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Get Silky Hair: 6 Step Guide


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Say goodbye to every one of your bad hair days! These simple 6 steps on how to get silky hair are definitely going to give your mane a shine makeover.

Frizz-free beautiful silky smooth hair: every girl’s dream. While some are naturally born with it, others might need a little bit of help there. As add-ons to the healthy diet and homemade hair masks, hair remedies to treat frizzy hair, etc. etc…When it comes to? the guidelines on taming frizzy hair on an everyday basis, there are certain simple tricks as Dos and Don’ts

1. Over-shampooing? A strict No!

Do not wash your hair more than necessary. You do no good by this. Over-shampooing strips away the natural oils or lipids that your scalp secretes to nourish your hair. Washing frizzy hair, every other day, simply adds more to the havoc. Sketch a schedule that suits your hair type. Oily hair might require 3 or 4 washes per week while dry hair might do well with 2. Trichologists recommend compulsory 2 washes per week to maintain clean and good hair. Bear in mind, any mild shampoo that suits your hair type, is sufficient to do a great job.

Shampooing followed by deep conditioning: A must follow in the rule book. Many low budgets priced products on the market have been known to work wonderfully! As per your interest, pick out conditioners that are high in natural ingredients or egg proteins or any other combination that catches your eye; that promises to love your hair type.

Several leave-on hair conditioners and smoothening hair serums are on the rounds. Keep a bottle handy in your grooming set. Dab a wee bit portion of it into your palms, rub it in, now gently run over your hair. You’d be surprised with the instant smoothness in hair texture and shine that this small trick brings in.

2. Cold water = Smooth hair

Now this, a tough task after the rains or during winters. Sadly, but truly, rinsing your hair with cold water makes your hair smooth and adds a shine. Did you know, your hair shrinks up in cold, just the way you wish to snuggle? Warm water opens up hair cuticles, makes your hair stand up like one big frizzy ball. We wouldn’t want that right now, would we? Rinse your hair with cold water to ensure that each individual strand of hair remains closed and flattened.

3. Learn to blot

When it comes to getting water off the mane, we must confess, everybody is in a hurry aren’t we? Rubbing hair with a towel to squeeze all the water out isn’t the way to healthy smooth hair. Blot wet hair gently, from root to tip. Give a slightly long squeeze to longer or thicker sections of hair. Rubbing your hair with hurried hands, will contribute to more frizz and hair breakage.

4. Dryer nozzle down

On a super need to rush or you are trying your hand at a dashing hairstyle and hair dryer is your magic wand, then so be it. As long as you never forget to point your dryer nozzle down, along your hair length as you dry it. Maintain the 6-inch gap from your hair. Be sure to dab some heat protectant or hair serum, to guard your hair from heat (the rule goes unsaid when using other electrical hair styling appliances as well). Pointing the nozzle down, works its way to seal the hair cuticle and give you a smooth and shiny hair finish. If serious hair styling using heat appliances (hair straightener, hair curler, hair styler, and the like…), is today’s look-of-the-day, never forget to be cautious with the heat settings and usage. Be gentle on your hair, use the appliance with care. On completion, spread a little more of hair serum or leave on conditioner to maintain the shine and glossy hair look. Trust me, nothing beats the ultra smooth hair texture reward.

5. Combing as an art

Treat your hair with love and care. Be gentle while combing, rather than shoving some quick moves trying to straighten out the knots. Combing and grooming hair is an art. Work with your tresses delicately. Comb from root to tip, giving a little pressure on the scalp to promote blood circulation. Now, in a soft move run the comb down your hair’s length, allowing to take your hair’s natural oils to the entire length of hair. Practice this every day to maintain healthy hair. However, those with drastic hair fall problem, this step is not for you! Control hair fall and your hair will grow out to life-filled.

6. Chop the ends

Regular trimming is a must. You, not alone benefit with the neat hair look, but you simultaneously discourage split ends and hair breakage. Even if you are totally in love with your long hair, a regular hair trim once in 2 months at the least is a must.

Never underestimate the age-old sayings. Apart from the above mentioned quick hacks to get silky hair, it is traditional practices that promise healthy and gorgeous hair.

Oil: Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil. The number of essential oil and their benefits in hair care is abundant. Use oil to condition, moisturize?and nourish your hair. Hair oil masks, once a week, will supplement your hair growth and provide significant results within days! Do not risk skipping this step, nature always gets it right!


Diet: Boring? Bear with it if silky hair is still on your mind. Protein rich diet, iron supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Top list priorities that your hair demands.

Lifestyle: A stress-free mind, relaxed senses, active habits, disciplined life. Fear not; I was just suggesting regular exercises and enough sleep. Stress definitely contributes to hormonal problems, especially in women, accompanied by hair loss.

Home remedies: The next time your taste buds yell for a banana smoothie, remember to feed your hair as well. Mashed banana mask works wonders on frizzy hair. Aloe Vera gel, vinegar, coconut milk, egg, hibiscus extracts, etc. Home remedies to get silky hair or healthy long hair is obviously too long a list. Try out each of these remedies (once a week each or to suit your convenience), to shift from rough hair to smooth hair.

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