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Best Fresh and Spicy Victoria’s Secret Mists

Body mists are lighter than regular perfumes in terms of scent intensity and consistency, but they are rarely a perfume replacement unless you look for a very subtle signature scent like Victoria?s Secret body mists. In this post, we?ll take a look at the best fresh and spicy Victoria’s Secret mists that won over the hearts of millions of women worldwide.Victoria's Secret Mist-lifestylica

Best Fresh Victoria?s Secret Mists

Fresh body mists usually have high notes of citrus, green, water, floral or fruity flavors. They are mostly suitable for summer use as their primary purpose is refreshing the skin and your mood.

1.????? Sexy Little Things Tease

One of the best and most praised mists from the American women’s lingerie brand is a romantic product with a sensual and flirty scent. Sexy Little Things Tease?s transparent bottle decorated with a lacy label reveals notes of gardenia, frozen pear, and black vanilla for a flowery, sensual, and lasting scent.

The body mist is one of Pro Luxury Style experts? favorites. To read more about what is the best Victoria?s Secret body mist?and 9 other Victoria?s Secret best-selling scents that will knock you and others off your feet, check the linked article.

2.????? Bombshell Body Mist

Bombshell has everything a body mist needs ? a light composition and a glamorous smell. The fragrance even won two Fragrance Foundation awards, a Consumer Choice award, and the 2011 Fragrance Celebrity of the Year. The signature product has a fruity-floral scent that contains vanilla orchid, purple passion fruit, and Shangri-la peony. The mist reminds you of freshly cut exotic flowers and the afternoon sun. Bombshell can be used on any occasion.

3.????? Pink Sun Kissed Body Mist

If you’re into sweet and fresh scents, there’s a body mist you’ll love wearing on the beach and beyond. The Pink Sun Kissed spray is a mix of vanilla and coconut water with middle peach notes. The bottle is travel-friendly, while the smell stays on your skin for hours. Sun Kissed mist may be about summer, but you can also wear it during spring and autumn. Put it in your bag and enjoy the fascinating smell!

4.????? Hot Summer Nights Summer Daze Body Mist

The body mist comes in a limited edition that you can only use during summer. Manufacturers claim you will be able to enjoy dancing until dawn just by going for a quick refresh. The mist stands out with a high note of grapefruit, while it leaves behind a base scent of Tiare petals. You will enjoy the complex yet refreshing fragrance mist so much that you?ll look forward to the next summer!

5.????? Love Spell Fragrance Mist

This fragrance mist cast by Victoria’s Secret contains a bit of everything ? romance, temptation and a charming and relaxing fruity base. Love Spell by Victoria?s Secret combines cherry blossom, white jasmine, and peach. You can use the mist during the day and evening, even when you are going for a jog and want to be reminded of a smell you’d possibly love years from now. The sensual fragrance also blends with the typical moisturizing VS mist texture that refreshes your skin.

Best Spicy Victoria?s Secret Mists

Oriental notes are the most common in VS spicy mists. There are also familiar scents such as cinnamon or pepper. The body mists might sometimes include wooden or floral base scents. You can wear them during the evening, in the office and during all seasons.

1.????? Vanilla Lace Fragrance Mist

The super-moisturizing mist is also one of VS? best-selling fragrances. The mist has a formula based on chamomile and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe the skin. The sweet vanilla scent is mixed with musk to create a product suited for office and special event wear. This product is famous for its appealing sweet yet complex vanilla-based flavor.

2.????? Sugar & Spice Seduction Body Mist

If you are lucky, you might come across the Sugar & Spice Seduction limited edition body mist. The scent contains notes of cinnamon, orange, and brown sugar to create a fresh sweet-spicy smell that you’ll adore. Customers have quickly turned this mist into a top VS seller also thanks to the Aloe Vera and chamomile extracts that keep the skin balanced even when it is exposed to sun rays.

3.????? Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist

The Perfect Seduction mist combines red plum and freesia with the soothing skin formula of all light VS products. This mist might last for a few hours, but it fits perfectly into your office purse as a quick?summerbeauty hack. It is an Amazon?s Choice product which also contributes to the fragrance show with a middle tone of Casaba melon.

4.????? Pear Glac? Fragrance Mist

This sparkling fragrance mist blends cassis, pear nectar, and violet the first time you apply it. Then, you feel the refreshing vibes of sandalwood and Muguet (Lilly of the Valley). The two form a sweet and creamy, yet charming and spicy smell that stays on your skin for up to four hours. You can carry it along and refresh yourself with its skin soothing formula during spring, summer, and autumn.

5.????? Pure Seduction Night Fragrance Mist

When was the last time that a body mist charmed you because of its exotic scent? The Pure Seduction Night version uses pink pepper and black currant to add a fruity and yet spicy tone to your skin. The versatile limited-edition is still available inVS? online store and other providers.

How to Wear the Best Fresh and Spicy Victoria?s Secret Mists

These are some of the most praised fresh and spicy Victoria’s Secret mists. You can virtually wear them anytime and anywhere. The above directions about the season are based on fragrance trends and are subject to your personal choice.

When attending a special event, though, you should trade a mist for perfume. Other guests? perfumes could overpower your body mist even though you may refresh it once every thirty minutes. Also, reapplying it too often may cause skin irritation because of alcohol content.

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