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15 Fragrance & Perfume tips to pick the best flavour

I remember once going for shopping to buy a perfume and ended up liking all the flavors that the shopkeeper showed and couldn?t choose one for myself. Hope it?s the same case with you too? It?s because we like all the flavors and we fail to think which would suit us the most. Here are few tips that would help us choose perfumes for ourselves.

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  • You actually need to be a great sniffer to choose the best perfume for your personality.
  • When you are in the perfume section of a big mall or any other shop for that matter, the whole place would be so alluringly aromatic. So stay focused and don?t get confused by other scents.
  • Smell coffee beans before you switch to smell another perfume. It would help prevent confusion.
  • Beware of perfume terminologies like notes, floral, woody, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfun, Eau de Toilette, base notes, top notes and the like.
  • Floral fragrances are mild and romantic. It?s basically the feminine type.
  • Muskier fragrances are usually considered to be the oriental fragrances. Clove, cinnamon, and vanilla also fall under this category.
  • Clean fragrances usually consist of citrus fruits.
  • Woody fragrances are those that smell very earthy and mossy.
  • Green fragrances are more casual and fresh. Cut grass and rhubarb would the best example to describe the nature of a green fragrance.
  • Perfumes or fragrances that are naturally extracted from flowers and veggies cost high, little quantity though.
  • The most common way of choosing perfumes is to spray them on your hand for a trial check. When you do so, do not rub your hand. The smell won?t last.
  • After you have used a perfume and you still don?t get the smell of it, then that?s the one for you. Though you don?t get the smell of it, people around you can smell the fresh fragrance. The best choice!
  • There are few best areas in your body that will sustain a long lasting fragrance. They are the Pulse points. Behind your earlobes and your neck and the upper sides of your palm are the few pulse points which help sustain the scent.
  • It is usually said that Eau de Parfum is costlier than Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne since it contains a higher percentage of perfume oil.
  • If you prefer perfume that?s mild and refreshing, then Eau de Cologne would be the best choice since it?s mixed with both alcohol and water.

Get set to buy a perfume that best suits your personality!

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