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Pond?s White Beauty BB Cream Review

Ponds white beauty BB cream cover

Makeup and beauty – the most popular terms in the feminine world since time immemorial. And you can be sure enough that there will never be an end to this. No matter if they are natural makeup products, synthetic ones or even the most ethically controversial makeup products that have conquered the ladies? world: makeup will live through it all! Today we have a review on the famous (and recent favorites) skin and beauty care cream in an Indian woman?s makeup kit – Pond?s White Beauty BB Cream. Of course, there are several BB and CC creams available in the market, and many of them fall under a comfortable budget. Most importantly, they work! Here is a quick look into Pond?s White Beauty BB+ Fairness SPF 30 PA++ to know what charm is promised here.

Product Description:

Pond?s White Beauty BB+ Fairness SPF 30 PA++ is specially designed for Indian skin and helps give you:

  • Instant natural glow on outside
  • Lightens your skin and spots from inside
  • Evens skin tone
  • With SPF 30 for sun protection
  • No clogging of pores
  • Light, non-oily texture

Hmm, impressive right? If you are a fan of Pond?s, you might have taken special interest to the fact that this is Pond?s White Beauty?s range of BB cream. The White Beauty?s specific claim goes like:

Helps Reveal your Perfect Natural Look! The first All-in-One BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++ from Pond?s that works from outside and inside. This unique skin colour matching fairness cream gives you a natural looking instant glow on the outside while working from deep inside. For a perfect and glowing look everyday.

Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream Price:

? 64* for 8g

? 119* for 18g

? 298* for 50g

To purchase from Amazon, click here (*prices at the time of publishing)

How does Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream work?

Ponds white beauty BB cream tube

The cream comes in a cute tube pack which makes it hygienic and easy to use. The texture is smooth and spreads easily. But, for those with dry skin, it may leave few white patches or white cast. Moisturizer beneath this BB cream is a must for dry skinned people. The smell is pleasant and good, not at all the irritant type.

Coming to the important notes, this BB cream offers medium coverage. It evens out the skin tone well and covers mild blemishes. Dark spots, under eye dark circles, acne marks and other prominent skin imperfections would still be visible. If you are looking at complete makeup, then you would certainly need a good compact over this BB cream.

The instant fairness claim is very true! You would notice a brightened effect on your skin, provided you fall under the category of ‘Indian skin tone’. The Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream is available in only one shade, therefore, it might not suit all. If it does suit your skin tone, you are set for the day with its immediate light makeup finish.

SPF 30PA++ is a huge plus point. The overall fairness by working from within?might take longer than expected to see the results maybe. On the whole, it is a good purchase with its reasonable pricing.


  • Smooth texture
  • Easy to spread
  • Nice packing
  • SPF 30 PA++
  • Coverage is good for mild imperfections
  • Evens skin tone really well
  • Suits Indian skin tone
  • Pricing is affordable


  • Moisturising effect could have been better. Does not suit those with dry skin
  • Might leave white cast for dry skinned people
  • Consider cleansing your skin well after use, those with sensitive skin might experience breakouts
  • Comes only in one shade. Sad

Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream is many benefits into a small tube. Everyday tint of makeup is yours with the additional skin brightening effects. This BB cream is worth the try and fulfils most of its claims, not to forget, it goes easy on the pockets.

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