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5 Ways to Use Tomato for Skin Care with Remarkable Results


In our opinion, pampering your skin with natural ingredients is the best way to care for it because natural remedies do not have any adverse effects on your skin. More importantly, they are devoid of any harmful chemicals and are also cost effective. Today, we’ll show you how you can use the humble tomato to treat a wide range of skin troubles and also to lend your skin an ethereal glow? Don?t believe us? Find out for yourself as to how you can use tomato for skin care.

Why Tomatoes?

They are the quintessential part of every gravy and are ever present in your fridge. But did you know that these pulpy, sour fruits are also a storehouse of antioxidants? The red pigment, lycopene, which gives tomatoes their distinctive color is said to fight premature aging. They also are astringent in nature, helping you shrink pores and tone the skin. Last but not the least, they are rich in Vitamin A and C which help in dealing with acne and blemishes. Do you need more reasons to try a tomato for skin care?

How to Use Tomato for Skin Care

There are various ways to use tomatoes for skin care. Depending on your requirement or your skin type, you can start with one of the following homemade treatments.

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Cure Blemishes

The lycopene in tomatoes is said to fight pigmentation and blemishes, making them the perfect ingredient for your homemade face pack for an even skin tone. Mix two teaspoons of tomato pulp with the juice of half a lemon. Cleanse your face and apply this mixture on your face in circular motions. Leave it on for about half an hour and then rinse well. If you see a reddish tint on the face, wipe it off with a warm towel. Weekly use of this face pack helps clear dark spots, blemishes and gives you even toned skin.

Heal Sun Damage


If your skin has become itchy and raw after an outing in the sun, it is an indication of sunburn. We recommend using tomato for skin treatment because it is safe, effective and tomatoes are readily available. To treat sunburn, simply mash half a tomato and apply it on the affected area. Tomato cools the skin and starts helping it heal. You could also mix it with a teaspoon of thick yogurt for faster renewal of the skin. If you regularly go out in the sun, then we suggest that you eat some slices of fresh tomato everyday because it acts as a natural sunscreen.

Shrink Open Pores


The sour taste of a?tomato is due to its astringent nature, which also makes it excellent for open pores. To use tomato for skin pores, simply apply fresh tomato juice with a cotton ball on your skin. Leave the mixture for about ten minutes. Wipe it off with a?wet cloth and seal the skin with an ice cube. The tomato juice does not just clean out the pores but also shrinks them in size. Regular use will prevent blackheads, whiteheads, and open pores. Consequently, you?ll also see a reduction in the oiliness of your skin. You can make a big batch of this juice beforehand and store it in the fridge for regular use.

Remove Dead Cells

Given its ability to remove oil and clear blackheads from the skin, a tomato is also an excellent option to get rid of dead cells from the skin?s surface. It can easily be made into a scrub that can be used to slough off dead skin. To make it, simply take a few slices of tomato and squeeze some lemon juice over each slice. Now sprinkle the slice with some sugar and rub each slice over your face. The action should be circular, removing dead skin cells in the process. Try this remedy with tomato for skin renewal and you will be rewarded with glowing skin.

Prevent Acne

As we have already told you, the Vitamins A, C, and K which are present in tomatoes are excellent in fighting off skin infections like acne. The easiest way to use a tomato for skin troubles like acne is to simply slice it and place it on your face while you take a power nap. After about 20 minutes, rub the slices on the skin gently and discard them. Now wash your face with cold water. The juices from the tomato will fight acne causing bacteria and also regulate the sebum produced by your skin – two of the main causes of acne and pimples. If your acne is severe, we recommend using a mashed tomato as a mask for better results.

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So you see, how easily you can use tomatoes for a wide range of skin treatments, right from the comfort of your home. Give one of them a try based on your requirement and you will definitely thank us for the saved salon or beauty product expense!

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