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13 Celebrity Fitness Routines That Will Make You Fab And Fit

You there! Yeah, you! What do you do when you are asked to workout or be on a diet? Give excuses and a lot of them too. But you have time enough to ogle at celebrities who flaunt their hard earned, perfectly spectacular bodies. Stop what you are doing and read this up. It’s time to look at some celebrity routines and draw serious inspiration from them. Scroll down to take a peek at their diets and workouts.


Bipasha Basu

Physical stats: Height- 5’6″ ? ?Weight- 137lbs/ 62kgs

Adore Bipasha’s perfectly toned body? That body is the result of an intense routine of kickboxing. She set the trend and now other divas like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor have started to take kickboxing lessons. Unmindful of calories, she did not follow any diet or workout plans when she started her career in the film industry. But now she follows a strictly disciplined diet that holds five meals a day which restrict?her from eating junk and rice.

Tips from Bipasha:

  • Drink plenty of water daily to flush toxins and impurities out.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours.
  • Follow your workout plan with determination.
  • To avoid getting bored, keep changing routines.


Shahid Kapoor

Physical stats: Height- 5’8″ ? ?Weight- 154lbs / 70kgs

Being a vegetarian, Shahid relies on his protein intake to suit his rigorous workouts. However, he does admit that it was hard to get the body he desired without animal proteins. To cope with the?need of nutrients, he and his nutrition expert came up with a meal plan that consisted of rice, dairy, fruits, spinach and beans in five to six small meals a day. It would surprise you if we told that Shahid never wanted abs. All he wanted was to build up his strength and stamina.

Tips from Shahid:

  • Make sure that you have a good breakfast.
  • Don’t avoid anything. You need to have carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in your daily diet.


Alia Bhatt

Physical Stats:Height- 5’3″ ? ?Weight- 119lbs/54kgs

The cute little diva drinks plenty of water as she says that it helps her skin glow. She follows a low carb and high protein diet and has eliminated sugary foods from her routine. Alia stays away from traditional exercises and shows her spirit of adventure by trying out other forms of exercises like Altitude training, kickboxing and running.

Learn more about running.

Tips from Alia:

  • Your skin is a reflection of what’s inside you. Cleanse it often and drink lots of water.
  • Eat fruits as they are instead of juicing them.


Deepika Padukone

Physical Stats: Height- 5’8″ ? Weight- 127 lbs / 58kgs

A passionate diva who loves to dance. She says that she easily gets bored with exercise routines and often switches to dance as it lightens her mood. We were shocked to see that Deepika does not have a personal fitness trainer. She comments that she would go to the gym whenever she feels like it. Truly Dauntless. She also does not indulge in strict dieting plans and eats a meal every two hours.

Tips from Deepika:

  • Make fitness your way of life.
  • Do what suits your body best.


Shahrukh Khan

Physical stats: Height- 5’8″ ? Weight- 147lbs / 67kgs

King Khan must have found the magical fountain of youth as he looks like he’s getting younger every day. He says that his secret to a healthy life lies in avoiding oily and sugary foods. He is a fan of protein shakes and loves to workout.

Tips from Shahrukh:

  • Eat a fruit whenever you crave sweets.
  • If you want to burn fat, do cardio exercises for 30minutes daily.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Physical stats: Height- 5’7″ ? Weight- 130lbs/ 59kgs

Did you know that Aishwarya hates to work out? She relies on her diet to maintain her gorgeous figure. She starts her day with a glass of warm water. She follows a diet that has a high intake of fruits and boiled vegetables. Like Deepika she visits the gym rarely and does not follow a rigorous exercise routine. Her workouts are centered on functional training for different body parts.

Tips from Aishwarya:

  • Drink water when you feel hungry. Do not eat junk foods.
  • Have several small meals instead of a large meal.


Kareena Kapoor Khan

Physical Stats:?Height- 5’4″ ? Weight- 126 lbs / 57kgs

Kareena is an actress who is highly conscious of her body and fitness. She made the size zero figure popular and worked really hard to don a bikini in the movie “Tashan”. Being a vegetarian, she loves to eat fruits. Her breakfast usually consists of parathas or muesli. When she feels hungry, she snacks on nuts.

Kareena believes in yoga and her routine includes Surya Namaskaras, Bhujangasana ana Virabhadrasana. She also likes to go on long walks.

Tips from Kareena:

  • Avoid high-calorie intake.
  • Try including yoga in your fitness routine.


Salman Khan

Physical Stats:?Height- 5’8″ ? Weight- 179lbs/80kgs

Bhai’s fitness trainer baffles us by saying that Salman sometimes does 2000 sit ups or 1000 push ups per day. He works out for three hours and this routine should not be followed by beginners says Salman’s trainer as it is very rigorous.

According to Salman, “Workout is just 20% of your body. What is more important is your diet.” The current diet plan of Salman shows that he consumes chicken, eggs, fish and protein shakes in large amounts.

Tips from Salman:

  • Be human. (I’m just kidding)
  • Follow a strict lifestyle and eat the right foods to maintain your physique. (But killing blackbucks for meat is illegal. Just saying.)


Varun Dhawan

Physical Stats: Height- 5’9″ ? Weight – 160lbs / 72kgs

Varun Dhawan believes that having a great body does not mean having great muscles, but it also means that your body should be flexible and active. An ardent fan of dancing, Dhawan has come up with a fitness dance routine. He also immerses himself in martial arts to do the stunts by himself.

Tips from Varun:

When you organize a routine, make sure that you include activities that you like.

Personal advice from Varun in a recent interview- “Eat what your mother tells you.”


Sonakshi Sinha

Physical Stats: Height- 5’6″ ? Weight- 132 lbs / 59kg

As an emerging star in Bollywood, Sonakshi says that dieting is the best way to lose weight. She currently follows a low carb, high protein diet. She also follows an intense workout routine to stay fit.

Tips from Sonakshi:

  • Avoid eating carbs for dinner.
  • Follow a balanced diet.


Lara Dutta

Physical stats: Height- 5’7″

Height- 5’7″

Weight-128lbs / 58kg

Former Miss Universe and a prominent Bollywood actress, Lara Dutta has a sculpted body that stuns everyone. She is a vegetarian and eats five small meals a day. She also believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Like any other fitness fanatic, she says that “There are no short cuts for a healthy body”. She loves to swim and also practices yoga.

Tips from Lara Dutta:

  • Practice yoga to improve your strength and flexibility.
  • Drink lots of water.


John Abraham

Physical Stats: Height- 6’1″ ? Weight- 175lbs/ 79kgs

This masculine hunk is a vegetarian and loves to eat fruit salads. He eats 6 meals a day which mainly consist of soya, pulses, and sprouts. He follows a different workout routine for each day. No surprise there.

Tips from John:

  • Fuel your body through food. Eat healthy.
  • Don’t cut on carbs completely.
  • Exercise should be a way of life, not a phase.


Shilpa Shetty

Physical Stats: Height- 5’7″ ? Weight- 127lbs / 58kg

Shilpa Shetty belongs to the rare few who maintain their gorgeous looks as they grow with age. She likes to begin her day with aloe vera juice. Shd divides her workouts and does yoga for two days, strength training for two days and cardio for one day. To control stress, she meditates. She also consumes protein shakes and even dedicates a cheat day to eat her favorite sweets. She is a human after all.

Tips from Shilpa:

  • I believe it?s not about dieting, it?s about diet ? even if you don?t have the time to work out, a healthy balanced diet will keep you in good shape.



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