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Try an Oats Diet for a Healthier You


Today?s fast paced lifestyle has made deadlines our first priority and health only the second. Health disorders like obesity and digestive problems have become common issues. The problems can be traced back to the unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns of individuals. A very common health mistake most of us make in the bid to fit in a busy world is skipping the morning?s feed. Scientifically, breakfast is said to be the healthiest meal that keeps you nourished and energized through the day. So never skip it. But then, what you choose to eat for breakfast can also be the judge of your health. If you are looking for a quick and health friendly way to shed the kilos, switching your regular bowl of cereal with oats can do wonders. Here are the benefits of an oats diet and how you can incorporate it in your daily plan.

Why an Oats Diet?


Oats can be classified as a super food, packed with dietary fibers and minerals like manganese, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus. Since oats are low in saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol, they are low on calories. Oats are?also a powerhouse of vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. Most importantly, oats are?one of the healthiest fibers known to man, making it ideal for people aiming at weight loss.

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How Does an Oats Diet Help?

  • A warm, comforting bowl of oats provides you the calories and fiber required to stay satisfied all morning.
  • Unlike the sugary bowls of regular breakfast cereals full of refined carbs, the body digests oatmeal at a slower pace. This keeps the blood sugar levels constant, body energy up and incessant hunger pangs at bay.
  • Even though it gives you the calories, it has very low-fat content, unlike your other breakfasts like parathas, dosas or sandwiches.
  • Oats can be prepared easily, reducing the possibility of you skipping breakfast due to lack of time.
    It is one of the very few diets where there are plenty of ways to cook, ensuring that you do not get bored of them soon.
  • Oats fill you up really well, making sure that you don?t have to snack on anything in between, preventing chances of consuming junk food.
  • When you start your day with something as healthy as a bowl of oats, you want to keep the momentum going and end up making healthy meal choices throughout the day.

Now that you are aware of the health benefits of an oats diet, here are tasty ways in which you can prepare them for a breakfast that ensures a healthy start to the day.

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Basic Oatmeal Porridge

This is the simplest way to prepare oats. Boil a cup of quick cooking oats in some water as per the instructions on the pack. Now spoon in some milk or yogurt into it. Top it with some honey and you are good to go!

Banana and Apple Porridge


Water used in boiling oats can be replaced by milk for an extra health dose of calcium. Addition of fresh fruits and nuts to the porridge makes it a delicious treat, also adding up to its nutrient value. Prepare the oats with milk and cool. Refrigerate for half an hour and just before serving add the chopped apples and bananas. They can be replaced with any of your favorite fruit. Drizzle some honey on top. A breakfast like this is light, flavorful and filling, helping you in your quest for good health.

Do you need help with the preparation? Check this video.

Lemony Oatmeal

Adding a lemony fresh twist to the regular oats diet bowl can bring in a good change to your regular sweet breakfast. To make this, dry roast the oats on a medium flame in a thick bottomed pan. Now, heat oil in a pan and add mustard, green chili, curry leaves, peanuts and asafetida to temper. Add the roasted oats. Add sufficient water, turmeric and salt to taste and bring the oats to a?boil. Once it cooks, turn off the flame and add freshly squeezed lemon juice and coriander leaves for garnish. Mix evenly and let it cool. This is a tasty way of enjoying your oats diet.

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Oats Idli

As you know by now, oats is a cereal rich in fiber and a no-oil twist to your breakfast is what you need if you are trying to flush down the flab. Idli, being an all time favorite health food, gets a new twist with oatmeal. To make this, powder a cup of roasted oats and add it to an?equal quantity of roasted semolina. Add salt, water, sliced chilies, roasted cashew nuts and a little curd. Pour on idli plates and steam. This wonderful meal can be enjoyed with coconut chutney or sambar.

Now that you?know about the health and nutritional values of an oatmeal and the ways in which an oats diet?benefits the body, it is time to pick up that bag of oats. We hope you incorporate this fiber laden cereal into your eating schedule and let the bowl of goodness work magic on your body.

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