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How To Increase Height?



Some of the towering beauties and leggy lasses we watch on TV and movies can flaunt a heightened look without even wearing a pair of heels. We all desire that tall personality. At a younger age, we might stand next to our elder brothers and sisters and check if we are taller than them because height matters a lot to us and can be an added advantage to our external appearance. ?But, it is sad that sometimes short people tend to get bullied by peers. Sometimes, height becomes an important criterion for women to get into modeling and acting. Some of the short people?s potential can get easily neglected, because of their lack of self-confidence. Height is also associated with the growth factor, making it a necessity. Thus, to answer your questions on how to increase height?’, here we go…

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Height Increase-Can it happen?

One common question that flashes our mind when we think of height gain- Is it possible for us to grow taller post 18 or 21 years of age? And the answer is Yes and No. Confused? After 18 years of age, it is not very easy for us to grow taller, as the growth rate slows down around 16-18 years. To answer the question, we need to understand the mechanism behind our body?s growth. Growth spurt takes place in girls at 11 years; boys at 13 years. The increase in height is regulated by the function of the Human Growth Hormone. After 18 years, the production of this particular growth hormone slows down, simultaneously reducing the growth pace. This prevents the growth of bones and height. ?Don?t give up! The good news is, if these hormones are produced naturally, height gain is possible.

Factors that influence growth:

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secreted by the pituitary gland, which is situated at the base of the brain. It takes the responsibility of determining the height of an individual, by initiating the growth of bones and cartilage. Most of the times, height is determined by genes. But there are non-genetic factors also that are responsible for a short stature as well which are listed below:

  • Adequate intake of nutritious food:

You are what you eat. Your growth pattern in most cases is determined by the food that you eat. A balanced diet packed with all the essential nutrients is vital to stimulate proper growth in terms of height and weight. ?Nutritional deficiency can pave a way for a halt in the growth process. If you are contemplating on how to gain height, it is high time you concentrate on your diet as well!

  • Genetics:

Haven?t you noticed that some of the tall parents end up with tall children as well? Scientists believe that almost 80 % of your height is determined by your genes. Just like how your eyes and hair colour is determined by genetic codes, height is also in most cases inherited and operated by genes.

  • Bone disorders and Growth Hormone deficiency:

As mentioned earlier, the inadequate and abnormal growth of bones due to bone disorders can also stunt growth. Bones are essential in giving a defined shape to the body. A good bone structure can also enhance your looks. Also, when the pituitary gland gets damaged, there is an abnormality in the functioning of hormones which causes short stature.

How to increase height naturally?

Height gain can happen post 18 years naturally by increasing the production of Human Growth Hormones and that takes place through exercises and a balanced diet. Say no to painful surgeries as they are expensive and can cause a lot of pain. Supplements and pills can have varying side-effects in our body. Therefore, it is advisable that we resort to methods that?increase height naturally.

Here are ways to gain height naturally:

  • Nutritious food habits:


Growth happens with surplus nutrition intake. Another non-genetic factor that decides height is imbalanced diet. By infusing a variety of nutrients into the body through healthy foods, you will be able to find a considerable change in your height.

  • Sufficient sleep:


Getting taller can happen only with an overall growth, for which sleep is the prime ingredient. The major reason why sleep can affect height is because, when you stay awake the secretion of the necessary growth hormones disrupts. It is recommended you have 7-8 hours of sound, unperturbed sleep paving the way for the body organs to function effectively and the tissues to regenerate, which would regulate overall growth. It is better to start catching up on lost sleep to become taller.

  • Six meals a day:


Height depends on genes and the ideal food choice. Eating several meals a day can help in generating growth hormones abundantly, thereby initiating growth. Make sure you consume foods that have a high nutritional value generously and frequently to stimulate the growth faculty in the body.

  • Say good-bye to smoking and drinking:

Smoking and alcohol can inhibit growth to a greater level as they have the capacity of dehydrating our body and, therefore, abstain from these to grow taller. Drink a lot of water as it acts as a cleansing agent, purging away all the toxins present in the body and hydrating the body. It is also better to stay away from caffeine and carbonated sodas as these foods restrict growth.

How to maintain a proper posture for height gain:


While we were busy trying to increase our growth hormone level to gain height, less did we notice that our spine is the most important element that is responsible for our height. Therefore, when we hunch or slouch, we are not only harming our backbone but on the other hand, concealing our overall height. Better posture can make you look taller than you are. This works perfectly well for those who are few inches away from their goal height or the necessary height. People are all aware of how important it is to avoid bad postures these days, thanks to their work nature. We are all either glued in front of TV or computers at our own comfortable postures, which are not very spine-friendly. So focus on correcting your postures to look taller.

Workplace / Sitting posture:

This is where you spend most of your day. Initially, you will maintain a posture only when your conscious, which is fine. You will gradually make it a routine. Sit straight in your chair. Your back should be aligned vertically, placed on the back of the chair. Rest your feet flat on the floor. And when you are working, your keyboard should be in a reachable spot. Avoid leaning forward. Sitting straight is the most important of all posture. This can make you look taller. Don?t maintain a rigid posture all day long as it can cause back pain. Take regular breaks by relaxing. When you sit straight, your spine lengthens making you appear taller. Avoid slouching and hunching your back. Stretch your back to lengthen your spine quite often.

Standing posture:

Rest your body weight on your feet. Don?t hunch when you walk or stand. Avoid placing the weight of the body on only one foot for a longer period of time. You may shift weight from one foot to the other if you are standing for a longer time. Stand tall to look tall. Keep your head straight when you walk or stand and make sure your earlobe is in the same line as your shoulder.

Sleeping posture:

Sleeping posture is extremely crucial for your overall height. But this may go out of control within few hours when you fall into a deep slumber. But try and make sure you correct you sleep posture whenever possible. Curling up into a foetal position is one common bad sleeping posture we all follow. Sleep on your back. This is good for your spine. Avoid high pillows, it may cause discomfort and does not allow your spine to align itself and also disturbs your height. It is not possible to sleep only in horizontal position all night. So when you turn to your sides and sleep, make sure you have a pillow to support your head. Also have another pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side. This way your spine can work and align naturally and the pressure in the lower back also can get reduced. These can also enhance your height.

Foods that stimulate growth:

To grow taller, you need to choose foods that help in the functioning of the HGH. So, follow a balanced diet and consume nutrients to grow taller and faster. Calcium, minerals, protein and vitamins are indispensable when you have height gain in mind.


Calcium foods:

Calcium is an imperative of strong bones and we all know that. As with height gain, we are all dealing with bone growth, so to initiate bone growth, pick foods that are high in calcium and consume them to get a tall stature.

  • Drink milk!

Drinking at least 3 glasses of milk every day can work wonders as this complete food is packed with the nutrients that are essential for growth. Plus, milk has calcium content in it that helps in strengthening of bones and can also facilitate bone growth. Fat-free milk is full of protein and it can keep obesity at bay as well. More than regular milk, soy milk is also a proven drink that increases height. This also gives you a strong and robust bone structure. It boosts height as well.

  • Dairy products:

Along with milk, consumption of cheese, yoghurt and cream can also help you grow taller. This is because these foods are high in vitamin A and D. calcium deficiency can also result in short stature. In that case, intake of calcium, you get your height back. Dairy products are loaded with calcium and vitamins that are essential for bone growth. Keep an eye on the quantity of intake, because it can cause excessive weight gain.

Protein foods:


Protein is an all-rounder as it is the chief constituent that helps in developing bones, muscles, cells, skin almost every part of the body. Protein foods make sure that our body gets it share of amino acids for the proper functioning of bones and muscles. In addition to bone growth, amino acids present in protein foods can also stimulate the secretion of HGH that is necessary for overall body growth development. Listed below are foods that are high in amino acids and can facilitate nature height gain:

  • Eggs:

Whole eggs are highly influential in increasing your height as they consist of nutrients that can help you grow taller. It possesses vitamins A, D and E that are required for growth. So, with all these nutrients and vitamins, including egg in your diet can help you garner positive results as far as height gain is concerned.

  • Oatmeal:

Taking oatmeal for breakfast on a daily basis can work wonders in your body. In addition to height gain, it keeps your heart healthy as well. This protein-rich food helps you get rid of unhealthy fat and builds muscles. Removal of fats from the body can make you look taller.

  • Green beans, soybeans, peanuts, lean meat, pulses, chicken and fish are other protein-rich foods that enhance secretion of HGH in the body.


Fruits and vegetables are all height boosters because it consists of fibre and vitamins that nourish your body and encourage overall growth. Foods that are rich in vitamin A and C develop the bones and tissues. Here are some foods that add nutritious value to your food routine:

Foods rich in Vitamin A



You might loathe these green vegetables, but if you want to grow taller, you have to start loving them. Spinach is loaded with a lot of mineral content that activates the body muscle groups and also facilities bone growth. Add them to your salads and eat them to grow taller.

Papaya, Mango, Watermelon, Apricot, pumpkin, carrot, peas, cabbages, sweet potato, tomatoes are other fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A that promotes body growth. Make sure your daily food routine consists of all these colourful and healthy fruits and vegetables. Eat the ones you love. If you detest any of it, add them to your salads or make juices and gobble them.

Vitamin D:


Vitamin D is the exclusive vitamin for height. Foods high in Vitamin D is essential for bone development and absorption of the calcium into your body. Therefore include fish, cereals, mushrooms, almonds and soy milk as they consist of the nutrients of vitamin D which will initiate growth in your body.



Minerals help in building bone tissues in our body. Beans, bananas, grapes, peaches and pumpkin are stuffed with minerals. An adequate supply of minerals is extremely vital for the proper functioning of the body. It is also responsible for bone density and length.

Listed below are foods that are high in minerals. These minerals help you to grow taller. Take a look!

Minerals Foods
Iron Almonds, dates, potatoes, tomatoes, cereals, cabbage, apricots
Zinc Carrot, cucumber, oranges, radishes, pineapple, bananas, nuts, turnips
Magnesium Dates, cabbages, corn, honey, onion, pears, dried raisins, ?beetroot, oranges
Copper Whole cereals and grains, eggs, dates and mushroom

Exercises to increase height:

Oh yes, there height increasing exercises! Yoga and certain exercises can help in lengthening the spine and maintaining a good posture making you look taller than before. Yoga has been proven to be very effective with regard to height gain. Two important things that happen due to exercises that initiate height gain- production of human growth hormone and lengthening of the spine. All these exercises come with either of these two results, thereby making height gain possible.

  • Swimming:

Swimming is a spine stretching exercise and it can, therefore, stimulate growth, as it is a capable exercise to lengthen the spine and activates muscles. ?On the other hand, it also increases the production of HGH. Nitric oxide and lactate are the most prime factor that secretes HGH, and that is obtained when you do resistance training. Freestyle and breaststroke swimming styles are efficient exercises for a proper growth.

  • Skipping:

This cardiovascular exercise is also an excellent stretching exercise. Because when you skip, your muscles contract and stretch. And because your body posture is straight while skipping, it also paves the way for your spine to lengthen. If you make it a routine and skip for 6-7 months, you will be able to witness growth. Start off with 50 skips per day and increase the count gradually after you become a skipping, expert. Stop at once if you feel fatigued.

Stretching exercises:

  • Bar hanging:

No other exercise can work the way hanging can work as far as height gain is concerned. We would have all hung from a bar when we were kids. To increase height also, you can simply hang from a bar to expand your spine length. Do it on a daily basis and experts believe that it can be an effective exercise if you hang for a minimum of 30 minutes in a week. Choose a horizontal bar that is placed at a height which it is not easier for the body to touch the ground when you are hanging.

  • Wall stretch:

As the name suggests, you have to stand with your body placed straight against the wall. Lift your hands higher and stand on your toes. Make sure your spine lies flat against the wall. Don?t strain too much to place your spine flat against the wall, because it is difficult. Retain this pose for 4-5 seconds and get back to original position.

  • Super stretch:

This stretching exercise involves you to stand tall on the tip of your toes with your feet close to each other. Now raise your hands as high as you can and stretch slightly backward. Here you will feel your lower spine stretching as well. Stay in this pose for 4-6 seconds and return to the original position.

  • Basic Leg Stretch:

You would all be familiar with this stretching exercise. ?Sit down with your legs far apart. Stretch it to the widest length possible, away from each other. Now try and get to your right toe by touching it with your hand with your head facing the right toe. After that, try and reach your left toe with your head facing it.

  • Downhill:

Stand straight with your hands folded. And then, place your arms behind you and bend down with your waist downward as much as you can. Simultaneously, swing your folded hands and arms behind you. The bending action and the swinging of the arm action should take place at the same time. Retain this pose for 4-5 seconds and get back to the initial position.

  • Basketball:

If you ever happen to watch NBA, you would get astonished at the tall and gigantic stature of all the players. Most people who play basketball tend to have a tall physique. A lot of jumping is involved in basketball, and when you jump your spine region expands. Increased blood flow activates the growth hormones, which is vital for height increase.

  • Sprints:

Sprint exercises are highly recommended for a faster growth because of its higher production of HGH. This age-old method to grow taller is natural and is also a good workout routine to stay healthy.

Yoga poses for height gain:

Yoga has been a proven method to increase height after puberty. Please avoid these poses if you have abnormal blood pressure, shoulder or back injuries. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult with your physician before you perform these poses.

1. Tree pose:

  • Hold the pose for a while and return to position #1 as you exhale.
  • Inhale as you perform this posture.
  • Now the body weight should be supported by your shoulder and upper arms and not your head or neck.
  • This way, your toes will face downwards. Now to perform this pose, with the help of your shoulders and hands, straighten your spine and lift your body in such a way that it faces upwards.
  • Lift your legs slowly straight upwards. Now, slowly lift your hips also off the floor, over the head.
  • Get started by lying flat on the ground or yoga mat. Toes should face the ceiling and your hands should lie above your head.

2. Shoulder stand pose:

  • Then slowly exhale and return to the initial position.
  • Now slowly take a deep breath and lift both your hands upwards and retain this pose for 30 seconds.
  • Now place your hands on the pelvic region to check if the pelvis is straight and parallel to the floor.
  • Your right foot?s fingers should point downwards.
  • Your sole should touch left inner thigh. Ensure your left foot is placed firmly on the ground.
  • Now bend your right knee and with the help of your hands try and place your right foot against your inner left thigh.
  • Shift your body weight on your left foot with your right foot placed firmly on the ground.
  • Stand with your legs slightly parted away from each other.

3. Cobra pose:

    • To do this, you should first lie on your stomach, with the head turned to one side.
    • Place your arms along the body with your palms facing the ceiling.
    • Now slowly turn your head straight with your chin touching the floor.
    • Inhale slowly through your nostrils, press your hands and lift your torso from the floor, with your head facing upwards.
    • Arch and bend your spine backwards as you lift your torso by pressing down on your hands. Place your hips on the floor.

  • Let your head lean backward, take it as far as possible and hold this position for a while and then return to the initial position as you exhale.

How to grow tall overnight?

Style Tips to look tall! Dresing right is the key!

Growing taller overnight cannot happen unless you possess some supernatural power. But there are some tips and tricks that can make you few inches taller. Check it out!

High heels!


Fortunately, we girls are being blessed with the opportunity to look way taller even if we are not, by wearing heels. Though we know that terribly high heels are not good for our spine, sometimes it becomes a necessity. If you are so addicted to wearing heels, buy well supported ones with centre arches that can make you appear taller. Buy the ones with a soft insole and a larger heel base with a rounded toe box. 2-3? heels are problematic, try and avoid them. It might sound unrealistic when health experts ask us to stop purchasing high heels. Wear them occasionally and it won?t give you any trouble. Also, heels with a low cut vamp gives your legs an elongated and long look especially when you are wearing skirts or shorts.

Go for a single?colour?outfit!


Picking the right colour is also a trick to make you appear taller. When you stick to one colour from head to toe, you will look few inches taller. Wearing V necks can also make your torso look longer creating a taller impression.

Avoid huge bags!


Pick accessories that go in line with your body size. Say no to over-sized bags and go for slings and clutches to look neat.

Pick the right pattern!


Vertical and diagonal stripes are the best choice of patterns if you want to look taller. Horizontal stripes, checked or dot patterns will make you appear shorter. Keep this in mind when you go shopping next time!

Buns and puffs:


Now that a lot of puff hairstyles are trending, you could add more inches with the help of your hair. Just tie a knot by pulling your hair on the top of your head and make a bun. Or else just do a crunched up puff in the front and pony your hair. Puffs and bumps from the front can make you look taller and trendy as well.

That’s a wrap on our thoughts on ‘How to increase height’. Growing taller post 18 years is more difficult than you think. It requires you to follow a fitness regime and a nutritious food routine together to get few inches taller. It requires a lot of patience and determination as well. Eat nutritious food, pick the right clothing and accessories, stretch more and more, exercise well and wait with patience to gain height.

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