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5 Hair Care Products That Bring Back Life To Your Dying Hair

You can?t pin point one soul on earth who doesn?t suffer from hair related problems. It is either dry scalp or split ends or rapid hair fall and this problem is neverending. You need to take good care of your hair for a luscious look which means that you need to be extra careful when you choose hair care products. Do not buy what is best in the market rather buy what suits you best. There are tons of shampoos, oils and conditioners to meet the individual need of every customer. There are specific products for specific hair types. So choose shampoos and serums in accordance with your hair texture. Here are some tips to help you choose the best for you hair. Products are suggested based on customer reviews only. For more details, consult ?the trichologist.


Oils are a must for hairs and natural oils are the best. Hair oils are extracted from different natural products like coconut, amla, hibiscus and the like. Olive oil, almond oil and avocado oil also do a great job. If you are suffering from hair related issues like rapid hair fall and dandruff problems, then you need to choose hair oils that will meet your specific needs. Choosing the best one is just not enough. Your hair needs the right amount oil for survival. There are people who apply too much of oil and on the other hand ones that don?t apply oil at all. Such extreme cases are unhealthy for your hair. Hair fall happens when there is no oil at all and when there is too much of oil. So choose the right kind of oil for your hair and apply the right amount based on the length and texture of your hair. It is good if you try therapeutic oils that meet various needs at the same time.


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Shampoos are the next very important thing when it comes to hair care. You need to be all the more careful when you choose shampoos for hair wash. Make sure you choose shampoos that do not contain sulphates and parabens. Shampoos that give more lather tend to make your hair dry and frizzy. Buy shampoos according your hair length and texture. There are shampoos exclusively for straight hairs, curly hairs, artificially straightened hairs and so on. If you have colored your hair, then buy shampoos that come exclusively for such hairs types. If you have split ends, then cut those first. Anti split end shampoos will do no good. Anti-dandruff shampoos are effective but buy what suits you best because certain shampoos are sticky and difficult to wash, effective though. Such sticky shampoos will lead to other hair problems.


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Fight hair fall with these 6 best shampoos and conditioners.


Conditioner helps repair your hair from hard shampoos. If you have dry and frizzy hair, then you ought to use a conditioner. There are three kinds of conditioners available in the market. The first one is the basic conditioner that is used after shampooing. This basic conditioner has to be rinsed after few minutes. Unlike this basic conditioner, leave-on conditioner need not be rinsed. Once you have applied a leave-on conditioner, wait for few minutes and then towel-dry it. Make sure you do not apply these conditioners on to your scalp. Apply only in areas where you hair seems to be damaged. You can preferably apply all along the length of your hair but not on the scalp. The third type is the deep conditioner. You can apply this type of conditioner to your roots but see to that it doesn?t clog your hair roots. After applying your conditioner use a broad comb to evenly spread it. Wash your hair in cold water to the temperature that you bear.

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Do not get flabbergasted when you hear people talking about the positive effects of hair serums. They do give a shimmering look to your locks, but you are supposed to use serums only if your trichologist prescribes it. If you have fine hair, then do not use serums because they tend make your hair flat and oily. Make sure you use your serum on a wet hair and use very little amount of it since serums are silicon based products. Unlike shampoos do not massage your scalp with serums. Use it at the ends where your hair seems to have been damaged. Really helps people with split ends and frizzy hair. It brings back such dead hairs to life!

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Scalp Tonics:

Scalp tonics treat all hair problems. It nourishes rough and frizzy hair and gives you voluminous look by preventing hair fall and dandruff. It?s of multipurpose use. Along with scalp tonics, you also need to have a healthy diet for a healthy hair. Unlike other hair products that aren?t supposed to be used on your scalp, scalp tonics are meant to be applied only to your scalp. It is pretty expensive when compared to other hair products, but it is worth the cost. There are different scalp tonics available in the market but choose the one that suits your style. It helps rejuvenate you scalp and solves all hair related issues.

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Follow aforementioned ideas to bring back life to your dying hair. Comments and suggestions are most welcome!

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