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10 Best Body Scrubs To Rejuvenate Your Skin

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For those who have never heard of the term ‘body scrubbing’ before, it is nothing but the process through by which you?get rid of your dead skin cells; both face and body. You might be using scrub gloves or a simple scrub while bathing. But that alone will do no good. What your body needs is a special body scrub, designed to meet your skin’s needs; be it dead skin removal along with moisturization or to remove pigmentation, tanning, etc. To be on the safer side and provide your skin with ample amount of care and pampering it is advisable that you either choose to use a body scrub cream or prepare your own body scrubs at home with ingredients right there in your kitchen. Here?s my list of 10 best body scrubs in the market that will help rejuvenate your skin and make it soft and supple.

For first time users, a?few tips?to go about with body scrubbing.

  • Wet your skin before applying the scrub.
  • Start from your ankles because that is a good starting point stimulating blood circulation. Move from?bottom to top.
  • Massage and scrub gently in a?circular motion.
  • Use twice or thrice a week.
  • Don?t use a body scrub for your face?since it will be a bit harsh on your face. If it?s a dual purpose scrub, then well and good.
  • Make sure you buy the best facial scrub for your skin type to provide the best care.

NOTE: ?If your scrub is moisturizing in itself then no need of applying oil after a scrub bath. But if your body scrub leaves your skin dry, then final moisturizing is a must.

  1. Nyassa Oceana ? Face and Body ScrubNyassa Oceana Foaming Face & Body Scrub

  • Apart from exfoliating and nourishing your skin, this scrub helps to polish your skin and makes your skin radiant.
  • The?lather?that the scrub creates is fragrant and the smell lasts throughout the day.
  • Since it is a face wash also it is very gentle on your body and makes your skin very soft.
  • The?apricot extract?acts deep under your skin and exfoliates the dead skin cells. Apricot is not just a good scrubbing agent, but the apricot oil is also a great moisturizer.

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  1. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish ScrubThe Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Scrub

  • The body shop is a well know brand that comes up with best skin-friendly products and this body scrub is one such.
  • Citrus based?body scrub helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and brings back life to your lifeless skin. Zesty citrus smell is mild and doesn’t hit you strong.
  • For people who prefer lemon for face or lemon-based skin care products, this should be a good choice. Use it especially where you have dry skin. Don?t overuse, twice a week would do well.

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  1. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Body Sugar Scrub PomegranateFreeman Feeling Beautiful Body Sugar Scrub Pomegranate-lifestylica

  • Another refreshing scrub on this list that pairs up with excellent work.
  • Like almost all other Freeman?s products, this scrub is also bright and lively to use.
  • The sugar granules are coarse and work best on areas with rough skin.
  • It spreads easily and is?thick like cream in consistency. The smell is sweet and fruity, however, nothing like pomegranate itself.
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, clean and glowing.
  • It contains alcohol so those with sensitive skin might want to skip this.

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  1. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish ScrubThe Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Scrub

  • As by its name, the scrub helps to make?your?skin glow apart from acting against dead skin cells.
  • For strawberry lovers, this product would simply blow your mind because the strawberry fragrance is out of the world.
  • Minute granules should be preferred?in scrubs. Large ones will turn harsh on your skin.
  • Scrubs that come in tube form are not that thick like the ones that come in boxes.

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  1. Avera Aloe Apricot ScrubAvera Aloe Apricot Scrub

  • Aloe vera is an all time?favourite?for skin, body and hair care; so just imagine the effect of an aloe based scrub. Needless to say, the scrub acts deep?cleaning the pores and removing dead skin cells?from your skin. The scrub cream contains only minute particles that will not tear your skin.
  • Besides removing the dead skin cells, the scrub promotes cell growth and the scrubbing process itself stimulates blood circulation.?Also, acts as an?anti-wrinkle agent.

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  1. The Body Shop Olive Body Scrubthe-body-shop-olive-body-scrub

  • One of the most wonderful oils in body massages is Olive oil. This scrub has olive oil as it the hero and it works brilliantly!
  • The smell of the scrub is calming and soothing, like olives.
  • It makes skin soft and smooth, almost instantly. It has the just right consistency to brush away dead skin cells.
  • Is not harsh on body skin, but this scrub is not the right choice for facial skin.
  • The scrub does not moisturize skin explicitly, nor does it dry it out. The smell also does not last long, which could be a minus or plus for some.

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  1. Shahnaz Husain Shascrubshahnaz-husain-shascrub-walnut-face-and-body-scrub

  • For those of who have been regular users of Shahnaz Husain?s skin care products, then here?s what you have been hunting for.
  • This is both a?face and body scrub. Usually, you would have been advised not to use body scrubs on your face but this is specially created for dual purposes.
  • Though it is body scrub, it is?gentle on your face. So no worries about rashes and allergies.
  • Walnut oil and coconut oil?composition make this scrub the best choice for your skin. Walnut oil acts against the dead skin cells while coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin making it?soft and kissable.

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  1. TVAM Almond and Honey Face Scrub and Body Polishertvam-almond-honey-scrub-body-polisher

  • A complete package of goodness in one tub. This scrub from TVAM is apt for sensitive skinned beauties since it is devoid of harsh chemicals.
  • The natural ingredients in the scrub are just perfect for every skin. Almond, apricot shell and walnut are included to take care of the scrubbing. Honey is responsible for adding the glow you look for and also retains a certain amount of moisture to the skin.
  • This scrub has a gel-like consistency and a very refreshing floral scent.
  • It makes skin soft, smooth and adds a soft glow.

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  1. Alba Botanica AcneDote Face and Body ScrubAlba Botanica AcneDote Face and Body Scrub

  • The best choice for acne-prone skin! And yes it?s both a body and face wash.
  • Little runny cream but it actually helps for good spread all over your body.
  • Gets your skin a little dry but that can be fixed with a good moisturizer or oil.?If you already have dry skin, then stay away from this.
  • Do not expect great fragrance, it doesn’t smell all that good, but it isn?t bad.
  • 2% of salicylic acid that performs a miracle for acne prone skin.?Since it is acne body and face wash, it is all the more gentle.?Great product at a great price!

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  1. Biotique Bio Nut De-Toxifying Body ScrubBiotique Bio Nut De-Toxifying Body Scrub

  • Yet another natural skin care product from Biotique.
  • It is composed of?walnut oil?that best nourishes your skin. Mint, fenugreek, neem and red sandalwood extracts add on the nourishing quality of the scrub.
  • The scrub penetrates deep into your skin and removes the dead skin cells.
  • Also, enhances your skin texture and retains the moisture content in your skin. There is already walnut oil in the scrub, so you needn?t apply oil or moisturize your skin after scrub bathing.

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