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Why Should You Drink Noni Juice: Reasons and Benefits

noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni, also known as Indian mulberry, is a strongly scented fruit from the ancient times that has a number of health and beauty benefits. The noni fruit carries a bitter taste and is known for the miraculous healing powers it possesses. Also popular by name ?Starvation Fruit?, noni is best known for its capability of reducing blood sugar. But before we unfold our guide on some of the best Noni Juice Benefits, we would like to tell you a little about why does noni plant have such healing powers.

Nutritional Facts About Noni Plant

Noni fruit benefits are for a fact that noni plant is loaded with a bundle of immunity-boosting nutrients. The best ones are listed below.

  • Noni contains xeronine that makes the body’s protein stable and stronger.
  • Noni leaves contain powerful antioxidants. They can be crushed into a powdery form that, when mixed with noni juice, can be applied to open wounds in order to kill bacteria and germs.
  • Noni fruit contains Vitamins like C and K, minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and antioxidants and phytochemicals like ascorbic acid and flavonoids.

Now that you know the noni juice concentrate, you must be willing to take a plunge towards the noni juice benefits. But for that, you’ll have to develop a taste for the fruit since it has a rancid odor. Which is why it is best to consume noni in the form of noni juice that can be made in a number of ways to combat the bitter flavor and try something refreshingly new. To help you learn more, we have explained what is noni juice, down below.

What is Noni Juice?

Noni fruit juice or noni health drink is an anti-inflammatory herbal drink derived from the fruit of noni plant. You can buy noni juice online and can also make it at home.

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11 Noni Juice Benefits That You Must Know About

Popular as a health booster, noni also has aphrodisiac properties. The following noni benefits are just what you need to stay in shape and healthy lifelong.

Noni Juice Benefits for Health

The hectic city lifestyle has started reducing the average human lifespan drastically over the few years, exposing us all the crude and cruel health disorders. Whence, noni juice health benefits, listed below, are the lifeguards that everyone needs for not just a longer, but a disease-free life.

1) Noni Juice For Bone Health, Muscles, and Joint Disorders

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni fruit juice is a magical herbal drink that’s rich in calcium and potassium. Both these minerals increase the bone density that keeps a check on bone disorders like arthritis, osteoporosis, and gout. Noni also reduces the susceptibility of fractures by strengthening bones.

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2) Noni Benefits For Blood Pressure

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni fruit benefits for lowering high blood pressure are an attribute to the presence of fatty acids like omega-3 and omega 6. These fatty acids reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) that otherwise blocks arteries and veins. It increases the formation of HDL that is good cholesterol. HDL has high a circulation rate and it binds to the deposited cholesterol molecules, swimming them down to the kidney for purification and conversion to HDL.

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3) Indian Noni For Cardiovascular Diseases

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni fruit juice reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke that’s mainly caused by cholesterol deposition in the body. It contains potassium that can tone down the excessive accumulation of sodium in the body. Excessive sodium concentration increases the risk of hypertension that’s the most common cause of heart attack. And noni juice has more potassium than sodium. As a result of which it restores the normal balance, reducing hypertension.

4) Noni For Cancer Prevention

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Cancer prevention is one of the best noni juice health benefits. Flavonoids and other antioxidants in noni plant attack free radicals that corrupt body cells, making them cancerous. The battle of wills between antioxidants and free radicals induced by noni fruit suppress the expansion of cancerous tissues with the help of stronger white blood cells. As a result, cancer cells are either destroyed, weakened, or restricted due to stunted growth. The clinical evaluation also indicates that noni fruit juice works best to prevent breast cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer, and tumors.

5) Noni Juice Benefits For Diabetes

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni fruit contains 90% water. Furthermore, its bitter taste is due to the lack of sugar. It can absorb extra sugar from the blood. And some preliminary studies indicate that noni extracts can also control insulin production. Thus, it can prove to be quite efficient in blood sugar management for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients.

6) Noni Plant For Kidney and Liver

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Detoxification and cleansing power of noni fruit makes it a wonderful herbal remedy that can reduce the chances of bile over-secretion as well as renal impairment. Besides, it’s a worldwide medically established fact that chronic diabetes damages the kidneys. Since noni extracts can keep blood sugar under control in the long run, it shields kidneys against failure.

7) Noni Juice For Weight Loss

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Weight loss and weight management are the two most stunning benefits of drinking noni juice. Noni doubles the metabolic rate of the body. Higher the metabolism, higher is the fat burn process. Beside, noni health drink in the form of a smoothie, when combined with light cardio exercises, can actually reduce obesity to a large extent.

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Noni Juice Benefits For Skin

Has your skin been cursed with adamant acne marks and pigmentation due to pollution, weather, and a poor lifestyle? Are you taking the burst of a peeling dry or an excessively oily skin that’s aging faster than it should have? If the answer to even one problem is yes, you’ve landed on the right page. Noni juice benefits for skin are miraculous. Noni products including herbal creams and homemade masks will do wonders when followed religiously. Considering how widespread the desire of a healthy looking skin is, we would like to introduce you to the aphrodisiac skin benefits of noni plant.

8) Noni For Active Pimples

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Antioxidants in noni plant make a way to kill the acne-causing bacteria in the skin. It’s not just anti-bacterial, it?s an astringent, an analgesic, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, it shrinks open pores, reduces acne induced pain, and controls reddening caused by germs infiltration.

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9) Noni Fruit Juice For Premature Skin Aging

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni extracts from leaves, stems, and fruits, contain free-radical suppressing antioxidants. These diluting antioxidants minimize the appearance of fine lines and brown spots. Also, since rich in protein strengthening xeronine, noni tightens loose skin cells, that, in turn, reduces wrinkles.

Noni Juice Benefits For Hair

As much as for health and skin, noni juice is equally good for hair. The same reasons that cause skin turmoil are responsible for spoiling hair as well. And the ways in which noni juice benefits hair are listed below.

10) Noni Fruit Juice For Hairfall and Dandruff

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Hairfall and dandruff are interconnected. Noni fruit, that carries Vitamin C, efficiently removes dandruff from the scalp. It also makes the dormant collagen (skin protein) active. As a result, young hair follicles start to shoot up on the bald patches, making hair thicker and damage-free.

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11) Noni Fruit For Scalp Acne

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

Noni plant is one of the top rated natural products that can cheat on bacteria and germs by killing them. Thus, when you use herbal noni products or a homemade noni hair mask, the scalp issues like disturbed pH level, acne, acne induced pain, and inflammation, and hair loss, are all resolved automatically.

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Noni Juice Side Effects

As a universal law that applies to every single thing, even noni poses health concerns when used in wrong proportions. Some of those side-effects are listed below.

  • Diarrhea – Diarrhea is the most common side effect of noni. The fruit works as a laxative for curing constipation. But, when taken in excess, it causes loose motions and vomiting that require medical attention if they continue for more than a day.
  • Hyperkalemia – This is one of the most serious noni Fruit juice side effects. Caused by excessive potassium levels in the body, hyperkalemia can damage tissues and lead to sudden kidney failure. Thus, do not consume noni fruit without your doctor’s advice, especially, if you are diabetic. And for healthy individuals, it is recommended to consult a dietician to fix the dosage and frequency of noni consumption weekly or monthly, depending upon the requirement.
  • Liver Damage – Surprised? How can something that protects the liver, damage it? Well, continuous consumption of noni fruit juice for months with medical intervention or observation can shoot up the sodium and potassium levels in your body to such an extent that it might be irreversible. Thus, be very careful.

Noni Consumption Warnings The Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Noni juice benefits - lifestylica

All health bodies world-wide propagate the warnings and precautions, as listed below, that are associated with noni consumption and shouldn’t be ignored.??

  • Do not consume noni in any form, in any dosage, during pregnancy.
  • Lactating mothers shouldn’t consume noni fruit at all.
  • If some suffering from serious health disorders involving the liver or kidneys, do not start noni consumption without your doctor’s advice.
  • Noni plant has a history of intervening with certain medications. Thus, inform your doctor if you’re undergoing any treatment, minor or major when considering to start noni consumption.

Having said that, it’s only a matter of making a wise decision in order to enjoy noni fruit health benefits. As long as you’re careful, you’re safe.

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