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Scentbird Reviews

Perfume- one of the most pleasant (and often absolutely necessary) invention in the cosmetic world. Don?t you agree? I am sure that most of us walk along the aisles that contain tons of difference fragrances and still walk out of the showroom not feeling happy about the perfume you?bought. To ease this big task and yet make you completely over the moon with your perfume purchase comes before you Scentbird monthly perfume subscription! The best subscription for perfume in the U.S.A. Scentbird perfumes are cost-effective and a brilliant idea to try new perfume fragrances! If you are new to Scentbird, here is a detail Scentbird reviews more to clear the cloud.

About Scentbird Perfumesscentbird-newyork-review

Scentbird monthly perfume subscription is a brilliant idea to make perfume dreams come true, for both men and women. It is great because it allows Scentbird subscribers to test small samples of perfumes and colognes, from the most reputed designer brands! And the best benefit of Scentbird is that the samples are enough to last you for a month. The advantage of being a Scentbird subscriber; 1- You can save money and 2- You can add variety.


The vials of perfume and cologne on Scentbird will last for up to 30 days. Scent vials by Scentbird sent to your doorstep equate to 140 sprays, which is 0.27 oz / 8ml. This is enough to last for 30 days even if you use 4 sprays a day. On your first shipment, you will also receive a sleek and stylish reusable case for the vials.

Isn?t this the best bet on scents? You get to test the best designer perfumes on Scentbird, at an extremely reasonable price and idea. You need not be stuck with just one fragrance for months together, just because you have invested a ton of money on it. You also have the option to queue the fragrances you like to receive and review them on an ongoing basis. This method helps you to have a fair idea of the different fragrances that Scentbird will ship to you in the month to come.

Scentbird for Women scentbird-newyork-perfumes-for-women

Women who love perfumes and find it so hard to make a solid purchase… your worry has been wiped away! Scentbird perfumes for women are the best option for you to test and try between 450+ designer and niche fragrances! That is a small bottle of blessing in disguise, isn?t it? You have a wide long list of Scentbird perfumes to pick and choose each fragrance, without having the need to buy an entire bottle of designer perfume. You also have the big advantage of wearing different scents every other day!

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Scentbird for Menscentbird-newyork-perfumes-for-men

Scentbird for Men comes with the same cost and sign up. Men can choose the best of Scentbird colognes they like from over 150+ designer and niche fragrances. You can have your 30 day supply of designer cologne for men from Scentbird delivered to your doorstep. Without having the need to invest in an expensive cologne bottle, you can sign up for Scentbird subscription and enjoy the most fragrant adventure!

Scentbird Sign Up

Are you ready to hit sign up? It is extremely easy to sign up for Scentbird subscription. You just got to choose your plan and provide shipping details. Scentbird sign up is free of cost. Shipping and handling are also for free!

You can sign up here!

Can you shop with Scentbird without subscribing?

Are you wondering if you can buy Scentbird perfumes without having the need to become a full-fledged Scentbird subscriber? Well, if you prefer that YES you can! You can shop with Scentbird without signing up for their service. However, you must know that only Scentbird subscribers are eligible for a $15 credit to the Scentbird store. The Scentbird shop has a wide array of new perfumes and colognes that are constantly being upgraded. If you don?t want to miss out on them, then you have to sign up. If you are satisfied with a trial Scentbird service, then you can do so without signing up for Scentbird.

How much does a Scentbird subscription cost?

Scentbird cost is extremely reasonable and there is certainly no arguing with that. A monthly package for a designer Scentbird perfume cost is $14.95/month. If you are convinced that this is indeed the best way to purchase cologne and perfume, you can upgrade yourself to either of the packages below…

  • 3-month package- $43.50, savings of $1.50
  • 6-month package $84, savings of $6
  • 12-month package $162, savings of $17

Buy Scentbird Perfume Online

Scentbird subscriptions are recurring unless canceled within the term deadline. Also, it comes with the benefit of no hidden fees or additional charges for shipping and handling (except sales tax for New York and Georgia).

Where does Scentbird ship?

Scentbird ships only within the United States at present. They do not charge any shipping or handling fee, except for the sales tax that is applicable to the states of New York and Georgia. Also, they forewarn you that you can expect a longer delivery time when shipping to the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii.

How to track Scentbird order?

It is quite simple to track your Scentbird order. As soon as you place an order with Scentbird, you will receive tracking information sent to your email. You can also find this tracking number ID on your Scentbird account. Access this ID to keep track of your Scentbird order anytime.

How to cancel Scentbird subscription?

You will be happy to know that you can cancel Scentbird subscription anytime you want. All you got to do is go to your ?Profile? and hit on the ?Cancel Subscription? link below your shipment history. This will commence your Scentbird subscription cancellation process.

Missing or Damaged product- What can be done?

Scentbird offers replacement on missing or damaged products within 30 days of the original ship date. All you got to do is get in touch with them through their Scentbird Customer Support team. However, they do not have cash returns as yet.

Scentbird return policy

Although Scentbird cash refunds are not possible, they do offer you with a return policy on products. They provide customers with 15 days after delivery to return full-sized purchases or gift boxes in their original condition for store credit towards any purchase on the Scentbird site. In order to return the product, you will have to contact Scentbird Customer Support team?to obtain an RMA number. They might take close to 2 weeks to process your return and credit your account. BUT, Scentbird does not accept returns on subscription shipments or ? la carte fragrance vials.

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What is Scentbird coupon?

When one subscribes to the Standard Scentbird Coupon, they will receive 25% off their first-month subscription, as well as $15 credit towards any full-size bottle purchase made by the last day of the first month. You just got to remember to apply your Scentbird coupon code during checkout by clicking on ?Have a coupon code?? option.

Gift Scentbird

Thinking that it is a great way to gift Scentbird to someone? Yes, it is! It is a brilliant way they will get to try different designer Scentbird fragrance. Scentbird provides you with gift options come with amazing plans, which you can decide what your loved ones might like best. They offer Gift Subscriptions where you can send 3, 6, or 12-month Scentbird Gift Subscriptions and one of their many special Gift Sets containing 3 pre-selected luxury scents. Scentbird also offers gift cards. Know someone who will appreciate this? Check it out!

How do Scentbird gift subscriptions work?

After you send a Scentbird subscription, how does the recipient redeem the Scentbird gift? Simple again- they will receive Scentbird subscription that works just like yours. The recipient will have to undertake a TruScent quiz and create a queue for the number of months you have purchased for them and their designer fragrance will arrive each month at their doorstep. Also, you will receive a notification mail to know that they have redeemed their Scentbird gift subscription. You can either extend the subscription for them buy repurchasing it, or if they too fall in love with Scentbird, they can purchase it from their own credit card.

What is Scentbird’s phone number?

Scentbird does not have phone support currently. They are available to support customer queries and doubts via email and social media. You can contact them through these means if you have to initiate returns or for any further issues you face with their service.

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