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Quick Tips to Protect your Skin and Hair this Holi


March brings with itself, a whiff of Holi colours. It is that time of the year when we are bathed in a mishmash of colours. While some run away from them, others joyfully play and get dirty. But, there is no escaping it. Well, if you are scared of what damage these colours will do to your skin and hair, then we have something for you. Here are some tips to make the most of this festival, by letting your skin and hair look the best, despite the chemicals and colours in the air.

Before Holi:

Tip 1: Sunscreen will be your best friend.
You will be playing all day long and most of the time your skin is exposed to the sun. So use a good amount of sunscreen all over your body and skin at least with SPF 40 make sure it has PA++ & UV protection.

We recommend?Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock.

Tip 2 : Say hi to your second skin
Apply organic coconut oil all over your body & face before stepping out to play with colours. By applying this, it will act as a second skin to your body. Coconut oil makes sure that harsh chemicals will not harm your skin and colours can be easily removed.

We recommend Pure and Sure Organic Coconut oil which keeps your skin healthy.
Tip 3: Say ?bye? to those alien pink ears
Apply a good amount of Vaseline to your ears. This will remove off the colours easily.
Tip 4: Apply a dark colour nail polish to avoid those post pink stains.
Paint your nails- All your fingers and toes with transparent or dark colours nail polish (preferably red or pink colours) to protect your nails from harsh effects of colours.
Tip 5: A Complete No-No to those shorts & spaghetti dresses

To enjoy the festival thoroughly, it is most important to dress right for it. You can protect your skin by wearing long sleeves and full-length bottoms. Pick a loose salwar-kameez in dark colours or light colours like white or beige. Covering your body completely will prevent any direct contact with colours or any chemicals in them. While the light colours will show off the vibrancy of Holi colours effectively, you must be careful that they do not get translucent after getting wet.

Tips 6: Don?t wear your Contact lenses
Never wear your lens, it will irritate your eyes so badly and it will ruin all the fun. ?Holi will be a lot better with spectacles.
Tip 7: Oil your Hair
Wash your hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner and then oil your hair. Oil it with coconut, olive or castor oil. Doing so will protect your hair from damage by harmful chemicals. It will also make it easier to remove while washing off colours. We recommend Soulflower Coldpressed Olive Carrier Oil which is known for its nourishing properties.
Tip 8: Braid your hair
Don?t let your hair open and you better tie them up into a high bun or French braids, because open hair soaks more colours and your scalp also gets affected when it’s open. Take all those accessories off! When the hair gets wet, it becomes weak from the roots and the accessories may cause more damage as it will be difficult to remove them. If possible, Wear a cap, scarf or cover your hair with a bandana. You can also wear a plastic shower cap.

Watch a video that shows you how to french braid your hair.
Tip 9: Put on some Makeup
Make special efforts to use waterproof makeup so that it stays until you finish celebrating. Apply a layer of waterproof base on your face and neck to ensure that the colours do not stick to the skin. For your lips, slather on a lip guard and a good quality long stay lipstick. If you do not like dark shades, go for a natural shade kiss-proof lip colour.

After Holi

Now when all the fun is over, comes the toughest part- removing those hard stains and getting back to normal life. Here we have some amazing home remedies to get rid of those stains.
Tip 1: Do not scratch.
Tip 2: Do not sit in Sunlight after playing Holi.
Home remedies for skin:
Remedy 1: Take some besan (gram flour) Lemon & glycerine. Apply this besan mixture to scrub your skin to remove colours.
Remedy 2 : Avoid the use of soaps or face washes as they are alkaline in nature, they will dry your skin. Instead, take pure almond oil or coconut oil and massage it on your skin. Then take damp cotton and remove the colours. Once the colours are taken off, shower in cold or lukewarm water and don’t forget to moisturize your skin after that. If your skin is dry and itchy then massage aloe vera gel before a shower.

Home remedies for hair:
First, rinse your hair with slight warm or cold water this will help to wash off the colour easily. Use a herbal or mild shampoo and conditioner while washing the colours off your hair. Make sure it is paraben and SLS free.

We suggest?WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo which paraben and sulphate free.

We also suggest you use a deep conditioner mask prior to washing your hair.
? Olive oil-1/2 tbsp.
? Coconut oil-1 tbsp.
? Honey ? 1 tsp
? yoghurt ? 1 tsp
Make a mixture of these ingredients and leave it for an hour and then wash your hair. Your hair will be thoroughly washed and will also feel smooth, shiny and soft.

Hope you follow these tips and enjoy your Holi celebrations. Play safe! Holi hai!

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