How to Apply Egg on Hair?


Eggs – the most debated food item in almost every household. Some love it while others don?t. Few swear by its nutrient content while others disregard it saying too much fat. No matter what the argument might be, the truth is- eggs are a protein-laden blessing that is extremely healthy to consume; moreover egg mask for hair growth is a significant source of nourishment to your hair. Moreover, in the beauty world, eggs offer several amazing benefits to get good skin and hair. Sounds familiar? If you are eager to know how you can use eggs for hair growth and as an essential cure to your hair problems, you are at the right spot! Yet, the greater confusion lies with, ‘How to apply egg on hair???’. Here you would find the answer to questions like “How to apply egg white on hair?”, “Is egg yolk good for hair?”, “how can I apply raw eggs on hair or scalp?”, “How to apply egg and curd on hair?” along with some simple and quick home remedies with egg treatment to cure hair issues. Dry, rough and brittle hair, hair fall, flaky scalp, dandruff ? name the hair problem and you would be surprised that each one of them can be treated with egg packs or egg masks right away.

Hair follicles are primarily built with proteins and amino acids, having keratin as the major protein component (a whopping 70%). On the other hand, eggs are famous for their rich protein content (3.6 g to 6.5 g per egg), along with fatty acids, xanthophylls, antioxidants, and cholesterol. Each of these components contributes to maintaining healthy and lively hair. This is the very reason why it important to use egg hair masks as often as you can. And let?s see how!

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Benefits of eggs for Hair

How to apply egg on hair?

When it comes to applying egg packs directly on scalp or hair, there are certain minor rules to remember. Settling in for egg on hair treatment itself could be difficult to accept for some, especially if you are first-time users. So here are the points to note to avoid greater discomfort and struggle when you use egg hair mask…

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Homemade Egg Hair Mask for Healthy Hair

Egg yolk, Almond oil, Honey and Yogurt Hair Mask
Olive Oil and Egg Yolk Hair Mask

What is Egg Oil?

Egg oil is extracted from the yolk of chicken eggs hence it is also called as Egg yolk oil. You can learn to make egg oil at home (Watch this video) but it is time-consuming.

Egg oil for grey hair: Since the oil is rich in cholesterol, Palmitic acid and oleic acid which work to prevent greying of hair, Egg oil massages are in the trend.

Egg oil for hair loss:?Did you know that Sunlight, pollution and contaminated water pose a great damage to our hair? Egg oil is a solution to all these and much more. The fatty acids in egg oil nourish your hair follicles, thus preventing hair fall.

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The benefits of applying egg on hair are amazing, aren?t they? Wait until you have tried each one of these egg masks or egg packs for hair. Hope we have answered your doubts on how to use eggs on hair and scalp. Now get ready to revitalise your hair with the goodness and benefits from eggs. How often can I use egg on hair, you ask? All you have to do is, remember to repeat the hair mask hair treatment once or twice a week to achieve best results. Enjoy your newfound beauty from your tresses!

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