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Epilator Vs Waxing – Which is better for your skin?

Epilator vs waxing which is better

Being a woman, you will agree that the one thing that bothers you every single time is the sight of hair that is showing on your hands or feet each time you wear a short dress. It is every woman?s dream to have miraculously fuzz-free skin perpetually. But let us face it – smooth hairless skin like that is a result of time invested in regular hair removal, either at a salon or at home. Coming to hair removal, while shaving and use of depilatory creams are easy but short lived solutions, you can get lasting effects by waxing or when you use epilators. Today, we take you through both methods and tell you which of the two fares better in the epilator vs waxing battle.

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What is an epilator?


An epilator can be defined as a handheld device that looks like a shaver. But the device comprises a rotating head that has the same action as that of a tweezer – it pulls out hair from the root. There have been many advancements in epilation technology and today, you even have electric epilators that you can use in the shower, when your follicles are enlarged and the hair comes off easily.

What is waxing?

Hair Removal Waxing

Waxing is an ancient method of hair removal. It involves applying the wax on the skin and pressing it with a cotton strip. The cotton cloth is then ripped off and it also pulls the wax and hair along with it. Waxing is perhaps the most common method of hair removal, both at home and in salons. Get your own wax here.

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Epilator vs Waxing – Which is Better?

Without just stating the advantages of one over another, we?ll take you through all the aspects of hair removal to find out who wins the epilator vs waxing game.

Ease of hair removal

Hair removal with epilator involves running the machine through the body, much like shaving. The device uproots the hair as you run it over your skin. Waxing, on the other hand needs a bit of skill, it is hard to remove all the hair when you don?t have enough practice.

SCORE: Epilator 1 – Waxing 0

Messiness Quotient

We probably don?t even have to elaborate this, because epilator wins this round hands down – no gooey wax, sticky hands and legs or discarded cotton strips with epilators. They easily glide up your skin, removing the hair in the process.

SCORE: Epilator 2 – Waxing 0


When it comes to effectiveness of the technique, we have found waxing to be much more effective. It not only pulls out hair from the roots, but also gets rid of the dead cells in the top layer of the skin. Waxing also removes tan, something that an epilator cannot. Thus this can be an epilator’s disadvantage.

SCORE: Epilator 2 – Waxing 1


Epilator vs Waxing-Ingrown hair:

Now this is debatable. For your hair to be caught in wax, it needs to be at least 2 mm long. This means that you will have to wait for your hair to grow that length before the next round of waxing. Epilator on the other hand can uproot hair that is even 0.5 mm in length and will come to the rescue when you want to wear that LBD but have minute hair growth on your hands and legs.

SCORE: Epilator 3 – Waxing 1


Waxing needs prior preparation – waiting for your hair to grow the right length, making time for a salon appointment if you are getting it done by an expert or heating wax at home and finding an hour to do it yourself. Also factor in time to clean up the mess and yourself after waxing. Using an epilator is a breeze! Some models can even be used in your shower, making the process less painful and faster.

SCORE: Epilator 4 – Waxing 1

So you see, epilation beats waxing hands down when it comes to ease and efficiency of use. The only downside is that an epilator requires a one-time investment. But think of it this way – it is only a one time spend which will not pinch you much if you factor in the amount that you spend each time you get your hands and legs waxed at a salon.

Now that you know how convenient an epilator is, go ahead and buy one for yourself. We recommend epilators by Braun or Philips?Epilator for women– two brands that offer high-quality hair removal solutions. Take it from us, it will be one of the best investments you have made on yourself. Now everyday can be a short dress day!

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