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31 Amazing Life Hacks For Staying Healthy in Summer

As soon as we hear the word “summer” we think of holidays, picnics & sunshine. But the start of this season can spoil our health as we’ll have to think about shedding of excess calories to tone up for the?perfect bikini body for this season. So I have decided to give you all a few tips to keep you healthy this summer. In the spirit of this new season make sure you add some healthy habits into your routine. Here are the list of healthy hacks to get you started this summer!

Hack 1: Infuse your water with some goodness

In a litre of water, infuse some fresh mint leaves, lemon slices, orange slices, berries & cucumber. Store this in a jar or an?infuser water bottle & sip it throughout the day. Good hydration is very important to maintain your weight, good clear skin & a healthy body during summer.

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Hack 2: Protect your body from the harsh sun

86? of Melanomas can be attributed to exposure to UV radiation from the sun. So avoid going out in the sun between 12 am to 4 pm which is the most hazardous time for UV exposure in India.

Hack 3: Add more flavonoids in your diet

Adding flavonoids in your diet can protect against sunburns inflammation and longer term of UV radiation which affects your health. You can find flavonoids in green tea, black tea, berries, dark chocolates, cherries & hazelnuts.

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Hack 4: Guard the skin

Redness all over the body due to the sun can cause irritation and affect your health. So intake of beta carotene can keep you healthy during summers. Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach & broccoli these foods are rich in beta-carotene.

Hack 5: Chew gum frequently

Peppermint or any kind of mints can keep your mouth fresh and cool all the time. So chew some mint frequently. It prevents your mouth from drying during the hot weather.

Hack 6: Don?t skip breakfast during summer

It is really easy to get out of our routines during summer. We end up waking?late or just go on a vacation where we tend to skip breakfast. A lot of time we hear that breakfast is the most important meal. During summers our body tends to get dehydrated very fast. Something has to go in first in the morning as soon as we wake up for proper function of our whole body system.

Hack 7: Snack it up healthy

Try to have snacks as healthy as possible. Mash an avocado with some lemon juice, salt & pepper. Spread this onto your toast and enjoy a yummy snack.

Here are more such healthy snacks.

Hack 8: Chop up a big bowl of salad

In a bowl add some cabbage, cucumber, carrots, capsicum & tomatoes. Toss it well & dress with some lemon juice. Have this healthy salad along with your noon meal.

Hack 9: Cheat your diet sometimes

Restrict yourself from eating out. You can have restaurant food once a week. Have Oreo milk popsicles for your snack in your cheat diet day. In a cup pour some milk & crush some Oreo biscuits and refrigerate overnight. Enjoy this chilled Oreo bar on hot Sunday noon.

Hack 10: Healthy ice popsicles for the hot summer


1. Mojito ice pops ? In chilled water add some lemon juice & fresh mint leaves & chat masala. You can also add soda if you like. Pour this mixture into a?popsicle?s stand. Refrigerate overnight.

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2. Mango & Almond ice pops ? In a blender add some milk, mango & almonds churn it well. Pour this mixture into popsicle?s stand. Refrigerate overnight.

3. Watermelon & yoghurt ice pops ? In a blender add watermelon, curd or yoghurt, black salt & chat masala. Blend it well. Pour this mixture into popsicle?s stand. Refrigerate overnight. Watermelon is a high source of vitamin C and helps in fighting inflammation.

4. Fresh fruits ice pops ? Add all your favourite healthy fruits like berries, kiwi, strawberry along with orange juice. Pour this mixture into popsicle?s stand. Refrigerate overnight.

5. Banana & Strawberry ice pops ? Blend banana & strawberry into a creamy texture. Pour this mixture into popsicle?s stand. Refrigerate overnight. Banana?s & Strawberry are rich in potassium, fibre and vitamin C.

Enjoy these healthy ice pops and beat the hot summer.

Hack 11: Healthy foods for summers

Omega 3 fatty acid, lycopene & polyphenols must be there in your diet if you want to stay healthy during summer. You can find these in veggies and fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, guava, red peppers, grapes, carrots, mangoes, walnuts, soybeans, flax seeds, tea, red wine, blueberries, coffee, strawberries, cherries, blackberries & dark chocolates. Make sure you have these foods to stay healthy.

Hack 12: Increase your protein intake

Protein intake helps in supporting your metabolism.

Hack 13: Get 8 hours of sleep

8 hours of sleep is necessary to maintain a healthy body during summers.

Hack 14: Do mini workouts

Stoke your metabolism throughout the day with mini workouts.

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Hack 15: Drink water

Hydrate yourself for better health. 60? of your life will be safe if u drink water.

Hack 16: Sleep in a cold room to increase metabolism. If your room is in the second storey, you can shift downstairs during the summer.

Hack 17: Practice yoga every day


Hack 18: Go for a shopping after a heavy meal. This will work as a mini workout.

Hack 19: Whiten your teeth with a banana peel

Never waste your banana peel. Rub the inside of the peel to get whiter teeth.

Hack 20: Struggling to sleep during summer. Eat a kiwi before you go to bed. Kiwi helps you to doze off early.

Hack 21: Smell orange skin for an instant mood booster. It helps to reduce anxiety. If you don?t have a fresh fruit. Dab a cotton ball with some orange essential oil and massage on your temples.

Hack 22: Have a green juice or smoothie
If you cannot have veggies this is a quick & easy option. Blend all the green veggies & some black salt in a blender & enjoy.

Hack 23: Take a cold shower before bed.

Hack 24: Write about things that cause you to stress.?Take a pen & paper to write it down & trust me you will feel much better.

Hack 25: Start smiling & feel happy about yourself.

Hack 26: Don?t buy soft drinks. Instead, infuse some water with fresh strawberries & oranges. Let it sit for the whole night.

Hack 27: Sleep when you travel.
If you are out on a vacation, make sure you sleep while travelling. Give your body time to relax so you can maintain a high energy level.

Hack 28: Substitute sugar with honey or jaggery.

Hack 29: Eat without a distraction.

Stay away from the television while eating. Stop multitasking during your meal. Chewing slowly helps in proper digestion.

Hack 30: Breath properly.

Try to breathe from your belly. Breathing deeply from belly can reduce the risk of blood pressure.

Hack 31: Have a cup of coffee.

Some people suffer from headaches due to the hot sun, including me. Have a cup of hot coffee to cure your headache instantly. But limit your intake of coffee.

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