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Why should you stop using soaps on your face immediately?


The title might sound a bit scary, but that?s the truth. Did you know that you are harming your skin by using soaps? If you aren?t aware of it, it?s high time that you stop using soaps for your face and get started with a good face wash that best suits your skin type. Don?t choose what is best in the market rather choose according to the nature of your skin. Some of you might not have any serious issue with soaps, but it will be too late when you realize the after effects of using them. Sometimes the results are even worse because we fail to use a single soap and keep changing from one brand to the other very often. So it?s high time you start using face washes instead of soaps.

These are the reasons for which you should reconsider using soaps on your face,

  • Soaps make your facial skin dry.
  • You don’t have good choices to choose from.
  • Soaps aren’t made to suit your unique facial skin.
  • Soaps are alkaline in nature.

It?s very important that you choose the right kind of face wash for your skin type. All of us have different skin types like dry, oily, sensitive and neutral. Skin care brands manufacture specific face washes for specific skin types. It?s even better if you consult your dermatologist before you choose one for yourself.

Soaps are generally alkaline in nature and your skin is acidic in nature. So soaps tend to be harder on your skin having worst effects like pimples and rashes. Face washes are gentle and do not harm your skin.

Face washes for Sensitive Skin:

If your skin is very sensitive, then it is better you avoid flavored face washes. Go for herbal ones that prevent acnes and pimples, and other such skin allergies. Such face washes cleanse your skin and redeem?your face of minor impurities that develop into rashes and allergies. Stick to one that suits your skin and avoid shifting from one brand to the other. Herbal face washes not only rejuvenates your facial pores but also protects them from the environmental pollution. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash??is an amazing product for sensitive and oily skin. Many users have benefited from using this face wash.

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Special care for Oily Skin:

People with oily skin usually tend to get more pimples. But the best part is that people with oily skin tend to look younger and get fewer wrinkles when compared to people with other skin types. Still many find it difficult to manage with oily skin. Face wash is best recommended for such skin types. There are unique face washes especially for oily skin and they do give better results. Dermatologists recommend cleansers for people with oily skin type. Above all, you need to keep washing your face at regular intervals. When you fail to do so, you tend to look duller and dust particles very easily stick to your face thereby causing all kinds of allergies and rashes. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask prevents your skin from blemishes and removes all kinds of impurities. Users have had amazing results by using this product.

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There are few people who have harsh effects of soap not just on their faces but throughout their bodies. People with such skin types can try body washes or scrubs. To be on the safer side, consult with your dermatologist. Grace Cole Peach & Pear Body Scrub?compliments your body with smooth and lovable skin. But if your skin is too sensitive, better use homemade body wash powders.

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