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Yoga and Pilates: Are they one and the same?

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Many of us might get confused and find it difficult to differentiate yoga and Pilates. It?s not just you and I who are confused, but many really do not know the differences between yoga and Pilates. Though Pilate exercises and yoga might have a lot of similarities there are stark differences that keep?them apart. There are different types of Yoga and pilates exercises that help reduce your weight but if your main focus is to reduce weight, then try pilates exercises using?Pilates?machine?that not only add to your body fitness but greatly helps reduce your weight. As mentioned earlier there are lots of similarities like exercise mats, various postures, mind-body exercises, similar body movements, breathing patterns and so on. But these factors that appear as similarities are actually differences between the two forms of exercises.

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Origin Yoga originated before several centuries and it is actually traced back to the pre-Vedic Indian tradition. Pilates originated sometime during the mid-20th century and it was named after its founder Joseph Pilates.
What is it? The body, mind and spiritual practices that come together to transform your body and relax your mind. The body gains real flexibility. Pilates was actually started to bring about resistance and to gain strength in your body muscles and flexibility in the spine area and limbs.
Mind-Body exercise Yoga not just involves the body and mind rather it goes step beyond and deals with the spirit. Spirituality or spiritual connection is an important aspect of yoga. Pilates focuses in creating or bringing a balance between the body and the mind. It doesn’t involve the spirit.
Breathing Patterns Breathing is an incredible aspect of yoga and there are different asanas for which breathing is the core foundation. It is a smooth heat inducing breath that works at a very deep level and this breath has a connection to the body movements and postures. Pranayama is a well-known yoga form that is totally based on one?s breath.? Inhale and exhale through your nose. Unlike yoga, in Pilates you have to breathe slowly. In this form of exercise, you will have to inhale air through your nose and exhale through your mouth. But there are few fast Pilates exercise in which the breathing patterns are similar to yoga.
Body movements It is actually done for body flexibility and peace of mind and as you do it regularly it also improves the flexibility of your joints. Pilates actually helps relax the tension in your muscles and also helps gain great resistance.
Postures In yoga, there are many standing postures and the main one is that which tries to defy the effect of gravity [inverse standing].? Most of the breathing exercises are done in the sitting postures and other body movements are done by bending and twisting the body and the like. Pilates? body movements tend to defy the law of gravity and most of the postures are performed lying down balancing either on the stomach, back or on the sides of the body. The standing posture are done using pilates machines
Instruments Yoga mat is the first thing that strikes us when we hear of the term yoga. Yoga blocks are also used for people who take yoga as a part and parcel of their life. Many prefer buying yoga books and DVDs for a clear picture of these exercises.?Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha/2008 Fourth Revised Edition (English)Author:?Swami Satyananda Saraswati is a book recommended by users themselves. Cofit Yoga Mat has also got good reviews and a product worth the cost. Yes, you can use mat. Pilate resistance bands are used to gain resistance and flexibility. Pilates rings and fitness equipment are also very important Pilates machine to gain resistance and flexibility.


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The motive behind yoga and pilates are the same, the end result is either a strong body or a peaceful mind and both forms of exercises focus not on the result but only on the process. How do you decide which one to choose? As mentioned earlier, both can be performed to attain fitness but if you?re in need of a relaxed mindset, then go for yoga. For instance, Meditation is the well known and one of the best aspects of yoga. Trainers say that to choose among the two, try both and then choose the one that suit?you best.

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