oil

If you feel that you will not be comfortable using Tulsi oil, then you can go for Tulsi powder which can be mixed along with water and then applied

For all those who still want another alternative, then try using Khadi?s Tulsi shampoo that has great customer satisfaction. The shampoo is totally devoid of harmful chemicals and restores lost moisture in your hair and when you use this there is no need to go for a conditioner. Many users have said that this shampoo greatly helps fight hair fall. Also prevents graying of hair. Besides Tulsi, the shampoo contains henna as well which is an effective anti-graying agent.

tulsi shampoo

You are a green tea lover but haven?t tasted Tulsi flavour as yet? Then you must try Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea! Green tea in itself has tons of benefits and the queen of herbs, Tulsi doubles up the benefits. ?Organic India has wide range Tulsi green tea along with different energizing flavours like ginger, honey, lemon and the more. The anti-oxidants in green tea with all the nutrients of Tulsi, you are just blessed! Not an exaggeration but read the user reviews and you?ll know what this writer means. Tulsi green tea with other combining flavours doesn?t taste like your normal green teas. The taste is much much better!

?A hot cup of Tulsi green tea with ginger will do miracles when you?re sick and tired of cold. No more tablets needed.

Healthy Lifestyle that Tulsi Offers:

  • Increases stamina
  • Reduces stress
  • Antibacterial qualities
  • Treats fever, severe cough and cold
  • Cures and prevents gastric ulcers
  • Lowers your cholesterol rates
  • Alleviates inflammations of all kinds
  • Aids proper digestion
  • Supplies antioxidants
  • Regulates blood pressure and sugar levels.

The list will go on and on. For more information, click here. Tulsi is one herb that has been used since the time of our forefathers and they lived a healthier life than us. So let us follow suit to stay healthy and happy.

To know more beauty benefits of tulsi, click here.

Word of caution:

Pregnant women and lactating mothers, please stay away from such products to avoid unwanted risks. Others under medical treatment please consult your physician to be on the safer side.

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