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Get the Best Bridal makeup for your dream wedding from Vidya Tikari

Vidya Tikari- Makeup ArtistVidya Tikari is a much sought after name in today?s makeup industry. Not only is she a professional makeup artist but she also runs a full-fledged makeup academy for budding artists and enthusiasts.

Journey so Far

Covering a glorious journey of 25 magnificent years, Vidya Tikari started her career in the year 1991. Vidya was born in Kolkata and had her artistic flair since childhood.

Talking of her exposure in the makeup industry, Vidya is not only a Bollywood celebrity makeup artist but she and her team even cater to the grand events. Commonwealth games and F1 are just to name a few. With her name etched in Limca book of Records 2011, Vidya is a proud owner of 3 makeup studios spread across Delhi.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup with Vidya Tikari is not just an affair but a never forgetting experience because she understands the importance of the day well. The entire bridal package involves head to toe dressing up. Bridal makeup at Vidya?s studio ranges from vivid to natural, from pronounced to precise. Basically, you brief your style and she has it all covered!

Vidya Tikari- Makeup Artist

Watch bridal makeup tips from this video.

Professional Courses ? Learn from Vidya Tikari

In today?s day and age, providing just makeup service is not enough. While understanding this fact, Vidya Tikari has expanded her horizons from doing makeup to teaching makeup. She is now a makeup guru guiding you through your personal and professional makeup requirements. In order to know the details, let?s have a look at the courses her academy is offering.

Professional Makeup Courses ? Long term & Short term

As the name suggest, this course is meant for you, only if you want to take it up as a career option. Course duration varies with the course structure. This course teaches anything and everything of makeup towards making you plan your own dream studio. Training not only includes different makeup styles viz party, bridal, ramp, film, television or even male makeup but also covers product knowledge, their usage and techniques. Since we are talking about professionalism, quite rightly, client servicing and prepping have been equally added in the course.

Vidya Tikari- Makeup Artist

Vidya makes sure that you get enough experience at hand before entering the field and that?s why on floor experience, practice time, shadowing and assistance plays a major role in the course. Finally, Vidya provides you with the basic kits of makeup and tools along with a certification to kickstart your career.

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Personal Grooming Courses

This 3-day course package is there to deal with your daily makeup stints. This includes product knowledge, product usage, brush usage and 3 days, night & party makeup looks. Beware! Because if you are hands-on on this course, then it?s really hard to stay unnoticed.

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Advance Air Brush Courses ? Personal and Professional

Airbrush makeup is the call of the day and hence, this course trains you on the same depending on your requirement. So don?t you miss on this course in order to complete the training.

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Hair Styling Courses ? Long and Short Term

This course, in fact, is equally important for any makeup artist to have that complete styling knowledge. Choose your learning period and get yourself trained in different bun styles, curls, hair ties, product knowledge and tools usage.

Vidya Tikari- Makeup Artist

Hair Cutting

We all know this one is tricky and hence professional teaching plays an important role. Therefore, this course trains you not only in long and short hair shapes but also client servicing tools and product knowledge.

Hair Treatment

Hair care has taken a leap ahead in form of hair treatment. Colouring, spa treatment, perming and straightening are part of this course to train you thoroughly.

Draping Course

India styling is incomplete without draping knowledge and this course is covering it well for you. Excel yourself in different saree and dupatta draping with this course.

Internship Programme

Additionally, if you want to take a step further and work with Vidya, she gives you an equal opportunity to do so. After the course you can sign yourself up for the internship and on the basis of course result and an interview session, you will be eligible to be a part of Vidya?s expert makeup artist team. This internship duration is 03 months and a golden opportunity to have an amazing start to your career.

To sum it up, Vidya Tikari?s studio is your one stop shop for makeup or training purposes. So enroll today.

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