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Omron HN-286 Weighing Scale Review

In today?s world, many of us are very conscious about our weight. Whether we are obese or not we definitely need to be serious about it because prevention is always better than cure. Despite the fact that obesity leads to multiple health disorders, obesity in itself is a major issue and a health disorder. So it?s high time you listen to what your body says! Reduce and balance your weight with Omron.

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Omron?s ultra slim weighing machine is the latest in the market made with the latest digital technology. The square shaped weighing machine is equipped with a digital display system that shows your weight in kilograms and grams. The weighing machine comes along with a tempered glass for safety purposes.

?Product features

Brand Omron
Type Weighing Machine
Model Number HN-286
Shape Square
Operation Automatic On/ Off
Extra features Tempered glass for safety
Weight display 5kg-180kg
Display Digital
Accessories User Manual and trial battery
Thickness 18mm
Warranty 1 year

It?s a must that you should place the weighing machine on a strong and a flat surface in order to get accurate readings. Another unique feature of this product is that it has an automatic on/off system. So all you need to do is, get on top of the weighing machine and your weight will be displayed. After 16 secs, the machine will automatically switch off by itself.

The most important thing of all is that?you should stand erect without any slight shakes. ?If not you will get inaccurate readings. You can rely on Omron?s weighing machine since it comes with 4 sensor accuracy technology. The battery comes up to 1 year even if you use it 4 times a day.

Even though you use a weighing machine, it is necessary that you balance your weight through diet. ?Here are some general tips for you to reduce your weight [Also look for GM diet for serious weight reduction].

  • Avoid junk foods
  • Prefer high fiber diet
  • Take a lot of veggies and greens
  • Take green tea
  • Eat small 5 times meal a day
  • Avoid bad carb foods
  • Regular exercise?goes without saying.

Follow aforementioned tips and also use your weighing machine as an additional aid in reducing your weight, because you cannot reduce weight with the help of a weighing machine alone.

Omron?s weighing machine is approved by the Indian weights and Measurement Department.?Several users have compared this product to other weighing machines and found that Omron is the best of all. It also seems to be a product worth the price. Few users aren?t satisfied with the accuracy of the product but if they use the machine properly by following the instructions in the user manual, they will get accurate details. Buy this excellent weighing scale: (Amazon link)

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